Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Guarantees Win Over Clippers

Lakers News: Kendall Marshall Guarantees Win Over Clippers


Kendall Marshall

Tomorrow night, the Lakers take on the Clippers in round two of their battle for Los Angeles supremacy. The first game saw the Lakers bench explode for 76 points en route to a stunning 116-103 victory over the Clippers.

Starting point guard Kendall Marshall was not around for that win, but he will play a large role for the Lakers in this game as he remains the only healthy point guard. Marshall played his college ball at North Carolina with current Clippers rookie Reggie Bullock and before Friday’s game, Marshall let Bullock know that he expects a victory tomorrow via Mark Medina:

I’ve already guaranteed a win to him. I also told him that if he ever guards me, I might go for 30 [points].

With Bullock sidelined with an ankle injury, Marshall won’t have the opportunity to attack his former Tar Heel teammate. It is good to see Marshall having confidence in himself and his teammates, even if it is just some good natured fun with a friend.

The Lakers need all of the confidence they can get as they have lost nine of their last ten games and now have to take on the Pacific Division leading Clippers. Hopefully, this rivalry game will give the Lakers a little extra motivation.

Marshall will not be the only backup point guard in the game as the Clippers’ Chris Paul is sidelined with a separated shoulder, meaning Darren Collison will get the start for the Clippers on Friday.

Marshall has averaged nine points and seven assists in eight games for the Lakers this season.

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  • kobe24

    KM has to calm down. The Lakers didn’t play well yesterday and KM stats weren’t stellar either. He should be humble about it than being arrogant.

    Confidence is one thing but his comments sound delusional and arrogant

    • richard

      Come on! He was asked about playiing against a former tar heel, one he had played with in college, surely there were some natured fun with the two of them. He was not saying to sound arrogant, he was just merely telling people that him and Bullcok were close and shares light moment and jokes about playing against each other…. you people just swallowed everything, hook and singer in this one….

      • 49’ers All Day

        Agreed it’s good fun humor and nothing personal.Humble pie.

        • Harley Knoxx

          At least someone on this team has a spine. I like this kid’s attitude he wants to win. What is he suppose to say we have no chance. He’s competitive not arrogant.

  • lakerfan

    Guaranteed a win against the Clippers? LOL… Lets hope Clippers don’t do us like The Nuggets did….

  • C’mom Man

    haha… Let’s try to beat the 76ers or Bucks at home first

  • PVI

    Kendall Marshall has the heart of a lion and the Clippers rattled his cage.Lion King

  • PVI

    Ya a pack of Lions are coming for the Clippers tomorrow led by Lion King Marshall.

  • Lakers Fan

    He needs to calm down. This isn’t the same team that played the first game of the season. He needs to stop being arrogant just because he is playing for the Lakers. He hasn’t exactly came in and helped us win games, outside of that one game, so he needs to chill. I love his confidence, but be mindful of the things you say. This is the second arrogant statement he has made since he has played with us, so he needs to be humble about this opportunity and not let it get to his head.

    • q

      We need some arrogance and pride back in our organization. Too many losers with loser attitudes. Like our head coach for example.

      • Sylvia Ross


    • lakers72

      Uh… cp3 is out… the clippers are the same team right ?

  • 49ers All Day

    Kendall Marshall ‏@KButter59m
    Zona/UCLA game with the brova @ReggieBullock35 liiive

    Lol yes they are actually like brothers and are hanging out watching sports haha.

  • Lakers Showtime Magic

    Oh yea they actually have a Lakers versus Clippers game tomorrow.I almost forgot about the Lakers game tomorrow thanks for reminding me Lakers Nation.Kendall is a cool dude and he is just having fun making a comment to his bro lol.It’s all good Gary Payton used to talk a lot of trash and he is arrogant according to some lol.Kendall Marshall is just chattering and he is being himself.Magic smacked talked Larry Bird and Zeke in the old days this is way more reserved.

    • Josh

      Okay. People are over reacting to Marshall’s comments, but don’t go comparing him to some of the game’s all time greats. Dude just got called up from the d-league to become a fourth string point guard.

      • MikeySD

        Hes not comparing his basketball game, hes comparing Marshall’s personality. Calm down dude

        • Josh

          I’m calm. All I’m saying is compare him to similar players, not hall of famers who could back up the smack talk.

  • RM

    How is it hard to understand that it was just ribbing a former teammate..

  • Sylvia Ross

    Unless the man upstairs personally comes down and talks to you , don’t write or say something you can’t cash. You did play well though.

  • hookedonnews

    He was probably just joking with his ex-teammate. I don’t believe he seriously thought he could guarantee a win. If he did, he’s needs a therapist. Confidence is good, but don’t write checks you can’t cash.