Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Out For Season With Torn Tendon In Foot Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="211"] Ever since being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kent Bazemore has had an opportunity to showcase his talents to the NBA and impres [new_royalslider id="211"] Ever since being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kent Bazemore has had an opportunity to showcase his talents to the NBA and impres Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Out For Season With Torn Tendon In Foot

Ever since being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kent Bazemore has had an opportunity to showcase his talents to the NBA and impress Lakers fans along the way.

Unfortunately for Bazemore, his season will end now as an MRI has revealed a torn tendon in his foot according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

This is the second surgery revelation of the day as the Lakers also announced that Xavier Henry will undergo surgery on Friday on his wrist and knee.

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Bazemore has been one of the better surprises of the Lakers season. After spending the last year and a half seeing minimal court time for the Golden State Warriors, Bazemore has averaged 13 points, three rebounds, and three assists in 23 games for the Lakers.

Bazemore has been excellent for the Lakers, whether starting or coming off the bench. He is excellent at attacking the basket and has shown off his passing ability recently, stepping up his assists in the last 10 games.

This Lakers team is full of players who were looking to prove that they belong in the NBA and Bazemore is the shining example of that.

With Bazemore and Henry both out, expect Wesley Johnson and MarShon Brooks to see a lot more minutes. The Lakers are also expecting Jordan Farmar back for tomorrow’s game against the Houston Rockets so he could each see more minutes as a result.
Lakers vs. Mavericks: Kent Bazemore, Injuries Seem ‘Contagious,’ Talks Clippers

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  • Lakers Fan

    Of course. Another injury. Oh well. He’s been one of the better players on the roster this year who never took a play off or played down to our overall record. He is good on both sides of the ball, and has proved why he is worth keeping. In all honesty, I would rather we keep him, Jodie, and Henry due to the fact that they play on both sides of the ball(although Jodie has to be more consistent on the defensive side and Henry has to stay healthy). Young only cares about offense, and will ask for much more so we should let him go. Our main focus now should be retaining players who have proven themselves, and Bazemore is one of them.

    • Jim213

      Agree, he has more of an all around game and will likely not hurt the wallet in resigning him down the road.

      • Lakers Fan

        Agreed. We need proven defensive, and two way players going forward. Plus those players won’t hurt our pockets, Jodie only being the possible exception. He has expressed how bad he wants to come back, so hopefully we give him a nice contract but don’t overpay like we’ve recently been doing(Kobe,Nash).

        • Jim213

          Who would you like to see return out of the roster?

          • Lakers Fan

            Meeks, Bazemore, Henry(if he can stay healthy), Farmar(if he can stay healthy), Kelly(played better than expected as a 2nd round rookie), and Hill if we can afford him. Johnson started off playig well, but his play declined throughout the season. He can be brough back as an emegency type player if one of the players ahead of him on the depth chart gets injuried. He also is a defensive minded player and wont cost much. Brooks never really got the chance to prove himself, so he likely wont be brought back. I would say Marshall too, but he is an awful offensive and defensive player. Outside of assist, he doesnt bring anything else. Maybe if he is willing to be a third screen point guard he is worth looking at. Those players mentioned would be a solid second unit that brings defense and offense. This way we only have to address the starting pg, c, and sf position. I think they will resign Pau if MDA is fired and he is willing to take a smaller salary. That would shore up the starting pf position. And with Kobe back and healthy the sg postion will be shored up as well.

        • SWAGGYP

          MEEKS IF NO MORE THAN 2 mil.

  • Erman

    “It was an overuse injury from playing six minutes to 35 minutes,” Bazemore said
    Direct quote from Kent Bazemore Per Mark Medina Inside The Lakers.

    I am demanding Mike D’Antoni be fired effective immediately a firing must imminent at this time.Too many injuries attributed to Mike D’Antoni has cost the Lakers millions upon millions of dollars and the bright futures of certain players.This is a soft fan base we need to voice our displeasure with the Lakers Management and also lets get more fans involved in wanting Mike D’Antoni fired.The Lakers will be facing bankruptcy if Mike D’Antoni continues coaching the Lakers.Imagine if the Lakers draft Andrew Wiggins and Mike decides to overuse him and he tears a ACL and is never the same again.Yes it’s time to pull the plug on Mike D’Antoni.No star free agent is coming to this mess.

    • Jim213

      LOL but there may be some merit to this being not giving players time to adapt somewhat gradually to the heavy minutes which can wear a player down given Mike’s offensive style.

      Look at what happened to Kobe close to 25+ minutes a night rather than bring him back gradually given his injury and as a result gets another injury given his lack of high level conditioning.

      DP: The coach has nothing to do with the injuries. smh (pun)

      • Erman

        Yeah man i am livid at Mike D’Antoni because Kent Bazemore is one of my favorite people in the entire NBA,he is a great guy.A tireless worker and a team player that plays defense hard.My hope is that Mike D’Antoni gets fired and removed by Security lol.

