Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Struggles in First Game with Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers are without three point guards, and as a result, the front office went out and signed Kendall Marshall from the D-League. Marshall has st The Los Angeles Lakers are without three point guards, and as a result, the front office went out and signed Kendall Marshall from the D-League. Marshall has st Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Struggles in First Game with Lakers

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Kendall-MarshallThe Los Angeles Lakers are without three point guards, and as a result, the front office went out and signed Kendall Marshall from the D-League.

Marshall has struggled since being drafted by the Phoenix Suns, but the Lakers are hoping he can help as the other players rehab from their respective injuries. The former North Carolina Tar Heel point guard made his first appearance as a Laker on Saturday night, but his debut was mediocre at best.

In about six minutes of play, Marshall scored three points, but had four turnovers with a plus/minus of -1. After the game, Marshall spoke to reporters and talked about his performance against the Warriors.

The Lakers are having problems getting the offense going and there is little Marshall can do in the immediate future to fix that. It will take some time for the guard to fully understand the system and become a reliable player for the team off the bench. Nevertheless, Jordan Farmar will be getting back on the court soon and he will surely help Marshall transition into this new situation.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    He played 6 minutes and he turned the ball over 4 times.He will get better i promise.

    • jhernandez1981

      cant get any worse

  • Al Haldie

    What could u expect, only being there for 2 days ,all the team looked like they had never played with each other—he will be ok, even swag. was having problems just one of those nites…

  • Marty Susman

    Well from what I saw he was really quick & if he would not have turned the ball over he would have been fine… I am sure after he relax’s he will be ok. The question is not if he will be ok but will he be the player that was drafted so high, thats the question….I hope so, it would be funny if in fact he was a diamond in the rough & all of a sudden he became really good….

    • jeremy

      he wont start but when he did for the suns he was avging a crazy number like 12 assist a game. so we just got to give him time and his skills will show

      • Daryl Peek

        Stretching those assist numbers a bit man. He had three good assist games last season. I hope the kid has something in him, time will tell though. MDA is the type of HC to give you a chance.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          The kid Kedall Marhall played only 6 minutes and 3 of those minutes were mop up duty in garbage time.He will get much better in due time.Kendall is a good young player he just needs a chance to play some minutes and also he must adapt to the Lakers system.MDA is the coach and Kendall seems willing to put in work to make it.

          But back to MDA giving dudes a chances to play,well i wish MDA was the coach when Gerald Green was on the training camp roster since he would have fit the MDA offense perfectly.

          Gerald is a slasher he cuts to the hoop also he is very athletic and make the 3 ball with accuracy.We will see Gerald tomorrow on the Suns.

          Gerald has been lighting it up all season long,tomorrow he will be given extra motivation to prove the Lakers he can play.He got cut by Mike Brown a couple years back SMH.

          • Daryl Peek

            Green is finally having a decent season. Not great just decent. Swaggy is playing much better IMO.

            Green is very inconsistent and makes bad decisions at times. This is a career long issue that’s not completely fixed. Remember the log jam we had at SF that season? Luke, Matt Barnes & Metta none of which were gonna get cut. Also Keep in mind Mike brown liked Ebanks who showed up big time when Kobe was hurt at the end of that season against OKC and the Spurs.

            Hind sight is always 20/20. Green is not better than the SF’s we currently have. BTW, I too liked Green and would loved for Brown to keep him but I understood.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            You overvalue our guys man.Gerald Green is better than Devin Ebanks,Luke Walton,Matt Barnes and i never said he was better than Nick Young i said at the time we should have kept him was a easy decision.

            Gerald is seriously helping the Suns out a lot this season,not just going by his stats but i have actually watched the Suns play some games and my friend watches their games since he is a fan of the Suns and man Gerald Green is playing a major role on a good Suns team.Very athletic and he is getting after it on defense.

            I like Wesley Johnson but that kid just can’t score bro,he can’t throw it in the ocean a lot of the time but Wesley does play very good defense most the time and after that we don’t really have a Small Forward.I like Wesley and i say keep him but he is far from a great offensive player,he has regressed as a offensive player as a Laker,last season his last 2 months he averaged 13 points per game in Phoenix.

            Actually watch out for Gerald Green tonight he is having a very good season averaging 13 PPG he has a 14.05 PER. has improved his jump shot a lot.Gerald is still young only 27 years old and he has found a home on The Phoenix Suns/

          • Daryl Peek

            I think you undervalue our guys. Green was not better than any of those Lakers at the time so it was in no way an easy decision man. Come on now? Green was out of the league when we signed him at the time. He was borderline garbage as a player coming in looking for a second chance.

            Again hind sight is 20/20. You’ve got to keep the facts in timeline context.

            Green is still very inconsistent as a player. He’s improved tremendously but was not that dude in 2011.

  • jeremy

    well no surprise there this isnt the d league and he hasnt had any time to get use to his teammates

  • Sti1lmatic

    Star struck and not used to LA.

  • Rico Jones

    I like KM, he’s a solid point guard especially under the right system, he would thrive better under Phil Jackson or Jason Kidd’s coaching

  • Peter

    He is balding. I dont like him

  • Bak

    He’ll be just fine.Not like he is Magic Johnson nor were we expecting him to be nor come right in and run a system that he has not and just got here.I feel after a few practice’s will do pretty well.

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