Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Wants To Stay With Lakers Long-Term

Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Wants To Stay With Lakers Long-Term


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With plenty speculation heading toward the NBA trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers appeared ready to pull the trigger on multiple deals. Although it seems as though the Lakers were prepared to clean house, only one deal was made with Steve Blake being dealt to the Golden State Warriors.

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As a result of the trade, the Lakers acquired Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks. Both are promising young players, but many believed they were only half-season rentals.

According to Jeff Caplan of, Bazemore is sold on staying with the Lakers long-term. Bazemore said the following about the prospect of staying in Los Angeles while playing alongside Kobe Bryant:

Shoot, that would be a dream come true, and with the track record he has, the body of work he has, I would be all ears. For a guy who’s been through everything he’s been through, playing half of his life in this league, winning multiple championships, why not listen? If I got to go against him every day, I know I’m not cheating myself, so I would look forward to it. In all honesty, I don’t think he’s that tough to play with. If he demands a lot, he just wants to be great. You can’t really knock that.

With the Lakers in rebuild mode heading into this summer, Bazemore returning next season is a likely scenario. It remains to be seen what moves will be made in the off-season as it appears the Lakers will focus on the free-agent class of 2015 rather than going all-out this summer, but Bazemore being retained is a possibility.

As for Brooks, there’s been no indication if the guard wants to return or if the Lakers are interested in keeping him.
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  • Jason Decker

    Bazemore has been pretty good offensively and defensively. I think he would be great off the bench. I think next year based on who the Lakers have right now they should look to have a depth chart like this:

    Open -PF/Kelly

    I think logically they can keep these guys and I say keep Johnson and Bazemore mainly for defense and Marshall coming off bench to provide the ability to pass to these quick guys up and down the floor. Farmar and Meeks in the starting lineup for shooting around Kobe and Gasol. They need a quality starting power forward that can get rebounds

    • Maro Malig

      where is NICK YOUNG?AND XAVIER?

      • billy

        lmao right hahaha

      • Jason Decker

        There is a log jam at Guard/Forward and you have to pick and choose. Bazemore and Johnson are there for defensive purposes. Meeks and Farmar stay for three point shooting. They cannot put Johnson at PF and expect to win next year. They need solid rebounding and defense. Johnson can guard the wing player solid but has trouble with bigger 4s

    • ahmzie24

      can we include young in your line???,, but I totally agree with you,, farmar didn’t had the chance to play with kobe this season and i know they will bw great if that happens next season.

    • crazyp

      Wow where did you get meeks in small forward from. He would be a weakness in the line up. Small forward its either going to be johnson amd nick young behind him or xavier and young . But that’s if they don’t fire d’antony.

    • calieagle

      meeks at sg nick young/kent bazemore at sf and wes johnson at pf

    • Chrmngblly


    • truth24

      That lineup won’t get us past first round playoffs. What the he’ll do you want Lakers to play for….

    • truth24

      It seems like you just started watching basketball this year really. Kobe needs more help then that I’m serious

      • Jason Decker

        I was looking realistically at what the Lakers could salvage off of the current team. They are log jammed at Guard, so you have to pick and choose and the reason Johnson and Bazemore stay is for defensive purposes. They will be getting a high draft pick which will factor in and some money for a decent free agent, but I do not think they are getting a marquee name. I could throw any line up out there that could be a contender by looking at the free agent class and assume who they draft, but I was trying to look realistically who they could keep from this years team.

        • truth24

          I know I’m tired of seeing these guys losing yet I’m still paying for twc just to watch them play. This losing is affecting my cable bills. I’m so fed up

  • Kenneth Robinson

    I like this kid already. This the kind of player that is worthy to wear the purple and gold. When players want to be on the team, they will play hard and give their all. If he has the right work ethic, he would be a nice addition.

    • vdogg

      well written. couldn’t agree more.

    • Jim213

      Agree, however, going with Farmar, X Henry (possibly), Brooks, Bazemore,
      Hill, Sacre (signed for next yr), and Meeks.

