Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Says ‘Feels Great To Finally Get A Win’

Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Says ‘Feels Great To Finally Get A Win’


David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
After losing 12 out of 13 games and six straight, the Los Angeles Lakers were finally able to get on the winning side of things by getting the best of the rival Boston Celtics at TD Garden.

Following the win over the Celtics, newcomer Kendall Marshall spoke to the media about finally getting back in the win column. Marshall expressed relief after another solid performance for the UNC product according to TWCSportsNet:

Marshall hit a crucial three late in the fourth quarter that put the Lakers up by one. Rookie Ryan Kelly put the nail in the coffin with two free throws in the closing seconds to give the Lakers the win, 107-104.

Kelly had a big night against the Celtics, scoring a career-high 20 points on 6-of-12 shooting. The rookie stepped up his game in the win over the Celtics and may receive a boost in minutes as a result.

Nick Young couldn’t play on Friday due to a suspension, but Kelly and Marshall stepping up offensively helped propel the Lakers over the Celtics for their first win in quite some time.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes indeed that was a great win.Kendall Marshall made a huge clutch shot and he is a keeper he keeps on proving himself on the court every game.We just gotta keep winning games building momentum into the All Star Break and going into next season.We need wins and Kendall Marshall can help us win,he is my choice for long term starter on the Lakers for the Point Guard position.We beat the hated Celtics on there home court this is amazing.I am ecstatic with the win.

    Go Lakers!

  • Jim213

    Given the road trip they’ll be hard to come by…

  • Ehhh

    I don’t get it, if the Lakers win people say its a good win, now lets win the next one, but if they lose its okay because we get a good draft pick ?

    • richard

      people being ok with losing has no reason rooting for a team like the Lakers…. those are the same people who have been saying the Kobe should sit out the season…. aint gonna happen.

      • kobe24

        I’m sorry but I’m okay with Lakers losing but I don’t want Kobe to sit out the entire season.

        Lakersnation just have to endure ONE bad season to land a good solid draft pick (top 5) and that player could be the next franchise player for the Lakers for 1~2 decade (like Kobe is). People have to look at long term not just this season and for next year.

        However, I don’t root for them losing it just happens to be that these group of guys just don’t have the talent to play starting roles

        • richard

          while losing is part of the game… it is never ok to lose…. you can ask every competitive athletes in the world and you will get no answer saying it was ok to lose… IT IS NEVER OK TO LOSE! but one must accept it when it comes as well as accept the pressure of winning when it comes.

          • LakeShow

            A winning team consist of 2 things: great players and great coach. The Lakers have neither right now (Kobe alone will not win a championship).

            If losing means the team will secure a future franchise player, then it’s actually a win for the team.

            While I understand your frustration, there is no other way for the Lakers to acquire a young talented from other teams.

            Tell me, is there any team would trade their young star (Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, etc) for any of the Lakers players? If yes, I bet Mitch already done it.

            Even if the Lakers have Phil Jackson, there is no way he can win championship with this team. He’s a great coach, not a magician.

            Actually, it took guts for the FO to do this knowing it’s unpopular move but once the Lakers start winning again (with the top draft pick player), this season will be forgotten.

          • Devon Murray

            A winning team consist of 3 things, great players, great coach and good role players without them Phil has zero rings… and i’m here to tell you that Irving, Davis will not be finishing their careers with the teams that they are with now, I’m not saying they are coming to LA (I wouldn’t want Irving dude is good, really good but in my earlier post I don’t like shoot firs, shoot second, and if I think I can get a shot off; shoot third before I even think about passing pg’s are trouble. And teams aren’t trading their superstar unless they get one back, that Gasol for Brown trade was a act from the basketball gods, this Laker team will have to trade Gasol for a good player (there aren’t any great FA’s in this 2014 class I DO NOT WANT MELO ANY WHERE NEAR THE LAKERS) so hopefully K.Love in 2015 (Kobe last year) along with Evan Turner, with Monroe from Detroit along with the guys we have now.. oh and Byron Scott coaching, With a least a top 8 pick in this years draft(after the top 8 starts to fall off a bit) then yeah I think we will be on the right track.

          • kobe24

            For the guys it isn’t okay to lose obviously they want to win (heck I don’t know any type of athlete who would want to lose)

            I also think that you keep on forgetting the point that

            1.this team just isn’t GOOD enough to win.
            2. Why shouldn’t you lose 1 season if that can bring a decades worth of winning championship contending season?? (EX. Spurs with Timmy)

            I realize that in the lottery we never truly know who is a boom or bust however I think that Kupchak is great at finding talent when he sees one so I’m not worried about that

