Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Gives Himself An ‘F’ Grade For Season Debut Reviewed by Momizat on . After battling back from an Achilles tendon tear, Kobe Bryant was finally able to make his season debut for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. Bryant faced After battling back from an Achilles tendon tear, Kobe Bryant was finally able to make his season debut for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. Bryant faced Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Gives Himself An ‘F’ Grade For Season Debut

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After battling back from an Achilles tendon tear, Kobe Bryant was finally able to make his season debut for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. Bryant faced off against the visiting Toronto Raptors at the Staples Center and struggled to shake off the rust after missing eight months due to an extensive rehab process.

Following the loss to Toronto,
the future Hall of Famer spoke to the media about his season debut and how he felt after finally being able to get back on the floor with his teammates. As expected, Bryant was his harshest critic after a rough outing against the Raptors via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

The glaring stat for Bryant in the loss to the Raptors was the eight turnovers he committed. No one doubted the fact that he’d struggle to play like the superstar of old in his debut, but Bryant clearly wasn’t happy about giving Toronto eight more opportunities to score.

Along with giving himself the worst grade possible, Bryant also chimed in on the condition of his Achilles after his first game back with the Lakers. Bryant said his Achilles felt completely fine after the loss and was anxious to watch film of his mistakes in order to start the process of correcting them.

Despite a forgettable performance by the five-time NBA champion, there’s reason for optimism moving forward with Bryant noticeably excited about finally making his debut and having something to work on in terms of improving.

Next up for the Lakers will be the division rival Phoenix Suns on Tuesday at the Staples Center before the team hits the road to take on Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday at Chesapeake Energy Arena.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Talks About Season Debut Being A Failure

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  • Jim213

    LA Times: Lakers’ Steve Nash still uncertain of return

    Might as well take the rest of the season off or try to return during the second half of the season.

    Reading some of the articles the Mamba Bashing has started SMH. Kobe was effective today with a good showing though grading himself an F. The most impressive was his rebounding and hustle nabbing 8 rebounds tying Gasol and Hill.

    • Jim213

      A little more of this and he’ll be back in no time. However, it’s not about how one starts more so as how one finishes. A lot of games left.

      • Jonathan

        Kobe will never be the same again. The sooner you realize this the better.

        • Jim213

          SMH, mentioned many of times that it’ll take time for him to return to his usual level of play. But your point is? Have posted many times that Kobe needs to rely more on the team this season as opposed to the Kobe of the past.

      • Al Haldie

        The team has been getting better and better playing togeather – so KOBE needs to play to the team not the team play to KOBE.

        • Marcus A.

          He’s not that kind of guy. But good try. He is going to facilitate because it’s easier. But he will naturally take shots. It’s not a bad thing.

        • Jim213

          SMH, should’ve read my other post.

    • Jonathan

      Kobe had a good showing? What were you watching. He looked overweight, slow and turnover prone. Not to mention he completely threw a wrench into the lakers chemistry.

      • jff

        First day of action after missing 8 month it was good night for Kobe, I expect after four games he will be all right. he has to keep playing and the game will come to him

        • Al Haldie

          We cant take 4 more losses- the season is not that long.

          • Jim213

            Tell us something we don’t already know. Read the other post before making assumptions.

          • Paytc

            Yeah just about 62 more regular season games that’s all. They can lose about 26 more and still make the playoffs .
            If they run the tables and win the title with Kobe it would be more painful to you than if they lose 4 more games.
            You keep hating and waiting hoping for his downfall. The majority of the fans on this site will be watching Kobe while he continues to ball.

      • Al Haldie

        Are u and I the only ones that watched the game last nite–i saw the same thing u did..

        • Jason Fleshman

          it take some time to get use to game speed and get rust off kobe was bad but most of his turnovers are his teammates dropping his passes. don’t act like you know all man everything takes time and he will be just fine and kobe will make this team better

        • Clos

          Yup and if you know kobe I will bet u that he won’t turn it over half as much as he did! The reason it wasn’t close

      • piedad137

        no bro…i’m die hard laker fan but what i say was a very spirited and athletic raptor team get the best of us…

      • Marcus A.

        Turnovers were a little crazy

      • Jim213

        You must have expected the Kobe of old aside of expecting too much… The team needs to realize this to not expect him to carry the team.

        You seem to believe that top athletes can compete to their high level of play once they return from serious injury. But the coach gets the blame for the loss (as previously posted) for relying too much on him.

  • Jonathan

    The lakers would have won that game without Kobe. Kobe makes the lakers predictable, period.


      Talkin bout predictable? …yet another career night for an opposing center/forward?
      When the Lakers finally move your boy Gasol, only then will they be absolutely predictable… Championship material predictable, period.

