Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Says ‘Not Fun’ The Way Team Has Played

Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Says ‘Not Fun’ The Way Team Has Played


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A few months ago, Kendall Marshall was still playing in the D-League with an uncertain future. Despite being a former lottery pick, Marshall still had to prove himself in order to get back in the NBA.

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Fortunately, Marshall got a second chance with the Los Angeles Lakers and has made the best of his opportunity. Although Marshall has turned a lot of heads and may have a long-term future with the Lakers, the North Carolina alum isn’t having fun right now due to the team’s recent struggles according to Mike Trudell of

With the Lakers losing six of the last seven games, the team is really struggling to play consistently well and as a result, the team is starting to look toward the off-season. Los Angeles will likely have a high draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and considerable cap space to bring in new talent over the summer.

Marshall may be one of the few players that will be returning next season. The second-year point guard has played extremely well since being signed by the Lakers in December and seems to have earned the right to come back.

The former D-Leaguer signed a non-guaranteed two-year deal with the Lakers and has made a strong case to be retained. Depending on if the Lakers draft a point guard like Australian phenom Dante Exum, Marshall will likely return next season.
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  • NickOld

    Good job speaking up for the team Kendall. I like how you play team ball and dig in on the defensive end, like the time you defended the 3 pt line and allow Nick Young to battle the swarming Suns players under the basket. KM FTW!!

  • Daryl Peek

    This is what happens when the FO trades a glue player like Blake. I’ve said I don’t like tanking and what it does to the character of a team. Chemistry was already fragile with all of the rotation change due all of the injuries. Now the character of the team is completely lost as the heart is gone.

    Yes they are playing for nothing playoff wise but too much character damage can have a long lasting effect. Who brings it back to the collective toughness now? How are those that come back gonna respond given they will likely be on short term deals again as the FO has professed they are not planning to spend the house on 2014 free agency, and want cap flexibility for 2015 and beyond?

    I know many will say I’m reaching with the Blake as a martyr theme but we’ve seen the collective meddle of this team tested on multiple occasions this season with the waiving of certain key character players like Williams coupled with the totality of all the injuries. They fought best they could through most of the injuries. The Blake trade was the straw that broke the spirit of this team. The featuring of Brooks and Bazemore has just created a D-League mindset on the team. I’ve gotta get mine now for next seasons contract…

    This is why Nick Young refused an MRI check up and tried to rush back. It’s also why Kobe said he’s trying to stay disconnected from all the losing and not take it in.

    • Daryl Peek

      Gasol is on the verge of complete indifference and there will be articles that point towards the decision making of D’Antoni in featuring Bazemore and Brooks in this small ball extravaganza. This one is absolutely not on him. He has to see what we have in the two new additions. This is classic FO induced tanking.

      • e3bonz

        It’s seems only Pau, Farmar and KM care enough to speak out.

        • Daryl Peek

          I appreciate their heart in the candor but their words will be spun so many different ways going forward and most of it will not be positive for the collective effort of rebuilding character the rest of this season.

          And it is the remnant of that I fear most going forward…

          This is the tankers divide and concur that can destroy a teams immediate future, and more often than not create a long term problem of tankers return going forward.

          • vdogg

            i honestly don’t mind all the losing if two things happen as a result — first, we get as good of a pick as we can in what should be a phenomenal draft. secondly, we get rid of the coach and his staff and bring in a new voice. if we do both of these things, the stench of losing can be alleviated relatively quickly.

          • Daryl Peek

            Possible but now you have created another complete rebuilding ground zero point. At some point you have to stick with the coach you have. This situation is not due to the voice of the current coach. If it was I’d completely agree.

            Repeat offender tankers are teams that change coaches constantly. Who’s philosophy are we gonna get in coaching change that will renew and invigorate this team next season or 2015 before Kobe’s done?

            A new coach will likely mean different type of players he prefers. There’s no way many of these guys are not coming back. This is the problem of non continuity.