        • Devon Murray

          Youre ok with losing??? Lord please let Kobe Bean Bryant read THIS post, wow! I understand you fear Kobe getting hurt, we all do however that’s not how Kobe’s built, we both know that… I’m a huge college fan also and I am telling you their is not one solid college player available that can help the Lakers in the Kobe era… in the future yes however not now… Randle from Kentucky is too small to be a PF and to slow to be a SF and needs major work on his outside game because with his shorter height at 6’8 wont be posting up in the L, Wiggins was just like W. Johnson needs too get A lot stronger, work on his outside game, three point range and always keep his motor running he tends to fade in games when he doesn’t touch the ball and playing with KB24 he aint touching the ball… Parker needs to lose weight, work on his quickness he’s not athletic so his mid range game is even more important and he doesn’t have one right now.. and he may not even be eligible for the draft assuming he goes on his mission and missing a whole year of playing basketball, Embiid (hope I spelled it correctly) may be the number 1 overall pick and he just needs to get stronger and mature he’ll be a beast yet I don’t think the lakers will be drafting that high to get him, even if they did he wont help now, Gordon from AZ I like also..ALL these players I wouldn’t mind having on the lakers though they wouldn’t have a impact with the Kobe era… and lets remember, Henry, Johnson, Marshall, all left school early and their games are still maturing in front of our eyes.. and to say that this group of guys aren’t starters when they don’t know each others games in its totality yet, based off 40 games, bro that’s not really how you evaluate if a guy is a fixture in a starters role.. the same was said about Derek Fisher, Tony Parker, Deshawn Stevenson and Step Curry (coming out of college, too small, too weak and isn’t a true pg) lets see how this season plays itself out…

  • Gregory Choa

    Mike D’Antoni post game, “Manny Harris came in, and he’s undefeated so far…”

  • Lakers Fan

    I guess they finally found a team they could beat, even though they almost lost. Good win, but there is no way I can expect Kendall to continue shooting the ball the way he did tonight, considering his inconsistency. He was the reason they were able to win this game, but he is too inconsistent to expect this type of consistent play from him shooting wise. Anyways, good game!

    • LOL

      What happened when Kobe played this season? Inconsistency will always exist. Marshall was blowing by Rondo tonight. What other point guard can the Lakers get right now that passes like Marshall? Nobody. And the fact that the Lakers are only paying him a half million per year; you can’t beat that.

      • Lakers Fan

        Sorry my friend, but that’s not a very good comparison. Kobe was coming back from injury, so inconsistency was expected. Kendall isn’t a scorer, so inconsistency is expected. Blowing by Rondo? This was his first game back from a torn ACL, so don’t get carried away with that. A healthy Rondo would shut Kendall down, an you and I both know that. Not knocking Kendall cause he had a good game, but I’m not expecting him to continue having games like this, in a row, where his shot is consistenly falling.

        • Devon Murray

          First your weak observation of what a true point guards responsibility is on the court is evident, Kendall is a pass first, pass second point guard, to run the floor. He needs to improve his outside shot as did Tony Parker and Rondo had to; he will… and your weak observation that he is inconsistent, hmm then please explain the 5 double doubles he’s had, he is a better floor leader (court vision) than Blake and Farmar… it’s fans like you with warped and ridiculous ideas of what a point guard does that makes me a shamed to be a Laker fan. A score first point guard hasn’t won a championship since Kenny Smith with the rockets, shoot first point guards when they are injured leave their teams in a bind because they are so focus on getting their numbers (Rose, Westbrook) they have NO one to lead the team on the court or they will fade late in games if they off that night (Lillard, Lawson) not being able to create for other guys. Indiana is destroying teams because of not what George is doing it’s because of Stephenson is doing assuming the pg role who has triple doubles all over the place, who also had to work on his outside shot, but I digress… Kendall is the perfect point guard who needs to improve he’s outside shot and more aggressive on D, not to bad for a pg who is only in his 2nd year starting for the Lakers. This post should have been shorter however your post was so asinine in which you state his inconsistency when he’s averaging double figures in points and MORE IMPORTANTLY assists, something that NO point guard has done since Earvin. So please don’t post ridiculous and asinine post and then have the gall to refer to yourself as an Laker fan, one who mostly likely wanted Chris Paul for the Lakers..oops maybe not because Chris is a pass first point guard whom also had to work on his outside shot coming out of college…

  • Dana

    They can lose every game from now on and I don’t mind. They beat those Keltic hos, that’s all that matters. :)

  • richard

    Funny … while it was a great game, one which fans and I did enjoy… it wasn’t anymore a great win than any other wins… it was just a win…. nothing to be excited about…. now we move on to the next.

    • A Fan

      Well, it was against the Celtics. I’m fine with LA losing every other game this season, just not against the Celtics. And it was even in their home court

      • kobe24

        Only two teams I dislike Clippers and Celtics (And to an extent Rockets but all the guys there are cool except Howard haha)

        As long as Lakers beat those two I call this season acceptable

  • LakersHeatBeef

    NBA Stats ‏nbastats9m
    Over the last 4 games, @KButter5 has 53 assists (13.3/game). That’s 12 more than anyone else in the NBA for that span (Lawson, 41)

  • Marty Susman

    First off Marshall is a great floor general & does a great job of passing. Here is a guy that never met these players a month ago & he is doing great passing/timing Etc. If he can get his shot to drop more often & spice up his defense he could be a “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH” & a super find……

    • Jon

      Agree. He was a tremendous passer in college. Loved him at Carolina, wished he’d stayed another year. The NBA level/Phoenix didn’t work out at the time, but I hope he sticks with you guys. He’s a great floor leader. Sees multiple plays at the same time.

  • Marty Susman

    I would however like to see Kobe spend the rest of this season learning to be the greatest three point shooter in history & then come back next season 110% healthy & ready….

  • Marty Susman

    I don’t want to sound like one of those kookie alien hunters, “But is it possible to send Pau Gasol to play along side his brother in a sign n trade & they send Zack Randolph to either Min. so Love can come to LA or to the Pistons & Monroe can come to the Lakers ???/ That would be a trade all three teams would benefit from. (They would love to dump Randolph’s salary & his contract s perfect for Gasol)