Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Blames Lakers’ Loss to Raptors on Himself

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Blames Lakers’ Loss to Raptors on Himself


Kobe Bryant The Los Angeles Laker suffered an embarrassing loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday and Kobe Bryant put the blame on himself.

Bryant finished the game with 26 points, but he did it on 10-23 shooting and 3-12 from behind the arc. On top of that, Kobe committed six turnovers and it was overall a disheartening game. The Lakers did not play well on either end of the court and they eventually walked off the court losers, 108-103.

After the match, Bryant took to Twitter to voice his opinion on his performance.

The Lakers are now five games under .500 with a 17-23 record and are 14.5 games behind the Clippers in the Pacific Division. Nothing is going right for the Lakers and something has to change or else their playoff aspirations will disappear.

Los Angeles has been struggling all season long and it has yet to figure it out. The team seems disinterested on the court and if things continue on the current track, the Lakers will be watching the post-season from home like the rest of us. 

  • Vinni Vo

    So many saying, coments,so many good game
    many bad game ,don’t matter. what matter is how do we win the game,and how it’s slipp away from us,in the end we’r true Laker fan just wanna see the real Laker team play again, so pull ur selftogether still time to make to the playoff.