Lakers News: Julius Randle Believes He Can ‘Bring A Lot To L.A.’

Lakers News: Julius Randle Believes He Can ‘Bring A Lot To L.A.’


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The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off the worst season in franchise history finishing with an unforgettable record of 27-55. Fortunately, despite suffering through an awful season, the Lakers were able to get a lottery pick and may have gotten a gem in the form of Kentucky’s Julius Randle.

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After being drafted by the Lakers, Randle said the following about what he’s bringing to Los Angeles, according to Mike Trudell of

Randle could make an immediate impact in Los Angeles due to the team’s current situation. Not only will Randle have an opportunity to play immediately and potentially become a starter next season, Kobe Bryant will likely be a fan of the former Wildcat due to his mentality and motor.

Randle said the following about Kobe via Trudell:

As of right now, the Lakers taking Randle with the seventh pick is a hit with the fans. Most believe Randle will be an impact player right out of the gate and all signs point to the Kentucky star having the chance to do just that next season.
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  • Lakers Rebuilding

    sounds like kobe 2.0 haha but im really stoked the lakers got him he is gonna be a beast and im really happy lakers got Jordan Clarkson as well great young combo guard who could be the future guard of the lakers. I give the draft grade for the lakers a solid A

    • Frank

      Hey man we got Julius Randle did you ever end up faxing Mitch it seems like he listened only thing is Aaron Gordon didn’t come along.But Jordan Clarkson is a pure thoroughbred fast athletic Point Guard.Hell of a draft.

      • Lakers Rebuilding

        haha nah I didn’t but im really stoked we got randle and Clarkson you stoked too?

  • Damon

    I love his comment about i should have went higher all those teams will regret it.

  • Don’t Call Me Stupid

    Mark my words will be a Hall Of Fame player yes i said it.

  • Stephen A.

    Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:37 am Post subject:Skip Bayless ✔ @RealSkipBayless

    If Julius Randle stays healthy, he’ll be better than Wiggins, at least as good as Jabari if not better. Very good pick for rebuilding Lakers
    8:19 PM – 26 Jun 2014

    • Marcus Franco

      Julius only has a broken toe ? Can he play the camp in summer ?

      • Winston

        I am watching ESPN Sportscenter and a Mike D’Antoni Phoenix Suns fomer FO member that is now a announcer is ripping into Julius Randle saying he is just ok as a player and that the Lakers should have traded the pick or just drafted Dario Saric just talking crap.

        The guy is Amin Elhassan a known Suns former executive and a Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash apologists maybe he is pissed off that the D’Antoni boys are out and Nash is going to get released.He even said that Julius Randle won’t help win a championship in the next few years and Tim Legler sorta shut him up and started talking very good about Julius Randle and the Lakers.Pretty bizzare stuff.Everyone else is giving the Lakers the highest praise and the best grades for the Julius Randle pick.Amin Hassan is 100% wrong.

        • Marcus Franco

          lol that’s ridiculous.. A few months ago Randle was listed as top 3.. That’s too much butthurt, thank god they left this organization… Randle for sure will be an important guy after Kobe’s retirement, hope he can improve alot this year..
          About Nash, do you have any idea of what will happen to him ?

        • komaja

          Amin Elhassan is one of the biggest Lakers and Kobe haters. It’s expected when he says anything negative about the Lakers. He’s a garbage ass analyst.

          • Israel Hipólito

            You know, I always wondered why Charles Barkley is an NBA analyst. I am honestly really bias because I am a Lakers fan and he’s always bashing on the team – primarily Kobe. I say this because it pertains to the Elhassan situation. A friend of mine put it into perspective: on the table are Shaq and Kenny Smith. Shaq is a 4-time NBA champ and Kenny a 2-timer. Now, Charles was clearly a dominant player during his tenure in the NBA but he lacked the mentality to earn a ring. I mean, he bashed on the Spurs all season and called them too old to compete. And we know how that turned out. But every analyst table needs “that guy”. The guy that expresses the, for the lack of a better term, idiotic opinion. Elhassan is “that guy”. And that ladies and gentlemen is the Barkley Theory. (Patent Pending) :)

  • justsaying

    Everyone who questions that Randle is just a low post scorer, I Invite you to look at the mix’s tapes of the kid in highschool. Dude can jam and he can shoot.