Lakers News: Kobe Admits To Tension With Dwight Last Season Reviewed by Momizat on . With less than a week before the first game of the season, Kobe Bryant took time to discuss some of the issues that plagued the team last season. The Lakers fin With less than a week before the first game of the season, Kobe Bryant took time to discuss some of the issues that plagued the team last season. The Lakers fin Rating:
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Lakers News: Kobe Admits To Tension With Dwight Last Season

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With less than a week before the first game of the season, Kobe Bryant took time to discuss some of the issues that plagued the team last season. The Lakers finished as the seventh seed in the Western Conference and were swept out of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs. Bryant missed the end of the season after tearing his Achilles tendon in April. According to LakersNation.com’s Serena Winters, Bryant mentioned a reason that the team had problems during the past season:

Well, we saw different ways about leading this team. Dwight wanted to do it one way, which he felt like it was effective. I wanted to do it another way so there was just constant tension, Bryant said.

Kobe did mention that the team pulled it together in the second half of the season, when they went 28-12 to finish the year and claim a playoff spot. This off-season, Howard left the Lakers for Houston to join the Rockets, turning down an extra $30 million in the process.

One of the reasons cited for Howard’s departure was his desire to be the main focus of the team, something that he knew could not be possible with Bryant on the team. Bryant has taken the offseason to recover from surgery to repair his Achilles and has been rehabbing in order to return to the court as soon as possible.

He is said to be well ahead of schedule, but it has not yet been determined when he will be ready to go. The problems Bryant mentioned do not seem out of place as both players are used to being the leaders of their respective teams and they were brought together and forced to mesh right away.

Howard and Bryant differ in personalities, so their ideas of leadership were bound to be different. The Lakers have one clear cut leader this year in Bryant, and it could go a long way in determining the outcome of the season.

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  • Daryl Peek

    MAN! I’m doing some preseason scouting homework. I know its fashionable to hate on Howard and the Rockets but that roster is DEEP! Let me just put it like this:

    Solid veterans Ronnie Brewer & Reggie Williams are gonna have a hard time making that roster?!? Aaron Brooks will have a very hard time getting PT behind Lin and Beverly. Asik is riding the pine behind Howard and Motiejunas with Camby in waiting on the shelf due to injury. Casspi is putting up the same numbers as Parsons. Francisco Garcia is shooting lights out and beasting defensively. Greg Smith is a young monster in the post that will be lucky to get PT.

    I’m not saying they will win the championship but if they find the right chemistry, they’re gonna be a serious problem for anybody to face. They’ve taken out the Pacers twice in the preseason and man handled the Spurs last night.

    • Super Girl


    • Alex

      You’re kidding right? Camby? Reggie Williams? Caspi? Garcia? What type of tree have you been smoking to go out and embarrass yourself by saying they’re deep? They have no bench.

      Its a bunch of C list players who haven’t done anything with their previous teams and now suddenly they’re gonna make noise because Dwight Coward is there? Stop it. Do some more homework and realize that even though they’re young and athletic that team is at least 3 or 4 yrs out of TITLE contention.

      You realize that Howard wanted to be the main guy but he’s still a distant second behind harden. Harden is there star and Houston runs pick n roll basketball just like the lakers did. They have no experience in any position, Howard got swept in the finals. Ipredict La goes fufurther in the playoffs this year.

      • Daryl Peek

        Take off your hater glasses and be objective man. That roster is as I said. Look at there numbers. I’m not predicting anything! I’m just looking at the western conference objectively.

    • Gregory Choa

      Daryl, I believe the operative words in your premise re: the Rockets were, “if they find the right chemistry”…and therein lies the ultimate key to whether or not a team can truly succeed or not.
      Besides the rash of injuries that wrought havoc with the Lakers last season, in spite of a roster that had many picking them to dethrone the Heat, the inherent lack of chemistry on and off the court is what I believe was ultimately responsible for the Lakers’ failures in the Dwightmare season.
      Say what you want about how good and deep these Rockets look to be on paper, we’ll see how this team performs when rubber meets road. One thing I know for sure is that the Lakers are ultimately better off without the chemistry killer that is Dwight Howard as this team now seems to be imbued and empowered by a group of players who are genuinely happy to be playing alongside eachother…and I believe that this synergy, or gestalt, counts for a lot more than people think.

      • Paytc

        Once again Gregory Choa you are exactly right. And who cares about Howard or the Rockets? There not the team most likely to get out of the West this year. They will have to get in line with everyone else.

        Clippers,Warriors,and OKC are more likely to get out the West than the Rocket’s SA before Rockets.Remember you need to be able to sink a few free throws come crunch time and that may become a problem for some.

        The 3 teams above will be just as if not hungrier than the Rockets or anyone else.

        But I will still be pulling for the Lakers to stay healthy and make the playoffs. Then we will just see who pulls off an upset or two?

        Go lakers !

      • Daryl Peek

        Rockets were?!? We are better off without Howard but that does not mean he will fail in Houston. The Rockets are putting the paper to work from what we see in the preseason. Yes the preseason is practice but we all saw how bad team chemistry can flow into the regular season from poor practice. Kobe and Howard just weren’t gonna work, the same way Bynum and Kobe weren’t. Pau is the one to ride off into the sunset with Kobe, always has been.

        I agree, the Lakers can and should be better. Everything that could go wrong went wrong last season. Health is key for us. I just wont bash Howard for his choice, he didn’t ask to be a Laker in the first place. Kick Rocks is my view.

        My thing was actually scouting what they and other western conference teams are doing. The Rockets look very impressive on the court so far. Golden St. seems to be missing something? Bogut is the key for them and his health is suspect. The Spurs don’t scare me at all. I think they will fall back a bit this season. OKC is an enigma, I haven’t been able to get a pulse on them yet. Until Westbrook comes back they’ll remain that. The Clippers will still live and die on lack of post play. If Jordan steps up they will make serious noise.

        Bottom line, I choose not to be completely homerish in my commentary.

  • Gregory Choa

    Of course there was tension between Kobe and Howard…Kobe is a warrior who expects nothing less than a warrior mentality, and Howard was a puss…

    • Paytc

      Gregory Choa,
      Yes you are right. That is how I saw it too. That is why the Lakers are better off without Howard’s carefree childish behavior and distractions around the locker room.

      Kobe works too hard to let Howard or any other so call superstar create non business like distractions. Hopefully everyone gets out what they put in. If so the Rockets have far more to worry about than the Lakers do.

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