Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Defends Steve Nash On Recent Money Comments

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Defends Steve Nash On Recent Money Comments


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Steve Nash has taken a little bit of flak recently for his comments on his video series on In the latest chapter Nash said he won’t retire because he ‘wants the money.’

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Kobe Bryant is no stranger to criticism in regards to wanting too much money, and he has voiced his opinion on that matter. In an ESPN interview with Darren Rovell, Bryant defended Nash, as well as the larger picture of athletes talking about getting paid:

We all play the game because we love the game. Nobody will ever question that about Steve, he loves playing the game. At the same time, it is a job that he gets paid to do. For whatever reason, when athletes talk about that or talks about business or getting paid what he or she is worth, all of a sudden, red sirens go off. I would play for free, but while I’m playing for free, these owners are making billions and billions of dollars. But it’s OK for them to talk about that, but it’s not OK for the athlete to talk about that. It makes no sense.

Bryant poses a very interesting point about fan and media expectations. Everyone expects athletes to go out and play without thinking about the financial aspects. If they do talk about that side, many label them as greedy and selfish.

But as Bryant points out, the owners of these teams are usually billionaires, making money off of these same athletes. At the same time, they are doing everything in their power to make as much money as possible, yet no one criticizes them for doing so.

Much like Nash, Bryant’s career is winding down and they will not sit quietly while being criticized for making money. Maybe by continuing to voice their opinions on this subject, the idea of what an athlete can speak on will begin to change.
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  • Julius

    Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant make all the money ya’ll can.Jim Buss is a retard for paying ya’ll all that cheddar.Jim Short Buss is a all time bad owner in sports ya’ll.Hell ya Jim Buss is going to go bankrupt by giving out one or two more bad deals.Time to take the keys away from Retard Jim Buss.

  • Julius

    LOL @ Jim Buss he is a retard.

    • nlruizjr

      Please don’t put Jimmyboy in the same category with the “Retards”, it just isn’t fair to the “Retards”, no malice intended to “Retards”.

  • AD

    It’s only dickhead retard fans of the like so Lebron and Tim Duncan who make a fuss about what these guys are paid. They think because those two take huge pay-cuts that every athlete should and then of course there are those who are just jealous that they are paid that much. I like that Nash and Kobe get along.

  • Lakers#1

    Money is no object for the Laker owners. Essentially, Time Warner Cable is paying the players’ salaries: remember the $3 billion, 20 year deal with the Lakers? This gives the Lakers $150 million a year to play with before receiving a penny from all the ticket sales, licensed attire and all the other companies advertising with the Lakers. Salary cap will probably be $61 million+ next season, after luxury taxes and repeater taxes, the $150 million a year still covers all of their payroll for their players and staff. Thus, they didn’t mind overpaying for an old talented Steve Nash, with his 3 year contract. Also, Lakers didn’t not mind rewarding Kobe his $48 million+ for the next 2 years. The Buss’ and their investors still pocketing a sh*tload of money for the next 20 years. Money is no issue for the Lakers…

  • Jim213

    Can understand a Lakerforlifer situation but also disagree with KB24.

    “…when athletes talk about business or getting paid what he or she is worth, all of a sudden, red sirens go off. I would play for free, but while I’m playing for free, these owners are making billions and billions of dollars.”

    True and IMO the CBA just limits everyone’s overall pay which ends up hurting the role players the most $$ aside of Superstar players not getting their due worth for holding the NBA torch.

    But disagree on Nash’s issue as FO’s lack of dexterity caused them to spend $27 mil on a player who should’ve already retired (no diss to Nash) given his play. But Nash has played in less than 50+ games (if correct) that’s not getting your money’s worth and tho he should be paid for that year a contract clause could’ve limited the financial hit with regards to this investment……………………………..(meme pun).

    • kobe24

      Hold up buddy, when Nash was traded to the Lakers his season during the Suns he averaged 12.5 PPG, 10.7 APG (lets not forget still top 3 in assist) in just 31 minutes of game time.

      I’ve reiterated this point many times but Nash would’ve still been putting up consistent 10 PPG/ 8 APG if it wasn’t for the freak accident that happened last season against the Portland trail blazers.

      How was the FO supposed to know that was going to happen???

      • Jim213

        Business… contract clause for a player who would end his career on his last legs (no diss to Nash) aka insurance policy.

