Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Changes His Twitter Avatar To 1225

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Changes His Twitter Avatar To 1225


There has been much talk regarding ESPN’s player rankings and standings predictions for the 2013-14 season this offseason. This week in particular, that talk peaked when it was revealed that ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant as the 25th best player in the NBA today.

While it is no secret that there is a lot of unknowns regarding Bryant’s performance this season as he continues his rehabilitation process from Achilles surgery, most thought the 25th ranking was wrong and even disrespectful.

While Kobe publicly responded to ESPN’s summer prediction that the Lakers would finish 12th in the Western Conference, he stayed mum on their ranking of him as the 25th best player this season. That is, until now.

In Kobe fashion, Bryant changed his Twitter avatar today to “1225” to reflect ESPN’s rankings of his team (12) and him individually (25). While ESPN ranking him as 25th best made headlines and became a hot debate issue this week, it is just another piece of motivation for the Mamba to prove the doubters wrong.

Meanwhile, Kobe and the Lakers have returned to Los Angeles after playing two exhibition games in China. Kobe was seen running sprints and getting up some shots before their game in Shanghai. While he still has progress to make to loosen up his Achilles, Kobe has repeatedly remarked that his recovery process has been successful.

Check out his new Twitter avatar below:



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  • Berto

    It could also stand for the christmas day game against miami.

    • vdogg

      agreed. it could mean that he is aiming to be back on the court on christmas day.

      • DEDEYE

        He’ll be back way before Christmas! You kiddin’ me?

      • Dumb ass

        You two are some dumb ass, 1225 doesn’t mean Christmas game against the heat. 12 is For the team and 25 is for Kobe being ranked 25 on espn

        • richard

          Berto said, “It could also stand” and vdogg said, “it could mean…”… they didn’t say “it means…”… that’s two absolutely different meaning… I just wished you read through the lines before calling people DUMB… your comments betrays you…

  • LAL

    Well, I hope Lakers won’t make it to the playoff this year and get lottery pick next season. What’s the point of getting into the playoff and get eliminated in the first or second round?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    1225?Mystery is upon us?Enigma?Kobe we love you dearly!

  • Jim213

    KB24 still has to improve his strength and conditioning aside of conditioning his AT. If 12/25 is for X-Mas Kobe won’t play his first big game without transitioning back first. IMO, Kobe should seriously step up his AT conditioning with some SERIOUS stair exercises to return to top level. Could also be used to motivate him being: team rank/ranked player. However, it’s fire for KB24.

    • Daryl Peek

      Dave McMenamin ‏@mcten1h
      Pau said “We’ll have to see how much Mike (D’Antoni) is going to use (Ryan Kelly) during the season.” Guess he thinks Kelly makes the team

      A lil FYI

      • Jim213

        It’s their resemblance!…this is why you’re attached Daryl.

        • Daryl Peek

          Check Lakers . com. D’Antoni has an interview up today that pretty much confirms what Pau said.

        • Jim213

          IMO, given this upcoming season being filled with players coming back from injuries, it’d be best to place Kelly on the D League first and when trades take place bring him back down the line.

          I’m not saying cut him just give him some more time to return to 100%. It’s likely that one of the players returning from injury will also end up possibly getting re-injured. Ain’t saying R Kelly wont be productive, it’s making sure he returns to 100% while proving his ability to stay healthy. Last thing we need is an injury prone season like this past season.

          But yes I don’t expect the coach to keep Landry unless he goes sentimental. Landry was also interviewed by the Chinese media, He used to play for the Shanghai Sharks.

          Landry seemed happy to interact with Chinese media members. He also asked them to pass on a message to Sharks management. “Tell them to sign me after I’m done with the Lakers,” he said.

          • Daryl Peek

            I just want to see what the kid can do. I have a good feeling about him. Dirk Nowitzki lite possibility.

        • Daryl Peek

          Actually it’s more so this Jim! Uncanny how the resemblance is in looks, mannerism and game… Kelly has my vote. *looking*

          • Jim213

            If they don’t sign Gasol in the future this guy may be a possibility. Although only thinking short term being a 2 year contract or so. With Nash here (best buddy) who knows what may happen though not for a near close to max contract.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m not even thinking that far down the road. I just want to see what the kid can do with some proper NBA grooming.

  • adada

    thats his address number?

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    kobe is the shit….

    • richard

      from one of the wisest person who ever lived…. “people who call other people shit is a shit himself.”… paraphrasing…

  • LAL

    Let’s face it, Kobe would not be able to take this team to win the championship this season especially coming back from injury.

    If I were Mitch, I tell MDA to tank the season but at the same time develop some of the young players – Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly, Wes Johnson and Jordan Hill for next season. I can see them playing big minutes as role players.

    It is stupid to get into playoff and get eliminated in the first/second round especially when 2014 draft will have plenty of great prospects since 2003.

    Although it’s true that a team don’t need lottery pick to win championship but fundamentally, a team always have lottery player that they develop: Heat have Wade, Mavericks have Nowitzki, Spurs have Duncan, Celtics had Pierce. Lakers had Bynum but his injury and immaturity prevents him from becoming the franchise player.

    Lakers need someone to build around from draft pick. Someone like Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle or Marcus Smart.

    And Kobe and Nash will have a real shot at title in 2014. Draft picks + free agency + ready role players.

    The problem is Kobe’s ego. He will not put it aside for the sake of Lakers future. Yes, he will get Lakers to the playoff but they won’t go beyond 2nd round and Lakers will miss out on a great prospect to build around.

    I really hope Mitch is smart enough to get Lakers to tank the season and get any of the top pick. Hopefully Wiggins.