Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Meets with GM Mitch Kupchak

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Meets with GM Mitch Kupchak


The Los Angeles Lakers were ousted out of the 2012 NBA Playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder and the players had their exit interviews shortly after. From that point on, the Lakers players were essentially on break and could go on and do whatever they wanted during the summer.

However, Kobe Bryant decided to have a meeting with General Manager Mitch Kupchak a week and a half after all the other players’ meetings, OC Register. The meeting was set-up to discuss to the Lakers’ future and what had to be done in order to once again become championship contenders.

Jim Buss did not attend the meetings between Kobe and Kupchak, while head coach Mike Brown sat in for one of the sessions.

The Los Angeles Lakers did not consult Bryant when hiring Brown, but it seems as though the front office wants its star’s take when making rosters changes. The team needs to do something this off-season if it wants to become a title contender, and Kobe Bryant needs to let his voice be heard.

  • Wayne Nagata

    Kobe to Kupchak and Brown, your fired! just kidding Brown you fired! kidding again. I’m I too sarcastic?

  • borsalino12

    I think this meeting between Kobe and M.Kpchak is the first step to make some general decissions. It will be real nice, if Kobe tell him…”Hey Mitch. I m gon to accept 40% pay-cut, so you can bring in some good players to akea run for another 2 titles.”
    That can make everything a lot easyer for our GM and hopefully Gasol and Bynum will do the same. Deron Williams is not a mirage. He is for real, out there and waiting. If we can get this guy,many other good players will follow him to L.A.

  • Jdv_2000

    Well maybe he had that big contract cause he knew he was about to have a divorce….
    We’ll since he ain’t anymore, maybe he can take a pay cut….

    • Dave

      Kobe is not allowed to take a pay cut under terms of the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA.)

  • Misael Montañez Saurí

    If my last name was Bryant and I was so concerned about the Lakers future, Id start my help by allowing the front office to lower my salary. I honestly dont know if that’s even legal under the NBA’s parameters, but THAT would help bring another star to Laker floor. This is one of the reasons LA can’t bring another PG or quality player: salary issues. Dunno, that’s what I think. 

  • Thelegend418

    No disrepect to the people here.but for those thinking kobe would have his salary lowered.. you guys are nuts. If you were kobe would you? Would another ring pay your bills? And yeah he has money and all but the way he and his wife spends.. and i know for a fact they spend like crazy. Not to mention if i were thinking about that i woukd no way in hell lower my salary. The ring is not worth my retirement and my kids future. Thats all im saying…

  • Sam_LAL

    I wish Kobe could cut his salary since it’s killing Lakers and can’t bring stars to LA but unfortunately under new CBA they can’t restructure the contract.
    I think Pau still is a valuable player in the league and some teams love to ad him on their roster and Lakers can make third or even forth team involved to trade Pau and maybe a couple of young peaces to make the deal sweet to bring DWILL to LA.
    Minnesota was interested in Pau last season and if they are still on the board maybe Lakers can get young players like Derrick Williams and Webster/Wesley Johnson to ship them to Brooklyn alongside Ebanks/Goudelock and Steve Blake for DWILL

    Lakers: Deron Williams, Pokovic, Wesley Johnson
    Brooklyn: Derrick Williams, Webster, Steve Blake, J Mcroberts, D. Moris (sign and trade) and 2012 second round draft and 2013 first round draft
    Minnesota: Pau Gasol, Goudelock, Ebanks (Sign and trade)

    It helps to cut the salary and sign new players in free agent

    1- Sign Andre Miller for mini mid level if Sessions doesn’t take his player option
    2- Sign Belinelli or Chancy Bilups for mini mid level
    3- Then can sign and trade Jordan Hill for Michael Beasley
    4- Then Lakers can amnesty MWP and can get Ariza (Hornets shopping Ariza and they are looking for a team to take Ariza’s contract)
    5- Sign Carl Landry and Brandon Bass with mini mid level or use LO’s exception
    6- Sign LO for mini mid level ( he can join the team by December )


    DWILL / Sessions or A. Miller
    Kobe / Bilups or Belinelli / Wesley Johnson
    Ariza / Michael Beasley / Wesley Johnson
    Brandon Bass / Carl Landry / LO
    Bynum / Pekovic

    Lakers don’t need to focus on Howard since Magic might have plan to trade him and Howard would love to join Lakers if we get D.Will and players listed above and then Magic has no option but to trade him with Bynum. Anyway we won’t be desperate to get him if Lakers get improved by those players and we still have second best center if not first because we know how healthy Bynum is now and he is going to Germany to rejuvenate his knee this summer but we don’t know how Howard will be after his back surgery.

