Lakers News: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Lakers, Dodgers Reviewed by Momizat on . L.A. Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue dismissed a class-action lawsuit that was filed against Time Warner Cable, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers. The s L.A. Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue dismissed a class-action lawsuit that was filed against Time Warner Cable, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers. The s Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Lakers, Dodgers

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

L.A. Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue dismissed a class-action lawsuit that was filed against Time Warner Cable, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers.

The suit was filed in response to customers needing to pay a premium for Lakers, and soon-to-be Dodgers, content.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, that fee is $4-$5 a month.

The complaint stated that customers don’t have the option to unsubscribe from the content even if they aren’t interested.

Judge Hogue cited federal law that prohibits states from exercising their own laws that may interfere with what Congress has set forth.

In October of 2012, the Lakers and Time Warner reached a 20-year agreement worth an approximate $3 billion for exclusive television rights.  Time Warner then set its sights on the Dodgers, who they have inked to a 25-year contract worth an estimated $8.5 billion.

Right now, Time Warner Cable is working hard to strike agreements with all other providers for SportsNetLA, much like they did with TWC SportsNet. So, SportsNetLA is an entity owned by the Dodgers themselves, as the Dodgers have hired Time Warner Cable to perform a variety of services for the network, including programming, non-game production and distribution.

At varying degrees of speed, Time Warner came to terms with other carriers to have access to the Lakers’ Time Warner Cable SportsNet.

Time Warner has yet to agree with other distributors that will grant them right to carry the Dodgers’ SportsNet LA network.
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Matthew Moreno is a journalist from Whittier, Calif., serving as an associate editor at Dodgers Nation. A Cal State Long Beach graduate, Moreno also contributes to Lakers Nation, and previously served as a co-editor and lead writer at Reign of Troy, where he covered USC Football.

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  • Jim213

    Bad deal by FO especially since the Lakers have a bigger fan base than the Dodgers (globally).

    • Matthew Moreno

      Who do you think should have negotiated higher?

      • Jim213

        FO w/TWC for $20 yr. deal.

    • cj

      wile the lakers are a bigger brand the mlb is a bigger cash cow. with the way baseball is ran were there is no cap and teams can spend spend spend the mlb teams will allways be worth more then nba teams.

      • Jim213

        Disagree look at the top 30 most valuable global sport franchises. The NFL has close to 20 NFL teams (approx) in the top 30 alone while the NFL is mostly known in North America as opposed to internationally (not so popular). While the MLB has 3 teams in the top 30 (approx) and soccer aka football has 6 teams (approx).

        The NFL is the best SPORT out of all with regards to marketing their sport. No surprise here but given soccer is the most popular global sport one would expect more teams valued more $$$ than any other sport. NFL doesn’t even break the top ten (last time i checked) with regards to the most popular sports played globally. While the NBA and MLB have similar appeal but IMO NBA has more promise as it’s still growing internationally.

        Cricket has more appeal globally than baseball and is more popular than both basketball and baseball. They’ll come a time when the MLB decides to join the cap restriction but IMO it comes down to sport appeal as the NBA has a better shot to be a top 3 global sport as long as they know (new commissioner and teams) to market and appeal to their target audience.

        Why blab about this (hint) there’s a few players in the draft that would help the Lakers but especially the NBA brand grow itself if they end up in the right teams that can take advantage and appeal more globally.

        • cj

          i never said the mlb was the biggest but it is still bigger then the nba.

  • ra

    yeah, this is just the ‘big boys’ playing. We’re just lizards in a room full of elephants, watching the battle, and pretty much allowing the rich class to usurp the middle class for eventual dissolution.

    Just kidding.

  • Australian Fan

    The Lakers are rumored to be drafting either Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum if they pick in the top 3 well honestly if the TWC Lakers channel wants to promote the next Lakers superstar for Cable subscriptions then i urge the Lakers to draft Andrew Wiggins since he is the best athlete in years as a wing player.The athletic ability Andrew Wiggins has is on par with a young Michael Jordan.

    Also Andrew Wiggins is a explosive scorer and a lockdown defender with all the superstar qualities that Time Warner Cable can build their Lakers TV station around him since he has amazing charisma and already a huge fan following.Andrew Wiggins is a amazing player i watched him score 29 points tonight with ease,he is so explosive and such a great scorer he is poised enough to be the best.

    To me Dante Exum is just another Devin Harris nothing more sadly.He is a good player but not a player that has a great vertical leap.Also he is untested on the NCAA level.Just stay away from Dante Exum he is destined to be a average player.I watched a bunch of his games and he is just not worth it.
    Nice guy though.But not aggressive enough to be a top guy in the NBA.

    Nothing special about Dante Exum,he should of went to college in the USA.He reminds me of Shaun Livingston when he first came out of High School straight to the NBA.Just not too impressed with him,he is a brick layer he misses tons of jumpers,might as well keep Kendall Marshall instead of drafting Exum.

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