Lakers News: Kobe Blames Team’s Age For Struggles This Season

Lakers News: Kobe Blames Team’s Age For Struggles This Season


kbdhThe Lakers are once again under the .500 mark after an embarrassing loss at home to the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night. Following the game, a very frustrated Kobe Bryant talked to reporters about why this team has been struggling so much this season.

“Cause we’re old as s—,” said the 34-year-old Bryant when asked why a lack of energy has been a problem for L.A. all season. “What do you want? We just got to figure out how to play when we don’t have that energy.”

It’s no secret that the Lakers are one of the older teams in the NBA, and that their nucleus is built of guys in their thirties. In fact, other than Darius Morris, every Lakers starter is either over 30, dealing with an injury, or both. That makes it difficult to survive the labors of an NBA season, especially against younger, more athletic teams like Philadelphia.

Forward Pau Gasol said the team may not have the athleticism or energy that other teams do, but that they can make up for it with their experience.

“We are experienced and we should create some energy for ourselves out there, and I think it starts by us talking to each other, by communicating, by letting our team really know that we’re there [on defense], and that will create some energy that we need on that end of the floor.”

Whatever it is the Lakers aren’t doing, they better start doing it. At 15-16, they’re getting closer and closer to possibly missing the postseason, something they haven’t done since 2005.

*Quotes courtesy of ESPN Los Angeles

  • Ben

    Man. Why don’t they trade Jamison and Gasol for ONE good young guy?

  • Daryl Peek

    Anyone that believes age is a problem on this team is and idiot! The Knicks are older, the Mavs were older in 2011 when they won. Young teams don’t win rings!

    • borsalino12

      It looks like you are the biggest idiot to say something like this.
      The age factor is the reason Steve Nash and Pau Gasol are often injured. The age factor is the reason a good and proven player like A.Jamison can’t contribute at the level we all expect him to play.That same apply to St.Blake and Ch.Duhon.Even 34 (only) y.o. Kobe shows signs of rustiness. He looks tired more often then before and that is the reason he and MWP can not defend their men as they supposed to before. The age factor is the reason we got beaten 11 times this season from loser teams like Utah, Sacramento, Orlando, Houston, Cleveland, Denver and Phili.Seven of our 10 rotation players are 32 – 38 y.o.and when they faces 23 – 25 y.o. opponents, they got outrun and humiliated from them. The age is not the only one, but the biggest reason we have a negative record 31 games into the season.
      And something else. You must first learn how to talk to the people and then write your thoughts here.Sharp and vulgar language is not allowed. Remember it.

      • Daryl Peek

        Knicks have Kidd 39, Wallce 38, Kurt Thomas (oldest player in the NBA) 40, Camby 38, a 36 year old PG Pridgioni and several players 30 years old. Melo is 29 and JR Smith is the only athletic player they have. How well is the oldest team in the NBA playing? “Were alll surrounded by idiots” –KB24

  • joe23

    now a days basketball is not an old school style… now a days basketball is a about speed and athleticism.

    Im a die hard lakers fan, but with this team we have right now is old. they need to sign a young player with a lot of defense in mind to compete in the league, especially in the WC.

    D12, Nash, Kobe, Morris, Meeks, Hill, maybe Sacre and Ebanks.

    Rest of the team need to go…

    Sign PG Brandon Jennings and make Nash as back up PG.

    Lakers Management need to stop signing an old player (over 30+ of age).

    • John Mat

      Agree…. just include MWP to be retained

    • borsalino12

      I have been writing about Brandon Jennings since last year. He is an RFA this summer, but has made it clear, he won’t sign an extension with the Bucks.He wants to play for a big market team and Lakers will fit perfectly for him.Steve Nash and A.Jamison are the biggest disappointments this season. I am 200% agree with your comments to make Br.Jennings a starter, with Nash as his back-up for 15-20 min.We need to trade Gasol for couple of young and athletic players and draft picks.No Stoudemire or C.Boozer. We need YOUNG and TALENTED players to surround J.Meeks, Dw.Howard and J.Hill.They are our future.

      You can’t compete in this race with old and tired horses.Period.

  • joe23

    Gasoft is talking about “DEFENSE”(HAHAHAHA). he can’t even guard his man and his always lack of defense.


      Yeah… When Gasol talks about defense, I’m not sure if it can be construed as hilarious or blasphemous.

  • John Mat

    the problem is team chemistry not old age.