    With these trades, Lakers get more athletic and a little younger with a solid bench players and would be championship contender team once again and hopefully Kobe can get a couple of more rings before he retires.

    • Matthew Solis

      Whoa, I could see this happening, yes sir. This is probably no doubt a great chance like 78%

    • borsalino12

      Sam. There is only one mini midlevel trade exception of $ 3.1 millions. In your post, you are mentioning 6 players to be taken with that! In my opinion, the Lakers should keep that exception till Dec.08, 2012 then sign Lamar Odom with it.
      Trading Jordan Hill for M.Beasley is huge mistake and I will tell you why. It is realy hard to find servisable big men this days in the NBA. Jordan showed us, he can be a very valuable back-up for Bynum or for our PF.He is not a all-star caliber player and he doesn’t need to be. The guy is playing with passion and heart and is giving his best to the team. How many players in our roster do that? And M.Beasley is a major headake. This guy is surrounded with tons of problems, that is why, the Twolves are trying to ship him away. He is a proven troublemaker with history of it. We already have one like him. Why would we need another one? And something also very important, since we are tied with the new CBA and it’s salary restrictions.Beasley has Qualifing Offer for $ 8.1 millions and I am 100 % sure, he is going to ask for lot more than that. In the same time, just as a example, another very talented small forvard is a UFA and has qualifing offer of $ 3.1 mil. His name is Nicolas Batum and he plays for the Trailblazers. We can get this guy via sign & trade for Steve Blake. Portland were asking for him for quiett a time now. Marvin Williams from Atlanta is another better option for SF. Personaly, I like Ariza, but his salary went way too high and is worthless to pay that much money for him. Our budget is realy tied and the only way, we can get a good players here is if Kobe accepts 40 % pay-cut. There is no limitation of that from the new CBA. The change that they made to this clause is that a player can accept a pay-cut only for one year. But next year… well, there are too amny side doors to this clause, so next year we can do something else.We need him to accept the paycut for the obvious reason, that All-Star caliber player like Deron Williams is available NOW. If we miss him now, he will sign a long contract, either with Brooklyn or Dallas and none of the big name PG’s will be FA next year. So it is very important to move NOW.

  • IHaveFaith

    Seriously if I was either Kobe or Bynum or Gasol, I would give up 50% of my salary annually to help the organization save money. If giving up salary a bit means championship again, then go!

    But Pau’s lackluster play is obvious. How about Pau Gasol to Atlanta for Josh Smith and Jeff Teague?

    Acquiring Deron Williams is difficult, but not impossible. Again, difficult, not impossible.

  • sti1matic

    I heard from numerous sources that Kobe just went in there to discuss pre-season and the first month of the season. Kobe wants an extended vaca and doesn’t want to play the first month of the regular season.

  • Sti1lmatic


  • Yenokarabyan

    Kobe needs to take a pay cut so we could win again. kobe’s my boy but his too selfish.


    So I guess Stern did kill the Lakers… I didn’t know they could change the salary cap and rules but if Kobe did have the desire to give back some money he can’t???? Communism has reached the NBA folks… 

    • Hasancraig

      why do u think he vetoed the Chris Paul trade?

  • Dave


    Does anyone read the other comments? I have read four or five people correctly state that Kobe is not allowed to take a pay cut under terms of the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA.)

    Kobe cannot take less money, even if he and the Lakers agree. It is not allowed. It will not happen. 

    • borsalino12

      I think, you are wrong Dave. The new CBA made the change to this clause, that a player can take a pay-cut only for one year. Which in Kobe’s case means, in 2012-13 season, he will be taking his $ 30.0 millions per his contract. And again. We need that pay-cut NOW. This is our life chance to get a solid PG for years to come. In 2 yaers Kobe will be, what… 38!. With his legs and long NBA carriere, I am very doubtfull he will continue to play. At that time, the Lakers will become Deron Williams and A.Bynum’s team. M.Kupchak will start to build the new championship team arround them. So, now is the time to get the guy.

      • Smg1504