    • TomK

      When I decide to part with my hard earned $$$ to go to a Laker game, it’s not the “ROLE PLAYERS” i’m coming to see, and neither are the majority of the fans. The Laker management knew Nash’s age when they inked the contract, Steve didn’t lie and say he was 30, so he has one year left and he wants to be paid. I’m good with that. I’ll buy a few tickets next year, and see him and Kobe, in the final years of their careers.

      • Jim213

        Smh, that’s your own opinion. Majority of fans go to Staples to root for the brand which in turn goes for the holder of the torch (KB24). Not to watch players give half an effort with their lack of game fundamentals and to see a player such as Nash struggle on the defensive end while causing more problems than helping the team with his passing touch. As long as fans see a competitive effort they’ll be okay with it for now but this isn’t the case today.

  • quickster007

    Pau, 19 millions, Kobe 24 millions and Nash 9 millions combined salary of $52 millions. Each team is allocated 58 millions. No wonder the team can’t compete. If the Lakers will finally realize that the team can only get better if they decide to get rid of these three has been.

    • MyName

      salary cap rules allow you to go over the cap to resign someone if you own their bird rights (pau). so its kobe 24 nash 9 and someone/others can take the 33 million left over THEN they can resign pau (definitely NOT 19) to something reasonable. Money isn’t an object according to Jeanie

      • michael

        Never understood these bird rights. But why hasn’t kobe these bird rights?

        • TomK

          We traded for Chris Paul, and Stern said “NO” and gave us the bird, thats the only “BIRD RIGHTS” we have taken advantage of in the last two years.

  • sayem quazi

    earning a ring > buying a ring.

    • Saul Bautista

      Their money was earned somewhere along the road, so what’s the difference? The NBA is not little league. Would you rather have an even more restrictive CBA agreement? This isn’t a communist regime, it’s the NBA.

  • Daryl Peek

    So now Kobe’s defending Nash. Kobe’s now on the same page with Jimmy. Phil defended Jimmy, saying it was Dr. Buss’s choice. Jeanie corroborated Phil’s adjudication of Jimmy by letting her fiance go work for the Knicks. Jerry West gives Kupchak two thumbs up and defended D’Antoni. It’s well documented, and now public knowledge that Dr. Buss didn’t want Phil in the organization going forward…

    Who and what do the scapegoat mongers have left to blame things on? Almost everyone who once fed their mob mentality are now backing the infidel’s. *looking*

    • ra

      Kobe = Lakers brand (for now). If Kobe is healthy the next 2 years, count on a ‘retirement tour’ for Kobe (maybe last year), which = $$. Buss’s know what they’re doing in that regard. Of course, we all hope Kobe is healthy, and secretly hope he gets another ring.

      As for Nash, he was hired for a specific reason, and D’Antoni was hired because of the winning combination of D’Antoni / Nash (but, with Kobe in the mix, it was supposed to be ‘sky’s the limit’). I and everyone were excited about that, of course.

      I’m certain there are ‘money issues’ that none of use know about, that only the Buss’s and other owners know of. The truth is, that the CBA was to also help keep players’ salaries from skyrocketing, like in baseball. These numbers are ‘very specific’ to optimize ROI (return on investment) for all the owners. So the Buss’s will be fine (with $$), but ONLY if they can perpetuate the Lakers brand (certainly in the next 2 years, but well after as well). The CBA will protect them, but the only reason any of us would be concerned about billionaires protecting their inflated assets, is to keep the ball rolling with the Lakers Championship style.

      That’s all I care about. Kobe is #1 because that’s all he cares about. He is reflecting what the Lakers fans want. We want Championships. Period.

      We are the Yankees of basketball. (or, the Dodgers, someday again??).

      My advice for Nash: if you’re going to stay, go to Germany and get that ortho-keto treatment in offseason. Work on all healing aspects, and get 100%. Support Kobe for his last 2 years, and then we’ll be good. It ‘will’ be worth every penny.

      • Daryl Peek

        The only reason I advocate Nash playing next season is because I’m against the stretch provision. Get it done and over with, and who knows? Nash may even find his old form in a back up role.

        • comrade24

          it looks to me like the Lakers are going to draft Dante Exum if they get the chance. Having a guy like nash around, whether he plays 10, 20, or 82 games next year is worth it just for the mentoring of the young point guard if nothing else. Also, if he can get some sort of healthy with the nerve issues he would be a great backup pg. I mean, this kid is a combo guard that can play the 1 and the 2. If we draft him, he’ll have the opportunity to learn from 2 of the greatest players in history at both positions.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ve watched some film on Exum, not as geeked up about him as most are but the sample size is very small.