      • truth24

        henry, bazemore, Brooks more like d league players to me. Sacre sucks, already seen what hill and Meeks can do which still not good enough. Farmar is the better of them all. Not gonna win a championship with these guys in 2-3 years. I don’t know how far you want to get with those guys. You will see for yourself in years to come. THEY ALL SUCK

        • Jim213

          These players will mostly come off off the bench as FO needs to find some starters IMO. But there’s always un-guaranteed contracts or trades before the trade deadline that could take place too.

          They’re not going to waive all of the players on this year’s roster. But best to keep the ones who show more promise than the one’s who fail to put an effort on both sides of the floor.

          They’d still need to acquire a starting PG, 2 PF’s, and another Center to improve for next season. Trade the ones who aren’t cutting it before the trade deadline next season while bettering the odds of attracting a star player come 2015 b/c this current roster always struggles aside of being bad for BRAND morale.

  • Tim Stafford

    Draft and FA along with coaching change possibly, still a long way to go. I like the idea of keeping Bazemore, along with Wesley Johnson. Henry is a wild card. Kelly might be a keeper. We need to decide in Nash, Hill, and Gasol. I would like to see all 3 come back, as we need veteran presence. Brooks might be there. Not sure Marshall comes back, and Farmar has been pretty good.

    • Jim213

      Where’s Johnson been all year?… (inconsistent). X has more upside.

    • Kay Carter

      brooks over marshall??? when we are already short at tha pg spot???? Marshall is coming back

  • Maro Malig

    Keep Nick, Baze, Farmar, Marsh, Johnson, and Xavier then we are all set :)

    • Kïd Špłãšh


      • Kay Carter


  • hookedonnews

    Bazemore is definitely someone they should think about keeping. He’s young and already a decent defender with a good offensive game. Glad he wants to stay.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Bazemore,Xavier,Meeks,Johnson,Farmar,&Attempt to get young.Draft Exum . Then 2015 Klove,& Jimmy Butler. Lance this year&Greg Monroe,&Isaiah Thomas&Thaddeous Young for Bench

    Jimmy. Butler
    Greg Monroe

    Bench:Bazemore Farmar, Meeks, Young, Johnson, Xavier, Lance, Thaddeous, Thomas &Sacre

    • truth24

      Wow most have no playoff experience . That’s a horrible fucking lineup

    • Kay Carter

      Farmer-Kobe-Ariza(or deng)-Pau-Embiid

      2015: Go for Love, Irving or Rondo, Asik

  • ohyeah

    2015 Lakers Line Up.

    Kobe Bryant

    Derrick Favors

    Rudy Gay

    Kevin Love

    Ramon Sessions

    • nilly

      sessions? what the fuck crack rocks are you smoking?? haha

    • Kay Carter

      dude put down the weed lol nd you ps3 controller down….no way this is possible

  • truth24


  • truth24

    These dumb as Lakers fans with there sorry ass Lineups have no idea what the duck they are talking about

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The FO just needs to keep Kent Bazemore.We need his defense and high intensity and energy out on the court.The FO needs players with cheap contracts that can produce for the team.Kent Bazemore is a great guy and a keeper for the Buss Kids.

  • Isaiah Leon

    Bring back Farmar, Young, Bazemore, Hill, Xavier, Brooks, Johnson. Draft Jabari Parker. Sign a good coach like Carl or Hollins or somebody really good at coaching. 2015 sign Kevin Love or Irving. For this summer sign Isaiah Thomas and a center. 2014-2015 lineup

    PG: Isaiah Thomas/ Farmar
    SG: Bryant/ Brooks/ Bazemore
    SF: Parker/ Young/ Xavier
    PF: Hill/ Johnson/ Kelly
    C: FA/ Sacre

  • A1 SteakSAWS

    2014 Lakers line up!!!!

    Chris Paul/tony Parker
    Kobe / Dwayne wade
    LeBron / magic Johnson
    Derrick favors/ Kevin love
    Dwight Howard/ Joakim Noah

    Our 6th man will be Mike Conley!!!

    Next years is ours!!!!!!!