Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Blacks Out Twitter Avatar

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Blacks Out Twitter Avatar


Kobe Bryant TwitterOver the past few months, Kobe Bryant has sent subtle messages to his fans and the world about what’s going on in the mind of the five-time NBA champion by changing his Twitter avatar.

Recently, Kobe changed his avatar to 1225. Many believe the change was to indicate either his return date to the basketball floor for the Los Angeles Lakers or a motivational tactic after ESPN predicted the Lakers would finish 12th in the West and that he was now the 25th best player in the NBA.

On Tuesday morning, Kobe was at it a again with his cryptic messages via his Twitter avatar. Instead of the 1225, which many thought would remain his avatar until he returned, the future Hall of Famer blacked out the avatar completely and then tweeted the following:

As of right now, Kobe is expected to return sometime in the next few weeks after ramping up his conditioning in an effort to get into game shape. The “blackout” Kobe is referring to may be the training program he’s doing and this is an indication that it has kicked into high gear. The superstar guard made many feel as if it would only be two more weeks until he’d be suiting up for the Lakers, but this subtle message will have people wondering if he’s suffered a setback or is about to announce something. As usual, Kobe keeps the basketball world in suspense as his return draws near. It’ll be interesting to see what the meaning of his avatar means and if it indicates a setback, ramping up his training and conditioning or something completely different. ________________________________________________________________________________
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  • Slaughterhouse

    No he’s not!

  • Slaughterhouse

    Report says he won’t be back until Jan. 4

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  • yoyo

    1225 is christmas

  • Real_Talk_Ricky

    He’s coming back Black Friday against the warriors!

  • MJ Has

    Nov 15th? For new Hollywood nights blacked out jerseys? Watever it is I just got excited!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This Kobe Bryant return is the most anticipated NBA return since Michael Jordan returned from his stint as a baseball player.This just how stuff works.

  • ZLL

    just wait, blackest means lightest

  • Guest

    november 15 im pretty sure because he said he need 3 weeks of rigorous training to come back and hes completed 1 and a half and is medically passed to do whatever he wants at this point.

  • XB_Mod

    It means he is bored :).