Lakers News: Jordan Hill Believes He Fits On Any Team; Unsure Of Return Reviewed by Momizat on . Jordan Hill went through a lot of ups and downs this season. Constantly switching in and out of the rotation, and dealing with injuries made this season a diffi Jordan Hill went through a lot of ups and downs this season. Constantly switching in and out of the rotation, and dealing with injuries made this season a diffi Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Hill Believes He Fits On Any Team; Unsure Of Return

Jordan Hill went through a lot of ups and downs this season. Constantly switching in and out of the rotation, and dealing with injuries made this season a difficult one for Hill.

With the season now over, and Hill’s contract up, there is a big question of whether or not Hill returns to the Lakers next season. With the Lakers conducting their exit interviews today, Hill spoke on his fit with any team, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Hill has some traits that any team would love to have. He is an excellent rebounder, especially on the offensive end, he brings great energy at all times, and flashed an improved offensive repertoire throughout the season.

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There are many who believe that Hill is unlikely to return to Los Angeles. Hill himself said he wouldn’t mind it, but admitted that he has no clue if that will happen or not via Winters:

Hill definitely morphed into a fan favorite this season due to his unrelenting, energetic style, and the heart he displayed night in and night out.

Even though his minutes fluctuated wildly this season, much like Chris Kaman’s, he always maintained a positive attitude and gave everything he had when he was on the floor.

Players like Hill are hard to find in the NBA, and many would definitely like to see him back with the team. Now it’s a matter of finding out if he’ll be back or not.
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  • Daryl Peek

    I would love to see the Lakers keep Hill but money will be the big issue. Most will say MDA is the determining factor as Hill was misused by him but Hill wants a bigger contract first and foremost.

    • cyborgspider

      What’s the most you’d be willing to give him, as a Lakers GM? 6m per year?

      • Daryl Peek

        I think he’s earned 5-8 mil. Keep in mind big men who can rebound and defend get paid in this league. Hill is a slightly less athletic DeAndre Jordan with a better offensive game.

        • Rdnk_laker

          Can’t agree more. Hill is a sleeper talent that still has his best years ahead of him. Given the right coach and minutes, he could develop into a solid starter. I’d bring him back. He always gives his best, he’s humble and is fun as hell to watch.

          • Daryl Peek

            I see Hill as a Kenneth Faried type of player. 25-30 MPG max. His energy style of play needs to be monitored. Not sure if he’s a starter in this league because of that but he can be a major contributor.

          • imbwar

            Hill is a energy type player… but he is no where near Faried, this guy is way more tenacious and aggressive on both ends.. inside and outside game… extremely athletic, Hill isn’t as athletic, an outside game and not as tenacious on defense…

          • Daryl Peek

            If you saw my other comment I said as such when I compared Hill to DeAndre as a less athletic type. Hill has athletic ability and has been hampered of it with nagging injuries, many of which are a career long issue so far. Faried has to be all that he is as he’s very undersized as a PF. Hill has the natural size to knuckle up in the post better and is a bit more gifted offensively IMO.

          • imbwar

            No I didn’t see your previous comment, though I agree with your assessment here.. I hope he is able to come back, I am watching the Lakers exits interviews with the media… and it seems that a lot of players mostly the bigs may or may not come back depending on MDA status as coach… the feeling that most of them are saying that they don’t like his system… would like a more slower pace “get the ball inside”…. Jordan Hill absolutely will not play for MDA..watching him now..

          • Daryl Peek

            Not the way I read their comments. The overriding sentiment is they understand why MDA did what he did and that it’s a reality of what they’ll face most places they go as far as slowed down pace of play goes. Especially Gasol. He spoke in detail about this and how it’s now winning couple with his new willingness to play that style of ball as a center. Hill will is stuck between wanting more and coming to the realization of what his worth truly is which no one but MDA has given him a shot at coming to fruition. Hill also spoke on the nature of their relationship being rock but never disrespectful between each other.

          • imbwar

            Yes heard what Gasol was saying and Johnson.. I just got the feeling that Jordan was very careful at the words he chose… I think the sooner a decision is made on MDA the better..as some of the reporters and some of the players where saying MDA system isn’t made for bigs, yes Gasol playing at 5, but Hill, Kaman, Sacre all aren’t nor can’t play the 4 and Johnson has trouble guarding 4′s..Jordan Farmar said MDA system worked well with the Suns, yet Nash was in his prime, as well as Amare, Shawn and Raja.. and all talented players whom fit perfectly in that system… I just don’t think that system will fly with Kobe next year.. jmho…

          • Daryl Peek

            The Spurs are the age argument to that which you speak. Parker is on the verge of being past his prime. Duncan and Ginobli are older than Gasol. It can work in a modified for which MDA allows for but most wont acknowledge.

          • imbwar

            Yes agree… the Spurs have the advantage of having youngsters Lenard, Splitter, Green, Joseph and Patty Mills…Jordan Farmar was saying that the Spurs do run it but they also slow it down to get the ball to Duncan and Splitter… though MDA was dealt the best he could with the injuries.

          • Daryl Peek

            Much like the Lakers with Meeks, X, Farmar, Marshall, Johnson, Young, Kelly, Hill and Sacre. All young with different levels of potential. The difference is our vets were not healthy this season.

    • Josh

      Other teams will definitely offer him more than the Lakers. I’d say he gets around $6-7 on the open market, and the Lakers know they can get a starter for that (Hawes or Gortat).

      • Daryl Peek

        100% agreement! Those are two players I’ve said the Lakers should look at. Gotat especially. I’ve been high on Hawes all season and argued with some on here about him.

        • Zimmeredge

          Okafor? could be a great defensive asset.

          • Daryl Peek

            Could be but that back injury?

          • Zimmeredge

            Well that´s not the big issue. On a vet contract or Mini Mle he worth the shot.

          • Josh

            Okafor is a mini-MLE at this point. Might be worth a look as a backup to Hawes (who could play some PF), but I’m confident in Sacre to play behind Gortat.

          • Zimmeredge

            Okafor is good RIM protectorat tho. Better than sacre or gortat

          • Josh

            Can’t protect the rim if you’re in a suit and tie. That’s the concern with Okafor. Like I said, he’s worth consideration for the mini-MLE or less, but we still need someone we can depend on for 70+ games.

          • Zimmeredge

            He averaged 31mpg in 8 season played that’s really not much. He had some bad injury but if he remains fit he can play the entire season. you just have to sit him down sometimes.

          • Josh

            Any injury that causes a player to miss a full season is a major concern, regardless of his mpg before. And I don’t think Gortat will get more than $7-8 million. The more I read exit interview comments and think it through, though, the more I think Pau will be back (and maybe Kaman).

          • Zimmeredge

            Basically i have nothing against Pau but he gets back it´s a signal of let´s suck again on d.

        • Computer Networking

          I Think They Should Try And To Do A Sign And Trade For monroe. Monroe would only get about that amount himself and I think that he would be perfect to play beside gasol, if he resigns, or love, if the Lakers get him.

  • AC52

    If i was GM, him and Swaggy P are one of my top priorities this offeason.

    • Jim213

      Good thing you’re not but I’d only try to resign Hill out of the both.

  • Jerome

    If Mike D’Antoni is the coach and Jordan Hill will be gone.D’Antoni not staying IMO.

  • vdogg

    of all the lakers who would benefit by mike d’antoni not being the coach, hill might be at the top of the list.

  • Moveover Andbark

    I’d love to hear his comment the moment the Lakers release D’Antoni as “inept” coach.

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