      • Jason Fleshman

        ^ agreed and pau did 0 good thing yesterday with or without kobe our post defense will suffer

      • MShah

        ^this. When Amir Johnson drops 30+ points, 20 something of which came in the 1st half against mostly gasol, there was some terrible protection of the paint going on. Gasol was benched for the 4th quarter and Amir Johnson barely showed up, coincidence? i think not.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Just one game.But yeah it was not a big time comeback.It had it’s warning signs for Kobe and Lakers fans.Kobe did look heavier and the 8 turnovers just means he is handling the ball way too much.Hiring a temporary Point Guard such as Kendall Marshall would relieve the pressure off Kobe.It might cost the Lakers a pro rated charge of a veteran minimum contract less than $1 million dollars to sign Marshall.Actually just toss the same money Elias Harris was going to get paid to a temporary Point Guard.I don’t think a veteran minimum signing is much.

    Just to be sure Steve Blake had a terrible game last night he had 3 points and 4 assists with 4 turnovers on terrible shooting 1-6 netting a horrible FG% and he looked tired and worn out as Kyle Lowry destroyed him with a stat line of 23 points and 8 assists with 3 steals on a 61.5 FG%.So to all the fans playing fantasy GM saying don’t sign a Point Guard it is not necessary please open you’re mind up to the fact the Lakers have a major need at backup point guard in the absence of the very valuable Jordan Farmar.I like Farmar but he is not healthy right now and the Lakers are trying to make the playoffs so they need a Point Guard in the mean time to backup Steve Blake.

    It’s kinda funny how MDA coaches he pulls people out of the starting lineup all the time maybe he should keep the same lineup and build a cohesive starting unit,he seems to be in mad scientist mode all season long.Time to figure out the Lakers are not good in the middle,no center that can protect the paint or get rebounds,Lakers need a big man.

    Yes get a big man.Sacre failed in his second start,MDA must be alluding to his poor effort,therefore saying a change is likely.Lakers lost at home to Toronto for the first time since 2001 yeah that’s how bad this was.Lakers have a lot of work to do as does Kobe.Only time will tell what happens with this current roster.Pau Gasol looked terrible last night,he should just focus more on the court,he looked lost and out of it last night.Bad effort.

  • lakers72

    not a big time come back as a lot of people expected but aside from the turnovers, which im sure he’ll improve on a couple games in, his stats were not that bad… kobe bashing has already started one game into his return lol… in regards to the overweight slow comment… i believe his slow movements are due to not playing in an actual game for 8 month…. i mean did you watch lakernation’s video of kobe practicing hitting a jumper or dunking it with the left and expected him to be tearing it up in the game ? but hey everyones entitled to ther own opinion…. sucks lakers didnt get the win but i’m happy kobe showed signs he can still handle the ball.. he probably should have shot more thought. a few turnovers seemed like he was indecisive on whether to pass or shoot and the pass ended up being stolen. IMO though, the real problem is gasol. all the kobe bashers, how about gasol? last years excuse was he didn’t get touches where he wanted… but its evident as it was last year he’s just getting punked by most players in his position.yea he’s got finese post moves, but they’re inaffective against the PFs guarding him nowadays. hopefully theres a team willing to take nash in a trade so his extra year contract will be off the books too.

  • Gregory Choa

    Yeah, well, when Kobe watches the film, he’s going to see himself getting caught up in too many ISOs and resorting to the 2-man game too much instead of playing the team ball game that the Lakers have become very good at in his absence. He’s also going to see himself handling the ball too much and, consequently, turning it over at an alarming rate. The good news is that he’s smart enough to understand what happened and I have no doubt that he’ll adjust his game accordingly.

    I’m not as concerned about Kobe as I am with Pau, who looks terrible out there. I realize that the ankle is not right, but I also realize that he’s going to probably be playing through it, and IMO that’s not doing anybody any favors. With Kaman also hurting, I believe the real depth issue is at center and PF, not at PG.

  • Thelakerguy8

    Im sorry you guys are so ignorant. Your talking about a guy who just completely tore his achilies tendon at age 35. He’s worked his ass for 8 months just to get back on the floor. A man who has earned 5 world championships for this team. The best closer in the game. And one of the best overall players to play the game and your going to criticise him him after his first game back. What should kobe bryant never play again because his team is now going to have to work out the chemistry with him on the floor? Obviously the chemistry isn’t going to be there. It’s an 82 game season and we are 2 spots out of 8th place 22 games in and you think we should start getting ready for next season? It’s obviously not going to be perfect chemistry after one game but to criticise kobe bryant after a single game from what would be a career ending injury for 99% of people his age is just stupid. Kobe is the most dedicated, hard working player in the league and jonathan and al, your fat asses should know better if your a true laker fan. That’s why your sitting your lazy selves at home watching the game and not playing it. Get your facts straight on who kobe bryant is before you speak. The man is unbelievable and has done unbelievable things in his 18 years as a player. Watch his highlight tape and tell me a guy like that shouldn’t be on your team. Pure ignorance…