          • vdogg

            i understand what you’re saying, but every team goes through a re-building period at one point or another. these are the lakers — chances are they won’t be down for long. i wouldn’t want to get a new coach every season or two either, but d’antoni was never the right fit even without all the injuries. this is still kobe’s team and kobe does not fit the d’antoni system. i would love to see byron scott get a shot — he is a helluva coach and he and kobe have a great relationship. what if the lakers get the first of second pick? this could be the PERFECT time to change the course of the franchise with a coach that the team respects and the fan base can really get behind. it’s gonna be a pivotal offseason.

          • Daryl Peek

            The problem with what you’re saying is the assumption the team does not respect D’Antoni. Does he have personal conflict with some of the players? Yes, but Phil had conflict with many of the Lake Show cast. One could say Bynum absolutely had no respect for Phil. His recent admission of not being close to anyone left on the team is telling.

            As a whole most of this roster respects MDA. This is why they’ve fought all season. No coach could’ve done a better job with all of this. I’m not saying MDA is the man for the job but I’m not trying to pull the rug from under him unfairly either due to a personal preference bias.

            I liked Del Harris the same way I like MDA as a coach. Neither is championship proven but they served their purpose in grooming teams and players. This is where were at right now. The same place the Clippers were with Vinny Del Negro or the Bulls were before Thibs.

            I just believe we’ve got to build some kind of momentum before we keep blowing it up every five minutes. The FO has invested too much time and effort into getting MDA type players, recent additions included.

          • vdogg

            point taken, and as i said mike d cannot be blamed for the injuries. but i just can’t help but feel that there is rumbling in the locker room about inconsistent PT and/or positional changes. i personally would love to see another coach next season. and as for your contention that the FO has invested too much time getting “MDA type players”, it’s really not a problem. remember, the lakers don’t have to bring back a lot of these guys in the fall.

          • Daryl Peek

            I would say it would be foolish to try and do a complete overhaul of the roster. This is something no team does and the new CBA makes that even more dubious.

          • vdogg

            the lakers purposely got guys for this season on one year deals so as to increase their flexibility this summer. it had been the plan of the FO all along.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed but it was not for the purpose of a complete roster overhaul. I know you don’t believe many of these guys wont be back? That was the plan also. This is why Kupchak said they are not gonna spend all of the cap flexibility.

          • vdogg

            i think he said that because he knows that the biggest FA the lakers are targeting — and the one they have the best chance of landing — is kevin love. as everyone knows, love’s contract isn’t up for another year.

          • Daryl Peek

            I really don’t think they have a specific target in future free agency. There’s way too much fantasy GM speculation going on. They likely are taking the Jerry West approach… “The best way to acquire elite talent in free agency is to wait for other teams to make mistakes.”

            We’ve made a few mistakes recently but the poker face seems to be back on. West and Buss made mistakes also. Barkley was a target in 91 they missed out on. I can name a few others too.

          • vdogg

            LOL seems as if you’re going out of your way to disagree with my points. no worries. i actually enjoy reading your posts, despite not always agreeing with the content. one thing we can both agree on is that we are laker fans. onward and upward.

          • Daryl Peek

            I do love debates LOL

          • vdogg

            yes, i can tell. but just because that’s true doesn’t mean that you have to be ‘devil’s advocate’ on everything someone else says. there can be some agreement in a debate. just a piece of constructive criticism for ya. and remember, the lakers next year are on the hook for nash (who might be stretched), sacre (who makes peanuts) and kobe. that is IT. “complete roster overhaul”? LOL. please. if they wanted to change coaches/philosophies, it would be very easy. you yourself said that kobe could adapt to any system, right?

          • Daryl Peek

            I don’t think it’s wise from the stand point of knowing several of these FO hand picked MDA types will be returning and the fact that it’s not something you’ve seen done.

            I think it’s clear the FO is vested into MDA. D’Antoni is not even my first choice as Lakers HC. I prefer an old school inside out game. I just don’t engage in the pile on bias of saying the guy is and has been a complete bum.

