Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Happy With Mike D’Antoni Hire

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Happy With Mike D’Antoni Hire


The Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach to replace Mike Brown. While many fans were unhappy with the decision, hoping instead for the return of Phil Jackson, one prominent Laker gives the deal a seal of approval.

It has been known that Kobe Bryant idolized Mike D’Antoni when he was younger. D’Antoni was also the assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Men’s basketball team in 2008 and 2012 when Kobe played. Also of note? Kobe initially wore #8 for the Lakers because D’Antoni wore #8 in his playing days.

And  even when Bryant was a free agent, Phoenix was one of the destinations that Bryant looked to because of D’Antoni. So they’ve had a relationship for quite some time now.

Let’s hope this translates on to the court.

  • Yo

    Fuck it

  • Tony Lin

    Let him coach 5 games then fire him and hire Phil! that’s it! Lets go Lakers!!!!

  • kmac_321

    There is a reason why the Knicks wanted him gone!!! Ughhh

  • Rob

    Lakers are officially dead!

  • lakers_824

    WTFF are u serious this guy couldnt handle new york how the *** he gonna
    handle this group, plus he has no Defense and has no experience of
    winning wow, even phil was surprised with this one

  • lakers_824

    his teams were 24th or higher in defense from 2002

  • gbutchespi

    wow what a bad decision once more from Jim Buss; Mike D’Antoni whose days with the suns and knicks produce nothing. If they the lakers ownership was not able to hire Phil then they should have gone to Jerry sloan. He fits better with the present talent both are offensive and defensive minded coach.

  • CelticsKiller

    one word… WHY?! lol Jim Buss ego wouldn’t let him do the right thing :(

  • Chad Woelk

    D’Antoni has not even coached a game yet. Calm down people. If you can’t support the hire go root for another team.