Lakers News: Kendall Marshall “Everything Happens For A Reason” Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/iLR11Uv_vd4 Kendall Marshall surprised the basketball word tonight when he had a career night scoring 20 points, grabbing six rebounds, and dish http://youtu.be/iLR11Uv_vd4 Kendall Marshall surprised the basketball word tonight when he had a career night scoring 20 points, grabbing six rebounds, and dish Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kendall Marshall “Everything Happens For A Reason”

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Kendall Marshall surprised the basketball word tonight when he had a career night scoring 20 points, grabbing six rebounds, and dishing out 15 assists en route to the Lakers 110-99 win over the Utah Jazz.

The second-year point guard has had some challenges early in his career, as he had some trouble adjusting to arguably the toughest position to play.A low point for Marshall was spending some time in the NBA Developmental League. However, instead of moping in disappointment, he took the time to work on his game, proving he was worth his lottery pick selection back in the 2012  NBA Draft.

Little did he know that he’d get his opportunity so early into the season when the Lakers called him out of desperation and perhaps he couldn’t have anticipated making his first start five games into his stint. But as tonight showed, he was ready.

In humble fashion, Marshall took the attention off himself and reverted to looking at his success tonight in the framework of a team accomplishment on TWC SportsNet:

“Win the game,” Marshall said to John Ireland following tonights game. “That’s all that mattered, win the game.”

When asked about where he draws his motivation from, Marshall couldn’t help but mention what the critics say about his game:

“Those that say he can’t shoot, or he’s too slow, or he can’t play defense,” Marshall said. “I wrote all that down.”

In the end, Marshall was happy for his own success, but was looking forward to building off tonights win as a team. He’s earned the respect of his coach and his teammates, so there’s nothing but positive things that can come about from his performance.


ICYMI: Nick Young pretended to be Kobe Bryant prior to Friday’s game against the Jazz.

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Ryan Cole is a student at the University of Southern California (USC) majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Sports Media Studies. His past experiences include interning for ESPN and Fox Sports. He is huge sports fan that loves to talk all kinds of sports. You can follow him on twitter here: @JustRyCole

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kendall Marshall is a great player.Just a reminder Kendall Marshall was a lottery pick so recently in 2012,he was a lottery pick for a reason.The Suns Front Office are no dummies they know how to draft Point Guards they drafted Steve Nash and Goran Dragic and also Kendall Marshall.Suns are a Point Guard oriented team and they saw something special in Kendall Marshall when they drafted him.

    But since they have Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe he was traded.Lakers got lucky by signing Kendall it will be fun watching his games.He is one heck of a passer.Roy Williams his coach at North Carolina had this to say about Kendall Marshall “Roy Williams called Kendall Marshall the best passer he’s ever coached”.

    • kobe24

      I love Kendall Marshall and hes had two solid games (the last one in particular)
      however, this game is too fast to tell. Hes only in his 2nd year in league so he can actually be a superstar (steve nash type) since his weakness was jump shots in college but he seems to have iporved his fg% alot.

      Love to see this guy develop and if he can start this season with solid 13~15 PPG , 5~7 APG (WHICH IS GREAT) and continue to gain better stats he will become a solid NBA player for Lakers

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I love you’re thought process when it comes to developing a superstar player.I am the first to say it if i see superstar qualities in a player or not.If you asked me about Jodie Meeks the answer would be just a role player that can shoot the ball from deep.Oh if you asked me about Nick Young i would just say a non passer,a player that loves to score the ball much like a Jamal Crawford type player.

        If you asked me about Steve Blake i would say solid journeyman player that is in the John Paxson mold.If you asked me about Wesley Johnson i would say he is a great athlete and a terrific defensive player but limited on offense and he never going to be a superstar a role player for sure.But when it comes to Kendall Marshall i see a very special player and he is a great passer much like Steve Nash was.

        I watched Steve Nash play a few games when he was at Santa Clara and Kendall is better at this stage in his career than Steve Nash was back when he was in his second season.TBH Kendall Marshall destroyed Trey Burke tonight and that means a lot since Trey is supposed to be the Rookie Of The Year.Steve Nash and Magic Johnson will hopefully both teach Kendall Marshall.

        • kobe24

          Agreed, reason nash is such a great pg is not only his passing but marksmanship at shooting.

          If nash can mentor marshall i wouldnt mind keeping his contract (if we look atthe big picture) and seeing how marshall develops. I still think xavier henry has all star (maybe) potential and those two could be a good lakers one two punch + draft pick at C/PF

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah Kendall Marshall is worth keeping for sure IMO.Also if Steve Nash can help train him and teach him as his coach and mentor then that is great.Steve Nash skills academy is a great place to hone a Point Guards skills.Kendall is one of the best passers i have ever seen and by next year he will be known as the best passer in the NBA.Kendall Marshall is shooting the ball great,he has improved his jump shot more than anyone i have seen this season.His jumper is pure butter splash.

            I know people like Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson improved their jump shots well Kendall has improved his jump shot dramatically.

            Xavier Henry does have some major potential to get much better and with the right progress and development he might turn into a very important piece to the puzzle for the future.The Lakers FO has been active bringing in great young talent.The overall record is a disaster but that is because of injuries to key players like Kobe and Nash.

            But otherwise i am perfectly happy with just developing young players and getting a high lottery pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.But i prefer winning over everything but it just won’t be happening unless we can play way better going forward which is possible.Yes i think it Kendall Marshall is a great player and he has Star talent and will be a eventual multiple time All Star in the NBA.

  • Mohsin Saleem

    He’s a true PG. I remember him back at UNC, he’s a very old school PG that can control the pace and dish the rock. His ability as to his scoring improvement showed tonight. Just a phenomenal job by him tonight. There’s a reason he was the 13th overall pick, dude can flat out ball. I wish him the best and I can really see him learning a lot from Nash and developing into a guy that Mike Ds been looking for a PG.

  • Dragon7s

    For those complaining about the FO’s moves (yes, I’m looking at you Jim :p), Mitch has once again pulled a rabbit out of his hat.
    True, it’s only one game but the young man looked poised and played well within himself which is exactly what you want in a PG.

    With Nash, Blake and Kobe as mentors, I see nothing but upside for him as he continues to learn his craft.

    MItch has gotten the most out of what he had to work with and this season will continue to be an audition year for many of these young players, allowing them to prove their detractors wrong.
    I don’t see how the Lakers will be able to keep most of these guys but I’d be thrilled if they could somehow manage to keep Marshall, X, Hill and Young (and possibly Johnson as the defensive glue guy).
    If they can resign those guys (and Swaggy P decides to opt-in however unlikely), the Lakers will have a good foundation on which to build for the future IMO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers: .@KButter5 becomes just the 2nd Laker ever to go for 10+ points & 10+ assists in his first LAL start.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The only @lakers to have 20+ pts, 15+ ast and shoot at least 65% in the same game in the last 25 years are @kbutter5 and @magicjohnson.

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