          • vdogg

            i never said he was a complete bum. he’s not. the guy can coach. i just feel like he is not the right fit. besides, the only real ‘hand picked’ guy on the squad that is a specific d’antoni player would be ryan kelly, a prototypical stretch 4. all the others could adapt to something different. for God’s sake, he has 6-6 wes johnson playing PF! mike d is a good coach. just not for the lakers. now would be a great time to make it a clean break and bring in someone new.

          • Kay Carter

            i agree d’antoni doesn’t know how to put together a good line-up, doesnt play such players like kaman nd hill bkuz he loves players like kelly nd pau smh….He isnt a fit for this team, he trying to force this team a style of play that doesn’t fit us……to have a new showtime team, we must have players that can play like the old showtime team…we just don’t have the talent

          • Chrmngblly

            Peek is a worshipper. Disregard anything he says. He probably got a tiny white coat and a plastic stethoscope from the online university that authorizes him to do these sort of sports team diagnosis. Just ignore Daryl.

          • Daryl Peek

            BTW, Kobe fits any kind of offensive system. His talent is transcendent in basketball as his greatest strength is adaptation. Saying he does not fit the D’Antoni system is saying he’s only a triangle player so to speak. B. Scott ran an uptempo offense in Jersey, NO and Cleveland.

    • e3bonz

      I’ve got to agree about Blake and Williams. There’s not a lot of team playing, just jack up shots.

      • afs

        What can you expect tho? Jacking up shots is sort of in the system…

        • Daryl Peek

          But the system in not being run properly. The D’Antoni system also employs a ton of ball movement that usually leads to much more assist. Were not seeing any ball movement now. Marshall and Farmar are at season lows in assists. Every man is for himself and that’s not D’Antoni ball.

          • afs

            D’Antoni’s ball seemingly works mostly in transition. And we’re not playing D or grabbing rebounds so we can’t even get into our offense. Therefore, we’re stuck in half court sets where either: Nick Young Iso, Pau Gasol “post up” or some guy jacking up a three which is not a high percentage shot.

          • Daryl Peek

            D’Antoni ball is about pace but it also has half court plays and presence to it. It’s not all run and gun. The floor spacing component with the shooters is more about keeping the paint open for the PG and another player to PNR or pick and pop. You also have back door cuts that result in lob dunks or lay ups and he’s allowed Pau and Kaman to play a post up game with a kick out option to three point shooters or someone on the dive to the front of the rim.

            Too many people try to short sell all that this offense entails. Execution is on the players and is often driven by the collective energy of the leaders on the floor or floor general. This is what MDA means by ball finds energy.

            Offensive efficiency or lack there of can hurt the defense. Many argue this with me as they see defense as pure hustle an effort. When you don’t execute offensively you give the opposition more offensive possessions and that in turn creates a 4-5 point swing between possessions depending on if they get a 2 or 3 point shot.

            Marinate on the for a minute….

            We blocked 12 shots tonight. The defense was not that bad (except for the third quarter) but the work on the boards was atrocious all game and all the shots missed offensively can be deflating, third quarter also. Being in that me first offensive mindset is why some spoke out.

          • Daspin

            And that’s the problem. The Lakers need to play basketball using a system which maximizes it’s roster. When are coaches going to learn that it’s not about playing their system but playing their personnel smarter. This is basketball, the game is not complicated at all.

          • Daryl Peek

            Do you remember what Gasol said the other day when asked about Brooks and Bazemore seeming to seamlessly fit right into the D’Antoni system, having not even practiced with the team yet, as we beat the Celtricks? Every new player the FO has brought in has fared well. Even Howard bitching ass had success in the offense last season. MDA is more flexible than you’re giving him credit. If he was not Hill would not have sniffed the early season success he did. Kaman and Sacre were there. Kelly and Johnson were healthy. If MDA was dead set on stretch 4, again Hill would not have earned the coming best payday of his career under MDA.