        • Daryl Peek

          WOW!! Bazemore twisted his ankle but MDA overused was conditioned 22 year old player?!?

          • Darren

            Tore a ligament old timer.Get the facts right please.Quit defending that asshole or else stop commenting on here.You are not a true fan,must be a Lakers Hater disguised as a Lakers Fan.Keep it real man.

          • Daryl Peek

            Miss me with your condescending advice!! I don’t have time for internet tuff guys.

          • Jim213

            Don’t get me wrong don’t blame the coach entirely for the injuries. But something has to give here give ALL the injuries. Otherwise, if it’s the players themselves what’s the point of bringing them back next season? But can’t argue with player’s who know themselves.

          • imbwar

            Jim, the doctor who performed the MRI on the torn tendon in Kent’s foot, Jordan hamstring’s, Nick’s knee said that all these injuries are due to the “style of play” we aren’t making this up…it’s the doctors words…

          • Jim213

            IMO, 50/50 with regards to blaming the coach’s style of offense entirely. The style is being played globally but the issue for me is that it’s too much of a coincidence given all the injuries. It may come down to training/practice regimen that may take it’s toll if players are expected to go at it 100%.

          • lakers_824

            MDA has to overuse bazemore because he already worn everyone else out….WE just got bazemore and look what happened to him? Since dantoni came to LA at the beg of last year their is not one player on the lakers who has not been injured. I though last year was a nightmare but this year has been even worse in terms of injuries.

    • Lakers Fan

      I try not to make too much of D’Antoni’s system being the reason for all of these injuries, but it’s odd how injury plagued we have been under his coaching. Other teams use his system, yet they didn’t have nearly as many injuries as we did. These last two years have been awful when it comes to injuries. I am kinda torn though because if you remember in the game where Kobe tore his Achilles, he hurt himself two times before that Achilles injury happened. That leaves you thinking what if he took him out the game after the second injury would that have prevented him from tearing his Achilles? I don’t know, but I do know that his system requires players who can run. He also plays them out of position too much. And he do overuse players A LOT, Kobe first coming back off the injury being an example. So maybe it is him, I don’t know. All I know is D’Antoni has got to go. There is no way I can handle another bad, injury plagued season under him.

      • Erman

        Yes gradually assert a player into the rotation and prepare the players body for the longer minutes and the style of a very fast pace.It’s very difficult to play a run and gun style no matter how young a player is.Injuries are a given under Mike D’Antoni.Oh i love Kent Bazemore he is a terrific player but we gotta preserve another devastating injury to perhaps Andrew Wiggins or whoever we draft in the top of the lottery.

        Mike D’Antoni is not the right coach IMO.Slow the pace down and manage the minutes much better then a new head coach is needed for the Lakers.Defense is where the Lakers need the most coaching and management of minutes is the other top priority for the new coach hopefully.

        • Lakers Fan

          This the same with the Lakers last year. If we had slowed the pace down and played inside out, we would have been much better, and less injury plagued, than we were. This year we gave him the players that he want, but he overplayed them resulting in injuries. Those injuries led to other players having to play out of position leading to more injuries. He was so hell bent on this small bad s*** that he completely alienated the big men, and we see how many games the big men missed due to injury compared to the wing players.

  • Erman

    Lakers need to stop protecting Mike D’Antoni he should be ousted.

  • Daryl Peek

    Bazemore twisted his ankle so blame D’Antoni. O_O

    • Darren

      Twisted ankle my ass.Kent Bazemore tore a tendon in his foot that will require surgery.Also Kent Bazemore has said it was a injury due to overuse Per Mark Medina.

      • Daryl Peek

        If you watched the game you saw him twist his ankle, PERIOD. It happens. Bazemore has never played that many minutes in his career but was not about to complain about it, as he also said. You people kill me with you BS?

        • imbwar

          Daryl Kent had a MRI and tore a tendon in his foot… and the doctor who performed the mri assumed it was the system that he was playing in…MDA flawed system is taking out our players left and right…

  • purp& goldpride

    Another one bites the dust..

    That’s the run n gun that the Lakers wanted right?
    Please Lakers goo after kevin ollie only making 1.2 million at uconn, he went to crenshaw high and Lakers nation will embrace him

    • Durant

      Yes i endorse Kevin Ollie as the Lakers next Head Coach.

  • vdogg

    i feel for the guy. he gives it his all out there on both ends and he really enjoys being a laker. i want him back in the purple and gold next year.

  • truth24

    Lol gullible laker fans

  • KOBE24


  • Lakers4Life

    Haha! And yet another injury under Dumbtoni, the worst coach in NBA Lakers history. I wonder what kind of rubbish all his cocksuckers are gonna come up with now lol.

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