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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant ‘Didn’t Care’ About Mike D’Antoni Resigning

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Over the past few months, Kobe Bryant has stayed out of the public eye in terms of talking to the media or making appearances in which he’d field questions.

On Thursday, Kobe stepped back into the spotlight on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The five-time NBA champion talked about a variety of different topics from his health, Michael Jordan, the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers and former head coach Mike D’Antoni.

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With rumors floating around that Kobe wanted D’Antoni gone, Kimmel asking about Kobe’s thoughts on D’Antoni’s resignation was a hot topic of discussion. Kobe responded to Kimmel’s question by saying the following via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“Honestly I didn’t care,” Bryant said Thursday during a guest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” when asked by Kimmel if he was “happy” that D’Antoni accepted a buyout of close to $2 million for next season rather than come back to coach the team.

“Mike was dealt a really bad hand in dealing with all the injuries that he had here,” Bryant said. “This is a tough place, man. If you’re not winning, you’re not going to survive, man.”

Although it sounds harsh, it was a typical response from the future Hall of Famer. Kobe did give D’Antoni the benefit of the doubt in terms of having to deal with a ridiculous amount of injuries.

Along with chiming in on D’Antoni, Kobe also expressed interest in wanting to give input in the next head coach after having no say in Mike Brown and D’Antoni being hired.

With Kobe under contract for two more seasons, the perennial All-Star wants to finish his career with another shot at a sixth ring with the right coach in place. There may be quite a few viable candidates out there on the open market, but it remains to be seen if the one chosen to be hired by the Lakers can get this storied franchise back on track.
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  • ra

    Yeah, Magic seemed to care more about MDA resigning. Kobe also alluded to that. Kobe didn’t ‘jump for joy’, but I’m sure he couldn’t display Magic’s emotions (but I’m sure he ‘didn’t mind’ that MDA left).

    Kobe’s style of play will def. work better with a coach who doesn’t try to run the offense too fast.

  • James

    From Dave McMenamin of ESPN LA, circa Nov. 2012:

    “I spoke with Jimmy (Buss) before everything went down and we talked about some of the coaching candidates and stuff and to be honest, I said D’Antoni was my first choice because I didn’t even know Phil was going to be an option,” Bryant told reporters after Tuesday’s shootaround, recalling his conversation with the Lakers’ executive vice president of player personnel.

    “Then Jimmy was the one that brought up Phil’s name,” Bryant continued. “I said, ‘I didn’t even know that was a consideration.’ They said, ‘Well, it is and we want to know how you feel about it.’ I said, ‘I love it,’ and that was it. So they knew my two guys that I liked and if one didn’t work out, obviously with Phil, they knew that they had my approval to pull the trigger on the other one.”
    –They didn’t consult you? Now who’s telling the truth and who’s lying here?!?

    • KC

      They didn’t consult him with the Mike Brown hiring, but they did run the MDA thing by him which in my book is “consulting”. It’s kind of disingenouos of Kobe to say he wasn’t consulted ‘BOTH’ times. Now perhaps MDA wouldn’t have been his pick but he wasn’t asked to pick, they only asked for his take which he gave.

    • cj

      he had no say in the brown hiring. the only thing he said about mike was that he was ok with it but they never came and asked him who he wanted they just told him the two head runners and asked him if that was ok. there is no question giving the choice he would have gone for phil before mike.

  • daniel

    Men o men. Is that too much to ask for somebody like Kobe to have a little class? You could have said, “well, those things happen”, “unfortunately he had to deal with a lot of injured players”, anything. I am sure D’ Antoni, despite of the fact that he could be or not a good coach, he had many sleepless night thinking about how to turn things around and more. So much classless in today professional sports, that is amazing.