          • Daspin

            Daryl, I’m still waiting for you to make sense. Hopefully for our sake it’s soon.

          • Daryl Peek

            “Tonight you saw two guys both get their season highs and they haven’t had a practice how did they do it?” –Lakers Reporter

            “Just energy. Our system is wide open, I mean it’s just about playing ball there’s not really too many complicated things about it out there, and guys just moved the ball, they were aggressive, they were confident, I can tell they were hungry for an opportunity, they got the opportunity and they did well.” –Pau Gasol

            Even Kaman (who seems to have major beef with MDA) praised D’Antoni and his system for maximizing and being flexible in enabling players to thrive in it.

            I’m waiting for your rebuttal that proves my nonsense. My Gasol reference completely obliterated your MDA system take.

            Losing can take a toll on a team and cause finger pointing. The team was projected 12th seed if healthy, that’s including Kobe. How is MDA not maximizing the roster when he’s gotten all of the said production out of players that would and have been bench warmers at best elsewhere? And did I forget to mention injuries to the bench level talent projected starters MDA had to work with?

            I addressed your take, you come back with a personal attack questioning mine?

          • Harley Knoxx

            Daryl? Pist! It’s me Harley. Kaman’s comments about MDA is lip service. He’s getting playing time and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his chances at getting a contract next season.
            I honestly believe D’Antoni is doing the best he can, he’s just not a very good coach If Tom Thibodeau is a free agent this offseason you can bet that Mitch will be making a call to Thibodeau’s agent. It would be foolish for the Laker front office not to. Thibodeau has dealt with the same issues D’Antoni has and had Deng traded away so what does that say about Thibodeau compared to D’Antoni? I know the Bulls are in the East but they still manage to win games. Thibodeau is doing an awesome job and should be considered for coach of the year.
            The reason for repeat tanker teams burning through coaches is, they’re repeat tankers with a track record of bad front office decisions. Those teams always hire young unproven or just flat out bad coaches. No way a high profile or up and coming coach will take a job with a dysfunctional team.

          • Kay Carter

            but gasol also bitched about Mike D’s system “But that’s why you have to be disciplined and implement discipline. That’s how you kind of make that better or make that not a factor. I don’t think there’s a lot of discipline right now.”

            “Teammates needed to be unselfish by making sure the ball was passed to an open player”

            “Let’s see what happens [Wednesday] if Wes continues to start or if we actually try to match up and utilize our size because we do have guys with size that can do well.”

            Anything positive Gasol says about MDA’s system lacks credibility bkuz at the same time he complains about it

          • Daryl Peek

            Yet when Gasol focuses, takes his own advice and just plays ball in the system he thrives in it? Phil punched Pau in the chest due to lack of focus and effort in being aggressive enough. The Gasoft label was born from lack of assertiveness on the court.

            “We didn’t always run the triangle plays. I added a little bit of my stuff to it Kobe added a little bit of his stuff to it. We just worked hard and made it work” –Shaq

            “Pau has to make some adjustments, obviously, to his game. He might not be posting up as much as he likes, but he just has to adjust.

            “The reality is, I’ve adjusted. I’ve never run this many screen-and-rolls in my entire life. But I’ve worked on it. I’ve worked on handling the ball; worked on coming off screens and making plays. I’m used to being in the post much, much more. You have to adjust; you have to master what it is we’re trying to do here. Pau’s talented enough and good enough to be able to do that.” […]

            “Put your big-boy pants on,” Kobe said with a trace of disgust in his voice. “C’mon … just adjust. You can’t whine about it or complain about it. Heck, I’m 34 years old, and I’m running screen-and-rolls out there because Steve is out, and my ass is running up and down the court more than I ever have in my entire career. But you have to adjust to it.” –Kobe

            Kobe and Shaq aren’t and never needed to be coddled in a specific system. Gasol’s is the leader of this team so instead of bitching about things he needs to take his own advice from the end of 2013 when he said effort and attitude was not gonna be a problem on his end anymore.

