Lakers News: Jordan Hill Won’t Re-Sign If Given Same Role With Lakers

Lakers News: Jordan Hill Won’t Re-Sign If Given Same Role With Lakers


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Now that some of the Lakers injuries are beginning to heal up, there is beginning to be a struggle for players to get minutes.

In last night’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, Mike D’Antoni started Chris Kaman and Pau Gasol together, to mostly negative reviews. This combination led to Jordan Hill being the odd man out of the rotation, as he did not enter the game.

With Hill’s contract expiring after this season, he will have to decide if he wants to remain in Los Angeles. According to InsideSoCal’s Mark Medina, if Hill’s role will be the same as this year, the answer is clear:

Of course not. Who would?

This answer should not come as a surprise. Hill will obviously want to be somewhere where he knows he’s going to get consistent minutes. Just 10 days ago Hill was the talk of the town with a 28-point, 13-rebound game against Orlando, and a 28-point, 16-rebound game against Milwaukee.

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To then not play a single minute last night has to be frustrating to Hill. Despite admitting his frustrations, Hill vowed to continue to support his team, via Medina:

It gets old. It’s what you can expect, though. It’s not a surprise. I can’t do nothing, but stay humble and continue to keep my head high and support my team.

Hill also stressed that it is too early to think about his off-season decisions, and, much like Chris Kaman, reminded people that you have to respect the head coach.

With only eight games remaining, D’Antoni will have to figure out some way to juggle his big man rotation. Whichever way he leans, someone is going to be disappointed.
D’Antoni Not Impressed With Chris Kaman, Pau Gasol Duo

  • lakerse72

    nooooo we cant lose hill

    • Joe B

      Exactly and for Antoni at that

  • Josh

    Not a big loss. He’s probably leaving anyway because he’ll get more money somewhere else. He can probably get about $6-8 million on the open market, and the Lakers aren’t shelling out that cash this summer.

  • AC52

    Dammit nooo!!! Come on Lakers don’t screw up…You got an underrated young player who can be our starting PF. Look at what he does in the minutes he’s given, he always provides a whole lot every time he plays. This guy is capable of having a major role on a team. Lakers FO really needs to let D’Antoni go. I’d give this guy quite the contract.

    • Chrmngblly

      I want to see if he can be the starter anywhere on this team, day in and day out. Otherwise will he want to be the backup Big? Gasol and Kaman are gone in just a few games, anyway, but we need to know this. Maybe he can be what we need protecting the rim at the 5.

  • Freddie Senter

    hill is a piece… but considering all of the wrong decisions the lakers have been making…its clear to me that hill wont be in purple and gold next season because we want to keep kaman, nash and d’antony or something like that lol ….smh… im a LA native and my team are the lakers but dam!!! team and office sucks right about now…who knows what the future will bring… still love my lakers just been a tough

    season to get thru-

  • Lakers Fan

    This pisses me off, but I dont blame him one bit. There is no harder worker on this team than Hill, and MDA continues to misuse him by playing Sacre. You need players like Hill on your team. Imagine what he would do on a team like Miami. I cant believe he finds Sacre more valuable to the team than Hill. Hill has two monster games in a row, then MDA benches him. Im so tired of this guy! LA might riot if they keep MDA after this season. God this pisses me off so freakin bad! Ive never gotten to the point where i hate someone, but MDA and this FO is pushing me to the limit. Hill needs to be a part of this team moving forward, not MDA. Im hoping this FO realize this and dont make another dumb decision.

  • Herd

    He’s a role player. He’s not a starting caliber PF. The team has other pressing issues to concern themselves with over hints from Hills camp that he’s not coming back under such and such role.

    • asdfjkl;

      agreed! but he would be great off the bench, potential 6th man of the year if he got the minutes to show it.

  • lakerfan0

    If one big man has to sit a full game it should be Sacre, no question. Hill would be averaging around 20 points and 12 boards if he was a starter. But there’s that guy called Mike…smh

    • Heath

      20 and 10 if he’s a starter? Easy now folks. think we are kinda overestimating what Hill is as a player now.

      • lakerfan0

        Ok maybe 15 and 10. I mean, he almost got a double-double in a quarter in one of those games from the bench.

    • Nashir Mohammed

      have you ever seen a Jordan Hill hook shot?

    • Jett

      You are smoking something strong and perhaps illegal. Hill will put up 20 and 12 if he’s a starter?!? REALLY? Who the hell is he? The 2nd coming of Tim Duncan?

  • $20509373

    With the rumors of D’antoni’s return he’s all but gone. Players are starting to see that we’re not only poorly coached, but also poorly run from the top on down. It’s going to be a dark summer.

  • ra

    Translation: If D’Antoni returns, I’m leaving.

    JH is a big, and by next year, we will have even fewer bigs than this year, if D’Antoni returns.

    D’Antoni’s not a bad coach, but – we won’t get to a Championship with his system (unless we get a couple of superstars, like LeBron, etc.).