    • Kobe Will Get 6

      How D’Antoni tried to turn it around:

      1. Put Pau on the bench
      2. Didn’t play players such as (Jamison, Kaman, Hill at times, Brooks, etc)
      3. Didn’t want to play 2 bigs because he wanted a stretch 4 on the court at all time
      4. NO DEFENSE
      5. Allowed Kobe to will the team to the playoffs, forcing him to play nearly every minute in a huge span of games, leading to his achilles injury.
      6. Over played certain players (when he had other options on the bench) leading to those players suffering injuries

      Yes, I do believe D’Antoni tried to do his best, but every coach signs up to be a coach. The sleepless nights and adjusting to what the team needs is EVERY coach’s responsibility. D’Antoni, I believe did not do his best to adjust or why was Pau on the bench only a few games in? Why was there NO DEFENSE for two years? Why did many role players have to sit when they could’ve easily made a difference for the team? We can go on and on, but the answer is simple, D’Antoni didn’t adjust to the players he was dealt. Kobe does everything he can for this franchise and if a coach is not willing to adjust, then why should a player like Kobe praise him? It’s not like Kobe said MDA was a horrible coach and that he didn’t like him…

      • independentbynature

        Antoni expected the players to adjust to him,instead of him adjusting to them.We saw the results.

  • Russ

    Mike D’Antoni was so hated by the Lakers players not one Lakers player tweeted out anything regarding the quitting of Mike D’Antoni.Come on those two Lakers Nation posters are hooked on phonics for not realizing Mike D’Antoni was irrelevant and a scumbag that nobody wanted to play for since he is a terrible coach.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      not true, Jodie Meeks said he loved him and would play again for him in a heartbeat.

      • Daspin

        Meeks and Farmar loved D’Antoni because for them D’Antoni ball meant playing time. Laker ball is not about following the pack and succumbing to herd mentality, it’s about winning championships.

    • independentbynature

      More accurately,no one over 6-7 wanted to play for Antoni,Russ.Guards like smallball.They get to play center for Antoni.

  • Russ

    Mike D’Antoni was driving a wedge in between the Lakers franchise.Good riddance.

  • Danny E. Pagan

    Classless and flat out liying. I remember reading about how Kobe grew up in Italy idolizing MDA and how impressed he was with him when he was an assistant coach in USA basketball. I remember he said D’antoni was a “genius”. I think Kobe still likes Mike but it wouldn’t be good business to defend MDA since he knows fans hate him. Just a shame, he just says what the fans want to hear. All that Jimmy and Jeanie are on the same page BS that was total fan service 2.

    • Levels

      How is he classless??? How is he lying??? He never said he didn’t idolize him. Hell, Kobe wore #8 because of Mike. Never said he wasn’t impressed with him on any level. All he said was that he didn’t care that he resigned… and Kobe doesn’t care what fans think…he never has.. he just wants to win, period.

      • Danny E. Pagan

        You are delusional, Kobe is all about his image and his brand. Of course he cares about what the fans think. He is basically lying here and saying he didn’t have anything to do with MDA being hired when in fact he was consulted and he said he was his #1 guy. He knows fans hate the guy so now he is saying nope didn’t have anything do with it! BS! Yes he did. He also grew up watching MDA in Italy, wore his #8 in the NBA as you pointed out, and always spoke very highly of him, and now he says I don’t care. If that’s not fan service I don’t know what is.

        • independentbynature

          Sorry,Danny,but that’s just not true.Kobe made it perfectly clear that Phil was his first choice.That’s not even debatable.

        • Levels

          And you are an idiot….it’s not of course.. Kobe has said a number of times he doesn’t care what fans think, that’s for one, when Shaq was here Kobe was hated and he didn’t care. Kobe said that Phil was his first choice and was “okay” with the FIRED Dantoni. Being consulted and being told that they hired Mike are to different things, it’s apparent youre not intelligent enough to know the difference. And lastly, Kobe never said he didn’t like, respect Mike..all he said was he did… not.. care… that… he… resigned.. If you post something idiotic I’m responding with fury so you need to do research before posting stupid things.

  • independentbynature

    What do you want Kobe to say?He doesn’t want to pile on Antoni.It says it all that he didn’t endorse Antoni staying.Still,I’m sure he’s smiling on the inside now that The Antoni experiment has ended.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni is a big joke.I am glad he is gone and relieved that we can win again.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    D’Antoni is not worthy of being the Lakers coach.Nuff said.See ya phony.

  • Kliffrichard

    my choices to be the next head coach LA Lakers George Karl and Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy and quin snyder and lionel hollins and Byron Scott and kurt rambis and wild card nate mcmillan :)

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