Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Praises Buss Family; Blasts Donald Sterling

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Praises Buss Family; Blasts Donald Sterling


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The Donald Sterling scandal has taken the NBA and the nation by storm. Sterling’s alleged recording from has sparked reactions from numerous players, politicians, celebrities and other NBA owners.

As a result of the reaction to the scandal, the NBA has been forced to take action and will do so this week.

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Even though the league is outraged by the Sterling scandal and will inflict a severe penalty on the longtime owner, NBA commissioner Adam Silver won’t announce the final decision on the issue until Tuesday.

In the meantime, Kobe Bryant took to Twitter once again to comment on the issue. This time around, Kobe praised the Los Angeles Lakers franchise and the Buss family:

There couldn’t be two NBA owners more different than Sterling and Dr. Jerry Buss. Sterling has had a history of racial allegations, lawsuits and a number of problems behind the scenes while Buss was revered as one of the greatest owners in professional sports.

Buss led the Lakers franchise to 10 NBA titles as the owner of the team and was loved by the players, fans and other owners in the league. The late Dr. Buss was respected and helped evolve the NBA into what it is today.

In Kobe’s next tweet, the five-time NBA champion let it be known that he doesn’t think Sterling should continue being the owner of the Clippers franchise:

With Silver scheduled for a press conference in New York on Tuesday, the NBA will likely have a temporary solution for the Sterling fiasco before Game 5 of the playoff series between the Clippers and Golden State Warriors. Although many are asking for Sterling to be forced to sell the team, the league is unable to take such an action.

That being said, it’ll be interesting to see what Silver and company have come up with to penalize Sterling moving forward.
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  • comrade24

    they can’t force him to sell, but they might be able to make unprofitable to keep the team.

    • Daryl Peek

      How so and why? That would be counter productive to the goal of the league. We all want Sterling gone but the league has rules and bylaws that must follow due process. The players can only file a petition to try and get out of their contracts. Resolving something like this takes careful planning unfortunately, and that takes time.

      • comrade24

        i read this morning that the owner of the Rockets suggested to Adam Silver that the league allow the Clippers players and coaching staff to become free agents, saying that if this happened in any other workplace, workers would be free to quit and that the players should have that same right.

        • Daryl Peek

          That sounds great but as a former union member I understand that would require a mutual agreement between both sides (NBAPA and the league) to open up the CBA and thus render it void altogether. Doing that is something neither side really wants. The obvious difficulty here is trying to legislate individual punishment on Sterling without subjecting everyone else to the consequences of getting at him.

    • Darnell

      Q: Is it possible for Silver and the NBA to terminate Sterling’s franchise ownership?

      A: Yes. Under the terms of Paragraph 13 of the constitution, the owners can terminate another owner’s franchise with a vote of three-fourths of the NBA Board of Governors, which is composed of all 30 owners. The power to terminate is limited to things like gambling and fraud in the application for ownership, but it also includes a provision for termination when an owner “fails to fulfill” a “contractual obligation” in “such a way as to affect the [NBA] or its members adversely.” Silver and the owners could assert that Sterling’s statements violated the constitution’s requirements to conduct business on a “reasonable” and “ethical” level.

      Any owner or Silver can initiate the termination procedure with a written charge describing the violation. Sterling would have five days to respond to the charge with a written answer. The commissioner would then schedule a special meeting of the NBA Board of Governors within 10 days. Both sides would have a chance to present their evidence, and then the board would vote. If three-fourths of the board members vote to terminate, then Sterling would face termination of his ownership. It would require a vote of two-thirds of the board to reduce the termination to a fine. Terminating a franchise would obviously be a drastic remedy, but the potential of the termination procedure gives Silver and the other owners vast leverage in any discussion with Sterling about an involuntary sale of his team.

  • Jennifer Morrissey

    Until the Clippers players, and other influential NBA stars actually take a stand ( and yes! I am talking boycotting play) nothing will really be done. It is sad that this has yet to become an issue that is more important on principle than an opportunity for a ring! For shame you strong, talented black men for not standing up for not only yourselves but the youths of color who look up to you. As a fan I would rather watch you throw down your jersey AND WALK OFF COURT than watch you continue to play for a racist!

    • comrade24

      i agree completely. another effective form of protest would be for Clippers fans to not show up at game 5. 20,000 seats empty at an average of $500 a ticket. that will put a hurt on sterlings racist wallet.

    • Josh

      The players have too much on the line, professionally, to be expected to boycott. They feel like they have a chance to win a championship this season, and they should go for it while making sure to let everyone know exactly how they feel about Sterling.

      Maybe they could refuse to wear their Clippers jerseys or something. I don’t know what options they have really. This is the best opportunity some of them will ever have at a championship, and I don’t think they should be judged for chasing that accomplishment.

      A completely empty arena–with all the lights on–would be amazing!

