Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Believes Lakers are Beginning to Gel

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Believes Lakers are Beginning to Gel


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio SpursThe Los Angeles Lakers snapped their three-game losing streak last night against the Utah Jazz, and it was an overall great performance.

Los Angeles held the Jazz to just 84 points on the night and at the other end of the court, the Lakers managed to score over 100 points. There is no question the Lakers have been struggling as of late, and it is a win like this one that helps build the confidence of the team. Losing is one of the major reasons for a lack of chemistry, but dominate performances help players get on the same page.

After the game, Kobe Bryant spoke to reporters and ESPN reports that he believes the Lakers are beginning to bond.

“We’re bonding together and we’re communicating with each other very well,” Bryant said, suggesting that last week’s confrontation was healthy for the team. “You can’t just sweep things under the rug all the time. They don’t get better.”

The Lakers are still seven games under .500 with an 18-25 record and a lot of work is needed for this team to make the post-season. Los Angeles has to be near perfect for the remainder of the season and everyone on the team has to be focused on the task at hand.

Los Angeles is no doubt the most talented team in the NBA on paper and if all the players are comfortable with each other and their roles, this team can be very dangerous.

  • naejla

    great performance Mamba.. Please continue to win. I still believe Lakers can make it. keep up the teamwork within.

  • KcS

    I bet Kobe started distributing the ball only because he’s not the leading league scorer anymore and that has helped him lower his ego!

    • Kappavelli

      Not so much of his ego but more so like we are watching Kobe’s final act. It’s his last stance the game is passing him by and making room for the new era of stars. Not to say Kobe isn’t still in the top 5 but the beginning of the end has started. The NBA itself has even started pushing a new rivalry and fell back off LeBron and Kobe it’s now LeBron and Durant. So we are not seeing Kobe’s ending in the same way we saw Jordan’s decline — Kobe’s decline is not really a decline it’s more so of an acknowledgement to himself that maybe the game is moving onto the next set of superstars. So now is a time for Kobe to play grandpa for his last couple of years in the sense that he could do a little more nurturing opposed to lecturing (When it comes to Dwight). And he could leave with two more rings if he play his cards right! And those cards should have him playing the King as in King James. Kobe needs to be LeBron for his final couple of years! What I mean by that is facilitating his team to victories he could be the stat stuffer…fall back on scoring d-up, rebound, assist just like last night he was still the best player on the floor even without scoring as much.

      • Cindi Venable

        Great comment…..I agree!

  • Lakesinseattle

    Why do Lakers fans talk crap about Kobe? I mean how many championships does he have to deliver before we appreciate the dude? Sorry do you guys want Kwame Brown to return? Screw you guys.

  • Jose Mallabo

    Kobe is already the greatest Laker player ever. Yes, including Kareem. Remember, Cap played for Milwaukee and was not a career Laker. So, no need to defend Kobe’s talent or record. I think if he is honest with himself, he knows that being a distributor will be and has always been his best way to make the whole team more dangerous. It’s why Magic was so dangerous because he put up 18 ppg and doled out 10 dimes a night — that’s 38 points a game Magic was responsible for.

    Magic was never the scorer Kobe is. Nor was he a fraction as athletic. But he was smart and knew how to make the team better. Kobe knows it too but has always been a reluctant passer. He can still score 30 ppg — but he has to know that that won’t get them in the playoffs. If he doesn’t become a facilitator we may as well trade Dwight and Pau now and let Kobe score 50 ppg so we can finish dead last.

  • Sean

    Can Steve Blake save the Lakers? The answer is a definitive and resounding yes.