Lakers News: Jordan Hill Says Lakers Still Fighting For Pride

Lakers News: Jordan Hill Says Lakers Still Fighting For Pride


With the Los Angeles Lakers 23-46 and eliminated from playoff contention, it naturally becomes difficult to continue playing hard, night in and night out. Considering the amount of injuries and having numerous players on one-year contracts, it’s easier for the Lakers to spiral downhill.

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However, Jordan Hill believes the Lakers still have one thing to fight for this season. According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Hill and the Lakers will continue to play for Lakers pride:

The Lakers are arguably the premier franchise of the NBA. Just putting on the purple and gold uniform brings a sense of pride and importance. Regardless of who wears the jersey, everyone knows that it means to be a Laker. The history of this franchise requires a lot of anyone who joins this team and regardless of how bad the record is, the Lakers can not go down without a fight. Players such as Hill, Jordan Farmar and Pau Gasol have been with the Lakers long enough to inherit the pride that comes with joining this franchise and it seems as if they are passing that down to the younger guys.

If the Lakers play with the passion, energy and pride that comes with being a Laker, then this team will continue to be fun to watch and tough to beat on a nightly basis. There is no doubt that Hill will not allow the team to go down without competing.
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  • SadLakerFan#167324

    It’s sad to see one of the most storied franchises to fall down once again…

  • Badeng

    Right now the Lakers are actually tough to watch and fun to beat on a nightly basis. All those no-name teams stepping all over the Lakers name! We gotta rebuild like yesterday!

  • Zimmeredge

    Pride my ass!!! Dońt screw it up jordan. 2weeks before the end of the season and you’re still Talking about pride. Worst record in Lakers history. Where’s the pride? Pride is long gone now, Loose every ball game. fire d’antoni. Get a top lottery pick. Bring in a valuable coach. Bring back the best of our bench players, do what you have to do with Nash and gasol, and then go after the best possible players in the fa.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Playing for pride ? Pride, went out the window when we were beaten by the Clippers. I hope that you’re back next year with a different coach, hopefully BYRON SCOTT who teaches DEFENSE.. Have a good summer. D’ANTONI GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM WITH YOUR SORRY COACHING MOODY , I want to say ASS, but I won’t !

  • Madsen 35

    Pride WTF is fool talking lol???Pride went out the window long long long ago.When the Clippers pounded the Lakers asses by over 30 points and by 48 points in and then the Spurs handled them like a kindergarten team while Spurs are a top NBA team that’s unforgiven.Lakers laid a huge goose egg when Kobe returned,yes this team has no pride zero hope and no motivation.They lost to the Bucks at home and to Philly at home and they have given up over 120 points on average in their last 14 games.This team is complete trash and hard to watch.They suck bad.Fire the stinky piece of crap coach Mike D’Antoni and get new players with pride and heart.

  • Madsen 35

    GTFO Jordan Hill this team has zero pride and is mentally checked out.Losers.

  • beasty

    we need a new coach