  • purp& goldpride

    Can’t force a sell..and to be honest I don’t care. These owners knew who sterling was, but it was never a problem because the kkklipers sucked. Now that they have a formidable team, it becomes a problem. I have a hard time believing cp3, Griffin or doc(who couldn’t wait to run away from Boston rebuilding) didn’t know sterling history. Anybody from LA knows.

    And for basketball reasons, I really don’t care. You gave them Chris, they’ve empowered him.

  • atakan imren

    Donald Sterling is a racist the NBA has no place for racism.I, for one, would think both about how far we have come as a country and how much further we need to go to erase racism and discrimination from our society.

    • ClippersTown

      Fck Kobe. For 20 million he’d join the team piece of crap.

      • AD

        You mad your team is going down in flames or nah?

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Aww What happen 3 year Selfies fan butt hurt? lol

  • Moses

    I agree with Kobe on this.Now the NBA has Doanld Sterling and the Clippers by the balls their future lays in the hands of Adam Silver and the NBA League.Something we all know racism is not accepted or taken lightly in the work place and last i checked the Clippers were still a business run by a racist bigot Donald Sterling.
    The Donald Sterling Clippers are about to get fucked by the NBA and Adam Silver.
    The Clippers have already lost their main sponsors and advertisers and they are about get the hammer from the NBA in the worst way imaginable sanctions are coming and so is the death penalty of sports.Everyone in the media is putting Donald Sterling on blast for being a racist,the players,fans,USA President,black activists,other NBA owners,community leaders,sponsors,City Of LA Council are all outraged at Donald Sterling the Clippers owner.First time ever this has happened in the NBA and it will not be condoned or accepted or tolerated.No place for racism.

    • Josh

      Agree with Kobe, but didn’t he demand a trade to the Clippers (or Bulls) several years ago? I didn’t know about Sterling then, but apparently all of Los Angeles has known about him for decades.

      • AD

        Come on, you all know Kobe wasn’t going anywhere. That was a power move. Kobe takes all his fans and all the money they spend on the Lakers on their rivals the Clippers. He was never leaving and especially not to the Clippers! I’m not so sure his reputation was as known or big at that time either.

        • Josh

          He seemed pretty serious at the time, and all the media and other teams thought he was serious…”Trade me or fire the person who said I wanted Shaq out.” My point is that the Los Angeles area is well aware of Sterling’s bigotry and has been aware for decades, yet Kobe named the Clippers as a team he wanted to play for and now says he wouldn’t play for Sterling.

          It’s easy for fans, media, and players outside the Clippers organization to say the players should boycott and not play for their owner. It’s a lot harder to make that decision if you are one of the team’s current players/coaches.

  • Moses

    It’s the right time for Kobe and Adam Silver,NBA everyone to take a stand.Make a example out of RACIST DONALD STERLING AND THE CLIPPERS!

  • Josh

    I’d really like to know why the league office can’t force a sale. They have the ability to contract a team altogether, don’t they?

  • Anthonyd Smith

    Take away his endorsements, aka Paula Deen, then we’ll see how much backbone he has after revenue starts drying up

  • Shaska

    The NBA should cancel the Clippers versus Warriors series and the series to the Warriors by forfeit.Clippers don’t belong in the NBA as long as Racist Donald Sterling owns them.The NBA can control who is allowed to play.This is a issue much bigger than the sport of basketball and the NBA.Do the right thing!

    • michael

      that wouldn’t be fair for the Clippers fans/ players. It’s clearly not their fault.

  • AD

    Aren’t we all glad we are Lakers fans? The sponsors are even pulling out. Sad days for the Clippers and their fans.

  • vdogg

    it was a blatant conflict of interest for the clippers players to do what they did yesterday, particularly when sterling cuts the checks that make it possible for cp3 et al to afford their mansions and maseratis. they should have done nothing — just shut up and play basketball and let adam silver handle this matter. is jamal crawford going to stop cashing his game checks? i doubt it. everyone with any shred of human decency should root against the clippers. think about it — the more the clippers win, the more home playoff games they get. home playoff games are a cash bonanza for the owner of the team. if the clippers go on a long playoff run, sterling will continue to laugh all the way to the bank. i wonder if jj redick gets an extra bonus? LOL. GO WARRIORS!

  • Marc H Petrie

    I have an idea. As many of us as possible should take selfies with Magic Johnson. Can you imagine 10,000 posts of people of all colors with Magic Johnson posted to instagram? Short of that, we should all take selfies with Magic Johnson’s statue and post them to Instagram. WE LOVE MAGIC. WE LOVE LA. LA LOVES PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS!!!!!!!!!

  • Mathias

    I’m not sure the league should allow magic and his investors to buy the clips, sterling is a racist bigoted pig, but it seems far too suspisious that magic should be part of the reason sterling was found out and magic also happens to be pursuing buying an la based basketball team.