          • comrade24

            i’m not really “geeked” up about him either for the same reason. haven’t really seen him play enough. Out of the players i have seen, i would love to see the Lakers draft Jabari Parker if possible. I really think he’s going to develop into a franchise type player, but i’m not the FO, and they have a lot more experience so i just have to hope they make the right decision and that someone ties Jimmy up and locks him in a closet for the entire offseason so he can’t screw anything up. Any volunteers? lol

          • Daryl Peek

            Jimmy’s been scouting along side of Kupchack and West since back in 1997. I’d say his apprenticeship went pretty well over the years… Farmar, Sasha, Bynum & Walton all were good draft picks that contributed to back to back championships. The working relationship of the FO is much better than most want to give credence to. No FO gets it right all the time.

        • michael

          he’s still a good point guard.

          • Daryl Peek


    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      How about I blame the mediocre players we have (minus Pau) – there are no winners on this squad. I think Xavier has a creative game, farmar is a good backup PG and Swaggy could be good on that second unit in the right capacity and for the right price. Meeks has been the best player on our squad but he will still be behind Kobe. I also wouldn’t mind having J-hill back as a backup center on the second unit. Everybody else is pretty weak. Nash is 40 years old no matter how you turn it. Kobe will be back and do work – but that leaves us with 2 viable starters – assuming we bring Pau back. If we dont – we really have no team at all.

      • Daryl Peek

        We cannot correctly asses blame simply due to the injury factor. It’s disingenuous to do so without taking that into consideration. 10-9 without Kobe and a then gimpy Gasol and Nash. Preseason projections were 12th seed at best with a healthy Kobe. You could easily argue they would have been much better if not for the injuries. The conversation begins and ends with that.

        Look at the best team in the league right now? The Spurs. Duncan, Parker and Leonard are the only true starters on that roster. Ginobli could be but can’t stay healthy either. The difference is better health and long tenured continuity.

        A healthy Gasol Kobe and Nash would be just fine as viable starters. Young is a starter at SF/SG on many other NBA teams and would be a great sixth man. Meeks is a great rotational player on the verge of becoming a good starter. Look around the league at SG’s? Meeks numbers are only below the elite. And don’t go there with the bad team pumped up numbers because there are plenty of bad teams in the NBA.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          The injury factor does not matter – we still would have ZERO chance at winning anything. Splitter is a legit starter. Manu has only missed 12 games this year not to mention being a tremendous playmaker in addition to being a great shooter on most nights.

          Your a joke if you think Nick young starts on 90% of the teams in the nba. His style of play lends itself to being on bad teams and needing volume to produce. Look at the minutes meeks plays – dude plays 40 minutes a game. He is not an elite shooting guard – just this year has he added different facets to his game to make himself a multidimensional player.

          There are plently of bad teams in the NBA – but only 4 worse than us.

          We will not win or return to relevance with this current crop – end of conversation.

          • Daryl Peek

            The injury factor absolutely matters and we would have likely been a playoff team if not for that. Would we go deep in the playoffs, not likely but that’s not the question at hand!

            Nick Young has been a starter on teams already so miss me with the joke ISH! Jamal Crawford’s numbers are identical to Young and I’m pretty sure I could cite many others who get consistent PT in this league that are the same.

            Splitter is not performing any better than Jordan Hill so the valid starter in this league for him is arguable. Splitter and Rasho Nesterovic are the same players basically. They just thrived Pops system.

            And as far as Meeks goes, again look around the league at SG’s. Meeks averages 33 minutes per game and is playing at the same level as all SG that are not elite. Joe Johnson, Gerald Henderson, Randy Foye, Klay Thompson, Lance Stephenson, Dion Waiters, Kevin Martin, Gerald Green & Wesley Mathews are just a few to name who are not producing any better than Meeks overall playing basically the same MPG. Again, The difference is elite VS. average which Meeks stands up to the average NBA starter.

            Gloom and doom self loathing blame game Lakers fans? SMH

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            He started 40 games once in his career – never has he been a starter all season. So miss me with that ISH. Jamal is much better than Nick – if you watch him play its obvious to make that comparison – and he has ACTUALLY started for multiple teams.