  • LakersHeatBeef

    D’Antoni will cost the Lakers a lot of good players but hey WTF???

  • Nashir Mohammed

    this is the type of nonsense that most d’antoni detractors don’t mention (most are just hung up on phil jackson). d’antoni does not stick with proven talent, he goes with who he likes. there is no excuse for him benching pau gasol last season…and what he did with antawn jaimison (2013) and Kaman and Hill (2014) is exactly the problem…..while favoring Shawne Williams and Earl Clark…One breakout game or a good performance while playing 42 minutes does not make you a star. The lakers have been poor on rebounding (except Gasol) yet we barely saw Kaman or Hill in the rotation to relieve Gasol. And now the same garbage is happening with Marshon Brooks. But perhaps one game he will be used by necessity and score 20 points and then he’ll all of a sudden be a starter. This is foolish, there needs to be a balance. Give the guys some minutes to win games, not to play mind games. And by the way, Jordan Hill is replaceable…..

    • Chrmngblly

      I would like to see if Hill can play starter minutes at the 5. We need to know this before the post season. Sacre is under contract already and Kaman can go if we have to choose between him and Gasol. Gasol, himself, may not be affordable but I would rather bring him back and trade him later if someone else emerges. We do have one too many bigs if they are all healthy.


    D’antoni is ruining our credibility and Jordan Hill is our energy guy. There is no other. Pau should lose minutes. His defense and rebounding are poor, his shooting and offensive flow is not what it used to be, and Hill’s rebounding activity leads to less opportunities for our opponents and more for LAL. This guy has no flow, leadership, or plan and he should go to Marshall like Kendall Marshall recommended.

  • Mike B

    I always laugh when ppl jump on D’Antoni and his lineup mishaps. He is being paid right now for the Lakers to get a high draft pick. Why would he play his best players?

  • Dion Dnice Snowden

    Antoni (No D) is an idiot

  • Michael Duong

    Can’t lose this guy…Hill usually gets all the rebounds and tries his very hardest yet we have him benched and someone like Sacre playing..I mean come on, Sacre isn’t even that good…

  • k.

    We are in the dark age Laker fans. This could get ugly, essshhhh!

  • Brandon Leong

    I agree with Josh, we don’t need to keep Hill, he’ll want more money and he can get more money elsewhere, I wouldn’t say he’s one of the guys on my list to keep now, Wes Johnson has been a disappointment of late. Definately wasn’t what I hoped he’d turn out to be.

  • Matt Williams

    Hill’s a great bench player. Nothing more. He has to put up all-star number he put up against Milwaukee and Orlando, EVERY NIGHT!! BTW he’s starting tonight, if he can put those same numbers up tonight, then if I were Mitch I’d consider catering to him (paying him more and firing the coach immediately).

    • afs

      18 pts, 15 rebounds, 4 blks… This guy is legit, it’s just that he’s not getting NEARLY ENOUGH opportunities.. Playing behind Sacre, pshhh.

  • Scott Asai

    So sick of MDA. HIll is arguably their greatest asset behind Kobe and he’s going to walk because of this idiot coach? MDA is beyond bad for basketball. He’s bad for our country.

    • Heath

      The Lakers have big problems if Hill is indeed the “Greatest Asset they have behind Kobe”. Very. VERY. BIG. Problems.





  • Mack

    Many Laker fans have lost it. They see Kendall Marshall go for 10-12 assists for a couple games, and Jordan hill get off for 28 in one game and everyone’s like “SIGN THEM!! GIVE EM WHAT THEY WANT!! WE CAN’T LET EM WALK! THEY ARE ALL STARS IN THE MAKING! THEY WILL BE BIG PIECES IN WINNING US A TITLE AGAIN!. Get a freaking grip. Everyone’s fitting them for rings after a very VERY small sample size. There’s a reason why Hill has bounced around the league prior to coming to the Lakers and why Marshall was in the D-League.

  • SD

    Reading the comments there are people who either OVERHYPE Hill or VASTLY UNDERSELL his abilities. Is Hill a starting Center in this league? You know, I don’t know and no one can say he for sure is or isn’t considering he hasn’t had an opportunity to prove that. I think he can be similar to a Robin Lopez type of player…not the shot blocker Lopez is but a better rebounder. He’s a glue guy. He’s one of the best rebounders in this league and it’s hard to find a big that can rebound very well especially on the offensive glass. Rebounding and defense wins games. He should average more than 20 minutes a game wherever he goes. He’s too valuable not too…a lot of things happened this season that kept him from doing that. He won’t be easily replaced. Take a look at bigs on other teams…this league’s biggest weakness is at the Center position. He’s 26 and still has more time to develop. I’m not sure the lakers would have spent so much on him whether he wanted to stay or not. He’ll fetch nice offers eslewhere. but we’ll only have 2 bigs next season…Sacre and Kelly as it stands…and why because D’antoni didn’t define roles for the other guys. THAT is what Hill wants…a defined role. He wants to know that every night he’ll get 25 minutes on that court and he hasn’t had that at all this year.