            Anytime Gasol whines it comes off like the boy who cried wolf. Put you big boy pants one and be the example on the court.

            Tonight will be interesting indeed. I’ll be mad if Wes Johnson is starting at PF. I understand the need to run small ball so you can see what Brooks and Bazemore have but tonight’s game needs to be about match ups.

          • Kay Carter

            My point was, when things go good…gasol praises MDA nd the system but when things look bad, he complains like a whiny girl….Gasol is a hypocrite so anything he says positive shouldn’t even be taking serious, would be pointless to even quote some1 like this about mda system nd as the leader of the team he lacks leadership…..same reason why i think he should nd needs to be traded even tho he a good player

            i believe MDA system can work, but if we have players against it and not playing their roles correctly, it wont work…i just think the coach (himself, not system) is the problem, based on attitude, line-ups and ability to not have some plays made available for the post sometimes (i say this bkuz as a coach you should try to make everyone on the team happy, so having some plays for our bigs so they get more touches will help with the whining from Kaman, HIll, Gaso nd possible bigs in the future)

          • Daryl Peek


            Where we don’t agree is MDA and the flexibility to allow the post play. MDA is all about freedom in the free flowing of shot taking in the system. So much so it make me uncomfortable. Gasol can have as many post touches as he wants. Kaman, Hill and Sacre also. You see them do it. If they don’t command the ball swing to them that’s on them. Shaq had to do that with Kobe in the triple post triangle system. Hakeem would get pissed at Kenny Smith and the guards when he was not getting fed. Kareem would get at Magic when he wasn’t eating.

            Again, instead of crying about the coach in the media, take it to the players on the court. How are Bazemore and Brooks gonna take shots from Gasol? Would Shaq allow that? It has nothing to do with the coach. This is my point.

          • Kay Carter

            Hakeen Kareem nd Shaq all blamed the players, not the coach… point is, Pau and Kaman have blamed the coach more than the players when they wasnt getting touches….so quoting Pau about how good the system is doesnt make sense to do, since it makes him hypocritical nd confused…one min the system is great, but when things are bad…it isn’t? that was my point on you quoting Gasol about how well the system works lol…..since he do complain about it as well, makes no sense to even quote him

            Taking shots away from Gasol isnt completely the coach fault, but his offense doesnt revolve around post plays….it’s the player who is a post player fault as well, since they have to make themselves available nd open in the paint

          • afs

            I’m done arguing lol… I hope the front office realizes that D’Antoni isn’t a right fit for the type of players we have… He’s not adjusting his system to the slow and old starters we have (gasol, kobe, nash) … I think D’Antoni’s an ok coach, but in the end he’s not a championship coach… I hope the FO can make the firing and start over next season

  • Jack

    Ok, Kendall, now that you’ve gotten that off your chest. How about playing some D? The next time this guy stops dribble penetration will be the first.

    • Delyce22

      So true. There is a highlight reel with LeBron slamming on various players in a Samsung commercial and Marshall is in one of them. He is standing to the side and just swipes at the ball as James is going by. He is a big defensive liability for the Lakers.

    • Kay Carter

      and stop making dumb TO’s

      • afs

        and stop pulling up and shooting like your kobe

  • Leo

    This what tanking makes to a team… Next year we need a new coach, and we should start rebuilding. In the transition period the FO should keep the fans and Kobe happy and make Gasol stay for at least two more years. That is easier said than done, but Gasol is still a good co-leader if the coach helps him. Kobe trusts him. Dumbtoni failed again…

  • Jarred

    FO ordered the code red ( ie. tanking), and MDA is carrying it out. As painful if is to watch and accept, it IS the best course of action this season.

  • richard

    AS I have posted here way back on the month of December… we have basically become a bad team… bad teams find ways to lose. Deal with it…