            And my question at hand was ALWAYS winning a title – You pull all of these backhanded arguments out of your ass its a bit ridiculous. We would play either the spurs, clips, or thunder and lose first round. If you okay with that more power to ya.

            Splitters post + face up D is better than Hill.

            Have no idea where you were trying to go with the whole meeks explanation.

            Not doom and gloom – just calling it as i see it. Your just a bucket of cliches. I think i speak for many people that aren’t named Daryl when I say that I would like to watch quality starters night in n night out. But anybody who doesn’t drink the kool-aid is a self-loather to you? ok

          • Daryl Peek

            Title has not been the question at hand for three years and no team wins all the time. All the arguments you’re making are arguable and based on opinion. Team make up, system, team tenure and health play huge factors in wins and losses. One teams mediocre player becomes another teams starter or solid rotational player all of the time. The one measurable you cannot leave to the eye test in judgement is, numbers never lie.

            The Meeks explanation is simple. Every NBA coach around the league sees him in the same light as I do. A young player who’s found his stride and looks ready to be a solid NBA SG.

            You started the ISH! I didn’t attack you. We knew this team would struggle to compete from the jump, and that was hoping they were healthy. Again, NO team wins all of the time. Every franchise whether the Buss/West run Lakers or Red Auerbach Celtics, faces down seasons. The Laker brass mortgaged a LOT of future for the present chasing rings. Some decisions were better in a vacuum than others, and EVERYTHING would have changed had CP3 been allowed to become a Laker but the majority of the moves were at least reasonably defensible. And everything reflects the premium this organization puts on winning, particularly with someone like Kobe still on hand and (at the time) playing at a high level. (They may have also been planning for this to be Kobe’s final season before the Achilles injury changed the equation.) Unfortunately, the results didn’t shake out as planned, the bill has now arrived, and the price tag is steep. A lot of work lies ahead, but the kool-aide is fine to drink as all is not lost. I just get annoyed at the in the moment self-loathing gloom and doom folks that keep chirping about this franchise’s desolation. We’ve been here before. The Lakers were great before Dr. Buss and Phil, and will be after. Cliche retort over and out.

  • comrade24

    umm, i criticize the owners plenty, and i think to an extent the media did as well during the lockout. Especially Michael Jordan, who once infamously told the owner of the Wizards that if he couldn’t make a profit he should sell the team, and then turned around complaining about his team not making a profit. The lockout was billionaires vs. millionaires, but no matter what they’re ALL part of the richest 1% in this country. You think if Kobe would have taken 10 mil a year instead of 24 that his kids would be eating Ramen Noodles? Come on, these guys, their whole families, their children, and their childrens children are set for life. Not gonna feel too sorry for them. I don’t blame Kobe or Nash for taking the money, when was the last time someone offered you 20 million or 9 million dollars whatever, and you turned it down? Exactly. But don’t pretend like you need it Steve, come on.

  • $20509373

    I hope that money comforts Kobe and Nash when the team is at the bottom of the West again. Kobe and Nash have to understand the different viewpoints. The athletes want to get paid, the owners want to profit, and the fans want to support a winning product. This isn’t baseball. We can’t just go out and spend Yankee money building a contender. Kobe and Nash will get their money, the owners will get their profit, but the fans will be deprived of a winning product to support. True fans will support the team through thick and thin, but we always expect a return on our investment. My family has had season tickets for 15 years now and the team has always returned that investment with perennial success and championships.

    • hookedonnews

      It’s not only about Nash & Kobe. Their presence on any team is a plus. The reason you’re not likely to get a championship next season is that you don’t have the players to put around them (that’s assuming Nash is half-way healthy). The rest of the team (besides Gasol) is made up of less than elite players. Wesley Johnson, Henry, Young, Meeks are good young players who have played well in D’Antoni’s system. But you still need a presence in the paint and at least a couple of other elite players. Those will come in 2015. If this team had stayed healthy they would not have this record. They have beaten elite teams without Kobe & Nash, but the injuries have kept them from any kind of consistency. It’s going to take time, but I think they’re going to be fine.

  • Carlos Valderama

    Of course Kobe will defend Nash.They both has screwed the Lakers with their enormous contracts. And they both got their money without even playing. St.Nash has just purchased $ 4.8 mil. Manhattan Beach ocean side house to be close to his budy. One greedy white ass needs another greedy black ass.