Lakers News: Kareem Unsure Kobe Bryant’s Body Will Hold Up

Lakers News: Kareem Unsure Kobe Bryant’s Body Will Hold Up


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Kobe Bryant will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest Lakers to play for the franchise. The future NBA Hall of Famer was only able to play six games this season when he went down with a knee injury back on Dec 17. With his season done, many believe that Bryant will come back strong next season.

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Mark Medina from the LA Daily News, sat down with Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and talked about the uncertainty of Bryant’s health for next season and how he praised him for his work ethic off the court.

Kobe is very dedicated that way. He’s worked on his body, but he’s having major failures and not just minor stuff, spontaneously breaking a bone is not a good sign.

What he does he have to prove? At this point, he should worry about being able to walk around and do normal things for the rest of his life, he’s very wealthy and achieved everything in his profession. What does he have to worry about? He can walk away and be satisfied. He has the jewelry and the stats.

Kareem also talked about how Kobe can surpass his record on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

It’s going to be tough. The problem for him is if he’s going to break the record, he would have be the focus of the offense, his body is breaking down. It’s tough. Why would these guys want to play that long? They make so much money? I wouldn’t play that long.

During the six games played this season, Kobe was only able to average 13.8 points, 6.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game. Kobe still ranks as the fourth all-time leader scorer in the NBA behind Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Kareem. Bryant is 6,687 points away to tie Abdul-Jabbar’s number one spot on the list.

With the Lakers signing Bryant to a two-year $48.5 million contract extension in November, he plans to fulfill his contract to his best of his ability to get back on the court. During his time off the court, Kobe is currently continuing his rehabilitation from an exercise bicycle to an elliptical machine.
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  • Renz Carl B. Supnet

    Kobe will be like this: I ain’t going away without leaving another legacy. Everyone seems to forget who the black mamba is. I ain’t going out without reminding them who I am.

  • Chrmngblly

    I hope he has the greatness to relinquish the spotlight with style and to mentor the younger guys coming up. I could foresee him eventually following in a Ray Allen pattern and being the old man that still burns a hole in the net—as long as he still loves the game. That’s still a couple years down the road, but it’s coming.

  • Paytc

    Kobe is gonna do Kobe because that’s what he does. I respect Kareem because he was truly one of the greatest. Life after basketball is very important point to spotlight.

    It is Kobe’s career and Kobe’s life…. You can be sure Kobe considers everything.

    Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top and a few more Laker championships in the process :-)

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    • Jim213

      Sounds a little like someone feels Kobe inching closer to the all time scoring record. But IMO Kobe will likely finish 2nd or 3rd. However, with regards to his fractured bone injury it wouldn’t have occurred if he’d played limited minutes and been more cautious AT FIRST once he returned to the court but it is what it is.

      Kobe has also recently mentioned that he’d play for free but can’t blame the man for wanting his piece of the pie given the owners are the ones who profit the most with these high level players. Thus, he isn’t going to retire given he still feels the fire inside as it’s more than just the $$$ itself.

  • Sheeshus

    Kobe is the man but he is not the Kobe of old. I do not wanna see Kobe re-do the Michael Jordan to the Wizards repeat. Kobe is great and I agree with Kareem. You got to know when to say when. Kobe’s body is breaking down from the bottom up and if we recall, it’s been battered and bruised for some time but he’s had the endurance to play through it. Once you get in your mid to late 30’s, healing is a much slower process.

  • ra

    Kareem was actually the best (in basketball history) at keeping his body in shape to play as long as he did. I’m sure Kobe previously took a tip from that. Kareem is a ‘big’ who lasted that long – name another big who could do that.

    I would normally say that Kareem’s advice is sage, because he was the best at keeping in condition to do what he did.

    But, for Kobe, even the ‘normally catastrophic’ Achilles tear has not deterred him. He would have to take ‘extra care’ to ‘not re-injure’ that, or as we see, other parts of his legs (I would say that he can handle any arm injuries fine).

    The Lakers (going forward) would have to have a different type of game, for Kobe to keep maintaining a certain level of play. For example, in certain offenses (like, um, D’Antoni’s), he would have to position himself as one of the ‘spread 4’ perimeter shooters, and wait for someone to pass him the ball so he could spot up shoot the 3 (for example). It would be more difficult for him to always ‘make his own plays’ like he did in the past. He did ‘superhuman’ things all these years, and the leg injuries reflect that. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to ‘not be’ in charge of the ball play. He wants the ball, period. But he would have to play a different role to get what he wants. That’s the challenge.

    Whatever he does, he HAS to change his game, and work with the Lakers to help optimize his gifts. The FO has to surround him with players and a coach that work well with that type of player. If that works out, then guaranteed he’ll break a few more records.

  • Daryl Peek

    Much love to the Captain but Kobe is his own man and he has to do what he feels for his career and legacy. If he thinks he has something to prove so be it. No different than Nash or any other old vet. If a team is willing to sign you to a contract, you got action if you choose going forward.

  • myJasper

    Kobe will have the injury bug from here on in. The fact that he literally refuses to sit out will exacerbate things. Even tho this is the LeBron era I still would rather watch Kobe, at least when he is healthy.