Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Begins Six Month Training Program

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Begins Six Month Training Program


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Kobe Bryant has been out of action since December 17 with a broken knee cap, playing in only six games before suffering his second major injury in as many years. With the Lakers finishing one of the worst seasons in franchise history, Bryant has vowed to come back stronger than ever.

Signed on for $48.5 million over the next two years, the Lakers will need Bryant to return to form if they want any chance at competing for championships.

Bryant was recently cleared to run and shoot, and according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, he has begun his intensive six month training program in preparation for the 2014-15 season:

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant began an intense six-month training program with an early-morning workout Monday

Bryant tried to distance himself from the Lakers as they went through a disastrous season. Instead of traveling with the team for their last few games, Bryant vacationed in Europe with his family.

For a man who has only been linked with greatness, Bryant seemingly wants nothing to do with anything that involves being the “worst in franchise history.”

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Although he was away from the team for long periods, Bryant seems ready to put this season behind him and focus on the next stage of his career. He recently tweeted out that the team needs to “flush” the season and forget about it as well as stating that revenge is sweet and quick.

The Lakers have the cap space and assets to surround Bryant with a quality team this offseason, but they may choose to wait a year for the likes of Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kyrie Irving to hit free agency.

If Bryant is able to come back and contribute at an All-Star level, the Lakers could be a factor in the ultra competitive Western Conference.
VIDEO: Mike D’Antoni And Mitch Kupchak Respond To Kobe Bryant Leaving For France

  • comrade24

    Wishing Kobe the best! Hoping he can go back to being the Black Mamba. Go Lakers!

  • kookiebuger

    Maybe Kobe and the 2014 1st round draft pick can train together.

  • 24 Was Here

    Why is Mike Retard D’Amnphony still the Lakers coach.Kobe is 36 years old and in this kind of serious training to win rings not run up and down the court like a dumb ass for a retard piece of turd jerk coach like Mike D’Amntoni.Awww Hell Nah.!Fire the stupid coach NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gemini Ac

      Yeah! That’s better for the lakers.must change the coach because d” antoni way of coaching did not match for the lakers specially for kobe’s playing..the lakers need a coach for TRIANGLE offense that’s kobe’s special skills for winning the game.

    • Josh

      In D’Antoni’s run up and down the court offense, Kobe will probably run the floor 3-4 extra times per game over what he did for Phil if he plays the same minutes. Except he will not average over 40 mpg like he did under Phil.

  • Black Mamba Swish

    Lets get a new coach and bring Kobe back for rings #6 and #7.Mamba out.

    • Gemini Ac

      That’s absolutely true. I give you 5star for that comment.

  • Zimmeredge

    we are just willing to give kobe a stick to chew for a season to give him the impression that we are fully retooling so the goal is too acquire players from the fa with possible trade value. if it works out and we are through second round in the po give the group a second chance, So bring back Pau and a wing player or a pg from the fa (Deng, Lowry or Stephenson seem to be good assets). If it’s not working then just trade Pau and the fa player next summer for a pick or for another players. when you have players with trade value you have as much flexibility as when you have a huge cap space except that you have to move on the trade market and not on the free market.
    get a wing or a pg (exum, smart, parker, wiggins) from the draft (of course the fa will depend on the draftee). Already have Nash (one year left), Marshall, Sacre, Kelly under contract. bring back Bazemore, Young, Farmar, Meeks, Johnson and/or Hill and/or Kaman. Then you are good to go.

    • Gemini Ac

      Don’nt trade Gasol he have a championship heart..we need him for kobe’s game.

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞


    • Joseph Apohen

      Replace Marshall with Farmar who is better. Marshall has no offense nor defense.

  • Jim213

  • vdogg

    kobe will be back and he will be great. just one humble man’s opinion.

  • Insider Luca

    The Lakers Front Office is going to fire Mike D’Antoni very soon.The decision is made now they just have to tell him face to face in a meeting.That’s what i think is going to happen.Lakers will keep Kobe Bryant very happy and they will bring in a superstar player to help him win in the playoffs and a new coach with a better suited style for Kobe and Pau will be brought in to coach as the new hire.This is the word on the streets Mike D’Antoni is gone.

    • Gemini Ac

      That’s right brother..i vote for kobe and Gasol playing togethere..because this 2 men they know how to play and how to winning the games.

  • Insider Luca

    Get back to winning rings we need you Kobe on the court dominating teams.

    • Gemini Ac

      Yeah man..Bfore that we must change the coach first.Fired D”antoni!.

  • Guest

    Knicks fired their coach. Jazz fired their coach. Why do we still have dumbtoni?

  • KingEmperor

    marcus smart

    kobe bryant
    gordon hayward
    kevin love
    greg monroe

  • kklakerlovin

    Pretty sure he fractured his tibia, not his patella…

  • Jay Brodes

    kobe is back!!! cant wait and i want the flyknit lows!!

  • Jim213


    “Stop being a Kobe first Laker fan. The man was wrong for turning his
    back on his teammates and leaving the country without giving the FO the
    courtesy of notification. Those actions have absolutely NOTHING to do
    with Gasol and Nash! Kobe gets all of the blame for that as it was his
    selfish choice to do those things.”

    Brand first!… but the matter is that you don’t want to give others blame for the lack of leadership on the locker room. Plain and simply tho which is it that angers you? Being Kobe taking the trip out of town or your belief of him not supporting the team?

    • Tevin Skainzmate Kendrick

      The front office was/is wrong for not involving him in their decisions.. This superstar has bought 5 more rings to this franchise and has given his all for the last 18 years, and you can’t even consult with him about the type of coach he wants to play for? Get serious bruh. I wouldn’t tell them shit either, he a grown ass man. He gotta tell them whenever he wanna go take a shit too?