Lakers News: Kevin Ollie Agrees To Contract Extension With UConn

Lakers News: Kevin Ollie Agrees To Contract Extension With UConn


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Another name can be crossed off the Lakers wish list for their head coaching position. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that Kevin Ollie has agreed to a contract extension to remain at the University of Connecticut:

Ollie had been one of the more popular names in coaching circles this off-season after leading UConn to a national championship in only his second year on the job. Ollie also has a number of NBA ties due to his 13 year playing career.

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The Lakers were expected to meet with Ollie in the coming weeks, but the team had yet to officially contact him. A point that was reiterated by Wojnarowski:

Ollie’s extension now knocks three coaches off who were originally believed to be candidates for the Lakers head coach position. Stan Van Gundy is now the head coach and president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons, while Steve Kerr took the head coach position of the Golden State Warriors.

There are still a number of candidates available for the Lakers including Byron Scott, George Karl, and Lionel Hollins. However, one name that has gotten a lot of publicity recently is former point guard Derek Fisher.

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Fisher has no head coaching experience and the team would have to wait until Fisher’s playoff run with the Oklahoma City Thunder is done before contacting him. They may also have to battle the New York Knicks for his services as they are said to be very interested as well.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Good for him he desrved the raise in pay.As for the Lakers i have no idea what they plan on doing for a coaching hire.No inquires or conversations according to those in the know.Mitch is not going to be the coach or is he???But seriously lets hope things get sorted out in Lakers Land.GO LAKERS GO!

    • LAstory

      Yes happy for Kevin, L. Hollins may be in play in for the Timberwolves… as for the Lakers, I truly believe a deal is in place with Byron…

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes very happy for a great guy Kevin Ollie,he really worked hard with the UCONN team to get them to overachieve to a championship.I think anything is possible with the Lakers these days they are no longer predictable when making moves.The rumors about the Lakers are 99.9 % wrong most the time.Other teams it’s a little more predictable what they might do.But i love the mystery surrounding our team.It keeps me in suspense.

      • Deone

        I hope not.

        • LAstory

          Respect your opinion… however Byron is a way better coach than Kevin Ollie and Hollins…

          • Matt Williams

            Hollins has a better win-loss record than Scott. I agree with you on Ollie though. He has no NBA coaching experience.

          • Deone

            Same here…but neither one holds the NBA record for most consecutive losses in a row…an neither one is coming off of a bad coaching year… you want the guy who took his team to the WC finals or the guy that went 24-58 in his last season.

          • LAstory

            Like your point… but with Byron going to 2 back to back championship series I will ride with that.. Hollins good coach but there is a reason why teams aren’t knocking down his door… just saw Hollins and Cavs are talking, at least mutual interest… so I stand corrected… which bolsters my point that Byron is the guy.

      • Sylvia Ross

        I hope you’re right about Byron being the HC.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Now all the Kevin Ollie fans just got some type of reaction.He is not coming peeps.

    • Chrmngblly

      It is truly a sad day. What in the hell is wrong with Mitch? Ollie was a great fit for the Lakers, he wins a national championship—but Mitch is too busy to give him an interview? The Lakers are outmaneuvered again. Shit. Way to go, Mitch.

  • Tim Stafford

    Wow, Ollie was my bold prediction, not sure where they go from here. I guess it all depends if they rebuild through the draft and want to get a young coach, or somehow get Love and pair him with Kobe, maybe Anthony comes over, and get a veteran coach to make a run.

    • Clippers Suck

      Yeah i have no idea where we go from here.I was truly on the Kevin Ollie fan support for the Lakers but this news just twisted a wrench in all my hopes for Kevin Ollie.It axed any hope of Ollie even getting a interview with the Lakers.I truly am sad Ollie is not coming to coach the Lakers.We need the best of luck from here on in.I have no clue what is next for us.We need to find a great coach and make a great choice IMO.:(

  • 3339

    I’m thinking Byron Scott or Jeff Van Gundy.

    • Clippers Suck

      I am now hoping for Jeff Van Gundy…

    • Chrmngblly

      Further retreads…

  • Clippers Suck

    The Lakers FO is getting hammered the last 30 minutes since this was announced.All the radio stations and media Lakers fan forums are having a hissy fit over the Lakers FO not making a offer or at least contact Kevin Ollie.Yeah i am mad that he is not coming to the Lakers.The Lakers FO must step up and take charge they are acting weak like the cheapest teams act in the NBA.They act like they are running a perennial last placed team a bottom feeder no dudes you are running the Lakers the best franchise in sports step you’re game up or get a new hobby this is a business run it to perfection keep the fan base happy and excited.

  • Edgar

    Come Lakers FO stop fucking everything up,make the right coaching hire or else Lakers will not get better.Get it right Jim Buss….Damn it i wanted Ollie.

  • ra

    Ollie Ollie outs in free. … or … Ollie Ollie outs nba. (look it up if you don’t remember this playing hide ‘n seek).

    The Lakers did not seek, and now Ollie is hiding in the NCAA.

    Wow, this sucks. The Lakers now have a smaller ‘pool’, and maybe the next step is to consider re-hiring Mike Brown (who’s now available to coach), or, Mark Jackson? (no, too late for that, he’s with ESPN, again).