  • Royal Cleaners


  • David

    The Lakers have been most effective thus far when running D’Antonis offense to a tee, with the guys (particularly the Bench) running and gunning and moving the ball around. Game in game out its 4-5 guys in double figures scoring, they are perfectly balanced, and…they are competitive in games and winning. Kobe has to adjust to the TEAM, and not the other way around. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Jason Fleshman

    people saying kobe did bad with 8 turnover should look into game about half of his turnovers were his teammates dropped it and couldn’t handle it

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    this site has turned into a rotting pumpkin

  • http://www.cakemoves.com/ Cakemovesmikey

    Why is everyone acting like the Lakers didn’t lose any games this season without Kobe? The Lakers are better with Kobe on the team, obviously his first game was not good, but give him some time to get the rust off and we will look a lot better. Also remember we are playing with two of our PG’s injured that get a lot of PT. We are not 100% at all. Once our starters start getting their points up and playing better, we will be very tough to beat because it looks like our bench is the real deal.

  • rg

    so many people have no concept of what coming back from an injury is like, especially in a professional sport, and when people have such high expectations for you. You people disgust me that are criticizing kobe after ONE FRICKEN’ GAME, give me a break. Of course he’s not gonna be back to his old self, and of course his game and the team game is gonna need adjustments. Stop your pathetic criticisms of one of the games greatest players. If you were a true sports fan or player you’d understand what its like being in his position, instead of just criticizing him from behind your keyboard with no concept of what actually playing the game is like. And if you were a true lakers fan you’d have his back, especially when its only been ONE FRICKEN’ GAME! Go join the clipper band wagon if you guys are that big of fair weather fans (jonathon and al), we don’t need your naseless negativity. Kobe just needs time to get acclimated. With his work ethic and determination he won’t ever stop trying to improve, and if you don’t know that by now, or believe that, then you’re not a real fan. period.

  • Really?

    Now seriously, did they expect him to light up for 50 points? Cut the man some slack.

    • Paytc

      When he does hit 50 they will call him a ball hog. Anyone who knows anything about basketball , rhythm shooters, and great players knows Kobe will need to play his way back into top form.

      But we all know the haters are gonna hate you for whatever you do. Hit 50,they have a problem. Throw out 15 assist, they will say he should be shooting. Win a game it’s because of the team. Lose one it’s Kobe’s fault.

      Watch how quite they get when he returns to form.
      Stage one is just coming back. That was the hardest part. Playing ball once he gets in regular season shape will again be elementary for Kobe.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • Paytc

        Kobe has been causing these haters so much pain for so long it must be hard to take :-) LOL…… But I don’t feel sorry for them.
        They should be spending their time more productively. Hating on Kobe is just continuing to bring these saps,suckers,and itches misery. They deserve to have to watch him get paid, oh so well. And that legacy just keeps on building and they can’t stop it. Busta’s ! Mo Points,Mo money,Mo rings, and Momentum just keeps building.

        Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • TheTruthKills

    $50 million for this? Kobe as we knew him is gone for good. The only question now is if he’ll stay true to his word and retire since he can no longer play at a elite level. But then again he lied to us already when he said all he wanted was a sixth ring and then proceeded to cut the team at the legs by hogging up money.

    • Paytc

      Truth is killing you dude :-) LOL ….. Kobe is getting paid while your wanting to trade places and live as good as he is. Well just like 98 % of the non talented critics,doubters,and haters betting against Kobe insures you will keep living your nightmare. Meanwhile,Kobe is living a dream,and his legacy is still building. You can love it or hate it but you can’t’ stop it.

      Our leader is back !

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • TheTruthKills

        So I criticize someone and you draw up assumptions about how I’m living? How childish. I enjoy how you compare Kobe’s life to mine as if Kobe’s wealth and lifestyle is your own. Your life must be pretty pathetic. Tell you what, I’m a season ticket holder with the Lakers (Section 111 if you want specifics). Come catch a game with me and tell me more about how my life sucks. Don’t worry, I’ll try to get you back home to mommy at a reasonable hour. Can’t have you missing school now can we?


          What is pathetic is getting your Hatorade in a bunch, after 8 months of Kool Aid, on one game… talk about missin skool, you missed da Buss.

          • lakers72

            foreal… 1 game in after being out for 8 month and its “kobe as we knew him is gone for good”… give up your season seats.. theres thousands of people on the waiting list

          • TheTruthKills

            Hatorade in a bunch? 8 months of Kool Aid? What are you blabbering about sir? I think I see the problem. You go to “Skool” instead of school and wait for “da buss” instead of a bus. You have my sympathy.

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