Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Featured On Sports Illustrated Cover Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="295"] In the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated, Kobe Bryant is featured on the cover. Kobe took some time to admire the late Michae [new_royalslider id="295"] In the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated, Kobe Bryant is featured on the cover. Kobe took some time to admire the late Michae Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Featured On Sports Illustrated Cover

In the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated, Kobe Bryant is featured on the cover. Kobe took some time to admire the late Michael Jackson and his determination to be great.

“I f—— love that story,” Bryant said in his unending determination of being the best of all time. Thriller now holds that record.

Kobe also talked about his eventual retirement and says he isn’t expecting a grand celebration, but expects the same kind of reception he has had for his entire career via Sports Illustrated:

“If you booed me for 18, 19 years, boo me for the 20th. That’s the game, man,” Bryant said.

Kobe’s will to be the best has well been documented. He is constantly praised by others as being one of the hardest working players in the league. It seems that Kobe’s  work ethic was in part inspired by Michael Jackson.

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Kobe talks about how Jackson would study the BeeGees’ Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which was the number one selling album at the time. As time would tell Jackson soon released his famous album, Thriller which still holds the record for best selling album of all time. It’s this same kind of commitment to succeed that influenced Kobe’s drive to become the best.

Kobe has been both loved and hated throughout his career. He came out of high school with the kind of confidence that was uncanny especially among rookies. Some mistook this confidence for arrogance, while others were amazed by the young player.

Now, after 18 seasons in the NBA, Kobe has backed up his confidence with All-Star appearances, MVP awards, and most importantly championships. He has earned the love of his fans and the hate of those who scoff him. 

This kind of mixed reception has been characteristic of fans ever since Kobe has entered the league. Regardless, Kobe has proven to turn that sort of negativity, into determination.

It’s this kind of determination that has motivated him during his illustrious career. With many people doubting his return, Kobe is excited to prove them wrong just as he has done throughout his entire career.

Kobe Bryant Answers Fan’s Questions, Talks Keys To The Game

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  • Zach

    Uh-oh, we all know what this means!!! Game over.

    • Jim213

      Nah, he’s a shooter he’ll be good. However, the great always adapt.

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        Zach is a troll stop responding to him.

        • Zach

          You can’t stop rooting for a rapist despite your efforts, bet you can’t stop responding to someone who knows the game much better than you either.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            If you say so.

          • Yaya

            Too many double negatives. You must be new to English.

          • tailormade

            who’s a convicted rapist? shoot, please find the witness to state this guy you hate dearly is a rapist. you dont take the money when you know for a fake you were raped by this guy and you could’ve put him in jail and still won a civil suit. unless….he never raped you to begin with. what you should’ve said was “You can’t stop rooting for an adulterer despite your efforts…”

          • Jim213

            Zach, you wouldn’t happen to be a writer would you? Disagree still…

            http://www.cbssports. com/nba/eye-on-basketball/24668888/offseason-report-los-angeles-lakers

          • disqus_OASVCAwNVR

            fuck you zach

        • J Taylor

          Zach will still be booing in Kobe’s 20th season.

      • Zach

        But not a GOOD shooter. That’s the problem. If he can’t get to the hoop effectively any longer, he’s doomed. Shaky perimeter shot and you know it.

        • Jim213

          Pretty consistent shooting wise LOL. Not a problem, it’s defense which goes for everyone mostly. Still here clippersrunla lol. Weird that 3 haters show up and start hating but you have nothing of value to bring to the table when it comes to debate.

          • Zach

            Pay attention ostrich-boy, your head’s in the sand. Kobe is wayyyyyyyy behind Jordan in shooting percentage. But I know you hate facts. I would too if I rooted for a rapist!

          • Jim213

            Lol, don’t recall me talking about the all time goat (MJ). That’s a given troll. Must have confused me with someone else lol. Can’t argue crap can ya?

          • Joshua Schnabel

            Here’s a fact for you. Kobe’s career fg% is 45% compared to Jordan’s 49%. Kobe averaged a career 33% from 3 compared to Jordan’s 32%. Kobe also shot similar from the charity stripe .838% compared to Jordan’s .835%. How is that in any way make Kobe a shaky shooter or waaaaaaaaay behind Jordan. Kobe has the edge in 2 categories. He is every bit the shooter Jordan was or even better. Jordan was superior at getting to the rim with his strength and athleticism. Apparently you hate facts, but you need to do your homework

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            Just a point on Jordan inferior shooting ability… If you remove the three seasons when the 3-point line was closer, Jordan’s career 3-point percentage is only 0.288.

        • J Taylor

          Regardless of his age, or injury ability, Kobe’s still a top 10 SG in the league.

          Your hate seems misguided, as you seem to suggest that he’s broken and unable to play NBA caliber basketball.

        • DKWTTY

          Kobe shaky perimeter shot? I know you’re a troll but even you don’t believe that stupidity you just typed! LMAO! Kobe hasn’t been getting to the hoop for years now and he’s been off for like a year and a half now. What the hell do you think he’s been practicing all that time? Shooting.

  • Zach

    Must have agreed to wear a swimsuit, as he hasn’t accomplished anything in four years…

    • joshhh

      haha what a loser!!!!! ur pathetic

    • J Taylor

      Outside of Lebron, D.Wade, and Chris Bosh, no other player has accomplished anything in 4 years… and the aforementioned can only speak about 2 of them.

      Zach sounds like a little kid talking noise to get a reaction.

    • Kishan

      if someone tells me to hook u in the face then i will agree to that and so would Kobe

    • Glenn Nathaniel Hudson

      Zach, you is dumb bro. Just dumb

      • Zach

        Yet Glenn appears to struggle with basic English, LOL. If I’m dumb you must be primordial. Yeah, you’ll have to look that up…


    So Kobe studied both the great MJ’s, no wonder he was so successful.

  • Amazing-Amber N Brown

    Him being accused has nothing to do with his skills or game Zach. Kobe studies the game more than anyone that’s what makes him the player he is today.

    • Zach

      A hobbled gunner with no aim? Good point.

  • Dr.Phil

    Haha I can’t believe this Zach guy. Some real psychological issues here. Is this the only way you can get attention? You’re like the stumbling town drunk. No one believes a word you say about basketball. Might want to get some help on paranoia and sociopathic tendencies. You sound like Captain Hook.

    At this rate you’ll never be as great as Kobe and the Lakers organization. Sorry to break it to you.

    • Zach

      Did you know Dr. Phil isn’t even a real Doctor? Guess if you hump Oprah enough you can get a show though!

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