Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Grew Up ‘Idolizing’ Kobe Bryant

Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Grew Up ‘Idolizing’ Kobe Bryant


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With the Lakers set to face the Celtics tonight at Staples Center, newly acquired guards MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore are set to play in their first game as a member of the purple and gold. For one player it seems that playing on the same team as Kobe Bryant is a dream come true.

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According to ESPN Los Angeles Writer Dave McMenamin, Bazemore grew up ‘idolizing’ the five-time champion:

With Kobe being one of, if not the best player in the past decade, it is understandable for Bazemore to have such respect for the five time champion. According to Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell, the idea of playing with Kobe excites Bazemore:

Bazemore has been known for his standout Summer League play, but has yet to make a real impact on an NBA team. Hopefully with a fresh start and some advice from a legend like Kobe, Bazemore can grow into the type of two-way player scouts were expecting him to be out of college.

Kobe has been known to take toward younger players in the past, such as Andrew Goudelock and Nick Young, in hopes of helping them expand their game. Bazemore is sure to feel anxious the first time he plays with Kobe, but if he puts the effort in, Kobe will be there to help Bazemore develop his game.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Most players grew up idolizing Kobe.I am interested to see how Kent Bazemore plays in the MDA system.He reminds me of Tony Allen on defense.He won NCAA defensive player of the year and he had a ton of press for his defense.I watched his Summer League games and dude can play.

    ODU is where he was a stud defender and a athletic player that got to the rim and dunked hard on fools.I hope he does great on the Lakers.He can be a backup combo guard i guess.Crazy thing is he is a player i wanted the Lakers to get in the 2013 Summer League and poof now he is here.I read that the Lakers are very high on him beyond this season.

  • Brooklyn In Da House

    Dats crazy dat scrub Bazemore idolized da big homie Kobe mayne ain’t dat some shit ya’ll.Foe realz Bazemore sucks he no good.All he do is cheerlead from da bench in his warmups come on now he just a goofy kid.He is terrible.Better not be playing he don’t deserve playing time ya’ll.

    But on da other hand MarShon Brooks is a balla mayne.MarShon plays better than Nick Young actually he is a lot better than Swaggy P ya’ll.No disrespect to da homieboy Swaggy P but truth is MarShon is more skilled and a much better all around playa.MarShon Brooks can easily be da starter at shooting guard for the Lakers in da absence of Kobe and Swaggy P.MarShon Brooks is way better than Jodie Meeks also he is much better than Wes Johnson.Ya Brooks got traded to Boston cuz dey wanted KG and DA TRUTH in Brooklyn so dey had to give up the youngsta MarShon to make da deal happen ya’ll.Otherwise Brooklyn would have kept him.Another thang dat messes wit MarShon was Joe Johnson being traded to Brooklyn he took his minutes ya’ll.Celtics never used MarShon right since he was injured and dey was tanking.

    Boi got traded and Warriors were not using since dey was set on a rotation and thangz like dat.Plus Mark Jackson da Warriors coach is a Christian goodie goodie and MarShon is not exactly a saint if u know what i mean ya’ll,so dat ish neva was going to work out for MarShon in da Bay Area.Lakers got dem selves a steal wit MarShon dey hustled him away from Warriors and dats dope.MarShon he a big league scorer and he gotz handles that are good he has a nice step back shot and he uses da glass to his advantage nailing bank shots he call glass 24/7 yall.Well he is athletic as hell he get to da rack and he slam it in and he just lays it in.He a great finisher at da rim above da rim.

    Can slash and cut to da hoop and he is good at knocking down shots from outside and ya he pass da ball.Makes free throws he has a fro like Kobe had one back in da day fam.He just needs playing time da homie MarShon needs minutes around 30-35 to show ya’ll dat he bout it bout it.Ya’ll gunna enjoy diss homeboy MarShon Brooks foe realz.

    • that one guy

      lol wtf

    • nlruizjr

      How in the hell did you get past the 3rd grade ?????

  • Brooklyn In Da House

    MarSon Brooks is gunna do it big in LA ya’ll mark my words.

  • Jim213

    Marshon Brooks:

    “I was excited, I grew up a Lakers fan and a big Kobe Bryant fan. I’m just excited to get to work. It’s a great tradition, a lot of winning. Just look around at the banners, but the main thing is the fans just appreciate hard work.”

    “When they see someone going out there who dives for loose balls. The team isn’t winning right now, but if we can just go out there and try to play with high intensity, we can let them know that we play hard.”


    Lakers i don’t think ya’ll ready for MarShon Brook this boy going to turn up da joint.Bazemore is so for real he is a,fierce defender and he is a dope finisher.


    My prediction is that all ya’ll Lakers fans will fall in love with Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks.Last 28 games i predict in the D’Antoni offense MarShon Brooks will average 20 points a game and be the starter.Bazemore will be a big time contributor ya’ll he will be the next Michael Cooper with his long freakish arms and big wingspan boy he got hops mayne.Da homies in the Bay Area call him Air Baze.Both will be re-signed by the Lakers next season and you all lucky to have them both enjoy Bazemore and Shon Shon.MarShon Brooks is better than Swaggy P and J.J. Redick on the real he is very talented and i predict he will be top 5 at his position within 2 years ya’ll.Peace to all ya’ll peeps.

    • Chrmngblly

      Michael Cooper. That’s what I said, too. Coop was an assassin on defense.

  • richard

    I am sad that many fans express negative comments about the trade… I thought we got a really good talent in Brooks and Bazemore, and got athletic and young as well.. isn’t that what we have been crying for? I know Blake plays hard and is an experienced veteran, that’s why GS wanted him. But he is also expendable with the immergence of Marshal at the point and with Farmar, we are good in that position which we didn’t have for a long time. We only need to add another top level talent in Free agency, not necessarily franchise level players in the mold of Deng and Monroe.