    I’m rooting for Bernie Bickerstaff as the next coach. He is the ‘winningest’ Lakers coach ever (minimum 4 games).

    ahhhh forget it. (I mean, fuggetaboutit).

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Personally im happy with that and for him don’t really want any college type of coach unless its Coach K only NBA experience type of coach I want

  • ra

    Sounds like the Lakers are practicing something similar to Republican healthcare plan, which was 1) don’t get sick, 2) die quickly.

    In the Lakers plan, it’s

    1) don’t call any potential coaches

    2) don’t have anyone to coach the Lakers in 2014-2015.

    • comrade24

      love this post! lol

  • vdogg

    why is everyone so down on bryon scott??? he has been to the finals twice and might actually facilitate kyrie irving becoming a laker.

    • LAstory

      Exactly, the ones that are down on Byron is due to they have no idea about what he’s done as an coach, relationship with Kyrie and Kobe. Having a ex Laker coach (who would’ve been hired before Mike Brown was hired)… so I chalk it up to their ignorance.

    • Mike Jones

      Maybe his 416-521 record has something to do with it.

      • vdogg

        you think phil jackson would have won jack with that cleveland team?

  • frynite

    Why is this a Laker’s news? Lakers never contacted him so this is totally Uconn’s news.

  • Yomanja

    Wait what who is this Kevin Ollie guy?He is a scrub College and NBA player i never seen him coach a game i don’t watch boring college hoops.No big loss.I thought he was still a NBA scrub player,i never knew he was a coach.

  • Alexandra Taylor

    It’s all speculation by the media. The Lakers FO have never said publicly who they have in mind for the coaching position.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Lakers should’a at least gave a interview.That’s messed up ya’ll.SMH

    Best regards KO

  • independentbynature

    Now that that delusion is over with,we can get back to reality.Byron Scott should be the Lakers choice.

    • Chrmngblly

      One more loser retread….

      • independentbynature

        Back to back finals appearances with the Nets.Not bad for a “loser retread.”There is no substitute for experience Besides,I thought you’d like him since he’s not a crabby old white guy.

        • Chrmngblly

          Hahaha. I hear he does get a little whiny sometimes, though. What about Luke or the Fish?

          • independentbynature

            ! like them both.But,let them get some experience first.Either would be a good asst. coach.

          • Chrmngblly

            Luke coaches for us in the D league now. 50-50 Phil takes one of them.

            I don’t know why I am less for Brian Shaw than I used to be. Maybe it is just that he seems to good to be the young coach deserving of a break from the fans and not good enough to be the blockbuster coach everyone respects. I think we need a coach that can get buy-in and also slack from LakersNation.

          • independentbynature

            Sounds like Byron is what we need to me.He’s just the right amount of “crabby.”

          • Chrmngblly

            OK. I am deferring to your judgment for the next 5 minutes…:-)

          • independentbynature

            I’ll take it.That’s longer than most people give me.

  • courtney harris

    In mitch I trust but he can be a punk I feel like…. He needs to stand up to buss and if he wants to make a move MAKE ONE. all the while, Byron Scott’s camp has been super hush hush. Either no one wants him or something is already in the works

  • Lakers Nation Fans

    TUESDAY, 11:23am: Ollie and UConn are close to a deal but have yet to reach agreement, as Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News hears, tapping the brakes on Wojnarowski’s report from Monday (Twitter link)

    Their is still plenty of time to get Kevin Ollie from UCONN.Remember Chip Kelly said he was staying to coach Oregon but a few hours later he took the Eagles job.Lakers Nation wants Kevin Ollie make the fans happy they have spoken.Avoid negative backlash and do the right thing hire Kevin Ollie ASAP.Today is the draft lottery hire Kevin Ollie offer him the money and see if he accepts or not.

    • LAstory

      He’s a good coach… but he isn’t ready to coach THIS Laker team. Kobe will eat this guy alive… Lakers Nation doesn’t know anything about him, and the 1 year his had and trying to cash in (which I hope he does) just n here. This team needs a leader who can go toe to toe with Kobe, Jim and Mitch… defense minded and has rings that Kobe and any other Laker player would respect… er… Byron Scott..

      Kevin’s first year with UConn 20–10 10-8 in conference. Coaching football is different than basketball… Avoid a backlash??? Yes don’t hire Byron Scott and watch a backlash… Matter of fact Kevin Ollie isn’t even on the Lakers list…

  • Tyrone

    BREAKING NEWS:Kevin Ollie still has not signed his contract with Huskies.Lakers must move in and sign him up this is a huge opportunity for the Lakers to hire a great Head Coach and a leader of men we need leadership and a championship coach that will fight for us and help us win games.Hire Kevin Ollie hurry up.

    • LAstory

      They are finalizing the deal now… 5 years 15.4 million, the Lakers aren’t hiring a coach with no experience, 1 successful year with players he didn’t recruit… and pay him more than Kerr and more to what SVG is being paid at 5 years 30 million. Matter of fact, the Lakers don’t even have Kevin Ollie on their list.

  • Chrmngblly

    Wouldn’t that be nice?