Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Defends Wife, Vanessa, on Twitter

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Defends Wife, Vanessa, on Twitter


US PRESSWIRE SportsKobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have been married since 2000, and even though their relationship has been turbulent, the two remain together. Vanessa did file for a divorce from Kobe in 2011, but she dismissed it earlier this month.

The Bryants are now living as a happy couple, but they are still irritated by rapper Drake and a line in his song “Stay Schemin.'” The song essentially states that Vanessa does not deserve the money from the divorce as she, “wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym.”

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The Los Angeles Times reports Bryant’s reaction to a fans’ tweet and Vanessa’s response to the criticism directed towards her.

On Monday morning, after Bryant tweeted about he and his wife drinking some coffee and tea, a fan replied saying, “but….. #SheWasntWithYouShootingInTheGym”

Bryant immediately defended his wife.

“no, she wasn’t. She was busy raising our kids #nonanny #respectmothers,” Bryant posted to his Twitter account.

Vanessa gave her take on the song’s lyrics in early January and expressed her frustration with Drake and his choice of words. Even though Vanessa said Drake’s manager apologized to the Bryants, it is clear she is not happy about being ridiculed by the rapper and fans.

  • sogjreojhepojrht

    this article told me to take shots at vanessa just to get a reply from kobe.

  • sghrehertj

    this article told me to take a shot at vanessa just to get a reply from kobe

  • Jonathan

    Lol wtf? That wasnt even taking a shot at her.

    • Jarrell

      u dumb?

  • Margaret Henry

    wow ppl cannot seem to respect others. they decided to work on their marriage. Think whatever u want to think abouT Vanessa Drake. At least she’s not out there disrespecting herself and her family. I love me some black mamba. Always a fan and will always be a fan of the lakers. These so called rappers and their lyrics. they have nothing better to write down on paper and flow through their mouth

  • Samuel Pérez García

    Seems like the fan was just fooling around with Kobe’s obsession with the gym and Kobe took it the wrong way…

  • _Noha_

    that fan meant it. is as dumb as Drake. i never liked that Line even during that Time last year.