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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Hopes To Be Asked For Opinion On Next Coach

The Los Angeles Lakers will be making one of their most important decisions in recent memory, when they decide on their next head coach.

The Lakers need someone who can be at the helm for the forseeable future. The team has struck out on their last two hires, and can ill afford to do so again.

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With Kobe Bryant’s career winding down, he is looking for a coach who can help him win one more championship ring before he ends his career. And according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Bryant revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that he hopes his opinion is asked for when the time comes to make the hire:

Bryant didn’t exactly mesh well with Mike D’Antoni or Mike Brown, and while he never publicly clashed with either, there were rumors that he preferred to not play under D’Antoni.

Bryant is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA. With only a couple of years remaining, he obviously wants the right coach on the bench because he can’t afford for the Lakers to miss another hire.

The Lakers must be careful not to make a hire only with Kobe in mind, but it would seem silly to not at least get an idea of what the star of your franchise wants. He has expressed confidence in the ability of the Buss family to build a winner quickly, but it will take both sides working together to accomplish that goal.
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  • lakermatt84

    Kobe’s opinion absolutely deserves to be considered on this decision. He’s not just the face of the franchise, but an incredibly smart basketball mind.

  • Mike Smith

    Kobe will have no input nor should he have on the coaching decision. He is only paid to play.

    • Kobe8

      When he had an input that Phil should come back they won 2 when he didn’t have an input they’ve had 2 of the worst coaches and 3 bad seasons .

      • Mike Smith

        Kobe had no input on Phil coming back! At the time they were making that decision they indicated no player would have input.

    • michael

      I put this straight. If they would have listen to him, they would have hired Phil jackson and could have easily be a real contender. Remember, we had Howard back then.

  • Kliffrichard

    kobe should get right he opinion for coach searching to LA Lakers

  • Omar

    Kobe don’t pick the head coach man and make sure the team looks like this man.

    PG Kendall Marshall
    SG Kent Bazemore
    SF Dario Saric
    PF Ryan Kelly
    C Robert Sacre

    Kobe must prove he can still play that’s easier said than done.

    • Joe Haeberle

      Marshall, Kelly and Sacre really? That’s the starting line up you want. Then the coach won’t matter again. We will have another season like how we did this past one. These guys are scrubs. Yea Marshall did good but he will be another Tebow or Lin. Play good for one season then nothing after this season. And Kelly, his defense isn’t great and neither is his offense and don’t even get me started with Sacre. He is nothing more than a hype man.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      A d-league lineup.. what do you expect… you need talent to win… and this lineup is void of it…

    • comrade24

      you must be angling for the Lakers to be in the lottery next season. With that starting lineup no doubt they would end up with top 5 pick and wouldn’t have to send it to Phoenix but next years draft doesn’t look great. I don’t think my nerves could stand a season WORSE than this past one, which is what you’re advocating.

  • Omar

    Kobe is not the GM and he better actually play next season and earn his money.

  • Jarl

    kobe deserves the recognition, he has 5 rings, but too much money in his new contract, they can develop a champion team with that amount of money, i love kobe though!

  • Rhondel

    It is dumb to even get the opinion of your franchise player to pick a coach. Not just the Kobe but any franchise player. He should at least know before the final decision is made. What you want is good relationship between the coach and players and what if the franchise player does not like the elected coach. Management should do what they can to ensure there is the best relationship between coach and players. So hire Mark Jackson already. Kobe will definitely get along good with the only guy who said he was better than Jordan.

    • comrade24

      When/where did Jackson say that?

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    As I stated before….B.Scott and Other retired Lakers Who Knows What it takes to WIN!! Hopefully if Fisher retires he can be an assistant coach also…

    • Dragon7s

      Too often people underestimate the value of a winning culture/atmosphere.
      At the NBA level, coaching is less about X’s and O’s and more about attitude and developing players’ mental approach to the game, eg. the Spurs.
      B. Scott would be a good choice (not sure he’s my first choice but definitely top 3) and if they can get Fisher into the mix, all the better.

  • Sebastian

    Kobe has every right to pick the new head coach because we want to avoid another Jim Buss coaching hire that becomes a error.

  • Sebastian

    Now Kobe Bryant make sure this lineup starts for the Lakers and get Kevin Ollie.

    PG Darren Collinson $4 mill
    SG Kobe Bryant $23 mill
    SF Andrew Wiggins Rookie contract $
    PF Carmelo Anthony $18 mill
    C Marcin Gortat $6 mill

    • roseducanna

      LAKERS need PF or SF, because when KOBEEN play he is a PG. He run a team and shoot himself.With FARMA and MARSHAL that OK.

  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld

    Why shouldn’t he have say in the matter? They’re paying him an extraordinary amount of money, so I would assume they have an extraordinary amount of trust in him. The top dog on the team should be able to at least make suggestions because he’d know the personnel better than any one else. Kobe’s a good judge of character and would know which coaches bring in a certain style to fit the players and the franchise.

    • comrade24

      more than that the most important thing for a coach is for his players to buy in, that starts with your alpha dogs, Kobe. If Kobe doesn’t buy into the system, neither will the team.

      • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld


  • 3339

    Kobe should be involved. absolutely. especially since the front office really messed up with coaching decisions recently.

  • Daniel

    Mark Jackson or Byron Scott head coach, and Fisher assistant.

  • Jay Brodes

    as long as we get scott or nate mcmillan i am coolio!

  • roseducanna

    Not coach KARL and DUNLEAVY.

  • TheTruthKills

    Kobe has a high basketball IQ. Based on that alone he should be consulted.

  • independentbynature

    Byron Scott is the right choice.Mark Jackson has an ego problem and is weak on X’s and O’s.We don’t need his 20 minute practices after big losses,either.The Lakers need a coach who will instill discipline and a defensive minded culture.

  • Benito Valeriano Cabantan Cena

    Kobe must be consulted since it deals with the rapport between the Coach & kobe & other players worked with

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