Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Endorses Smart Car In Commercial

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Endorses Smart Car In Commercial


Kobe Bryant is at it again — this time in a commercial.

Kobe chose to endorse Smart Car in this commercial, and was accompanied by a child dressed as a peanut and an elephant that wanted nothing more than to stand on top of a Smart Car.

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Kobe is pitching the small Smart Car and doing so by driving a child dressed like a peanut around the lots of a movie studio as they attempt to avoid a hungry elephant. The ironic thing is that is that the selling point of the commercial is that a Smart Car can outrun an elephant who desperately wants a peanut.

Whatever way you want to look at it, the commercial is somewhat entertaining and the child dressed like a peanut probably had the time of their life.

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Kobe has certainly stayed busy this off-season. Whether it be doing his rehab, endorsing smart water, Lenovo, and now his Smart Car commercial, it’s nice to see him up and moving.
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