Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Suffers Groin Injury During Practice Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="231"] Injury problems continue to ravage the roster for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. As if Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash being ruled ou [new_royalslider id="231"] Injury problems continue to ravage the roster for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. As if Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash being ruled ou Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Suffers Groin Injury During Practice

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Injury problems continue to ravage the roster for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

As if Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash being ruled out for the season wasn’t bad enough, the Lakers will now be without Jordan Farmar due to a groin injury according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Farmar has struggled to stay healthy throughout the majority of the season. The two-time NBA champion has dealt with hamstring issues that have kept him sidelined and now the groin injury may keep him send him to the bench once again.

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With Farmar likely on the shelf moving forward, Kendall Marshall will get a boost in minutes. Marshall has struggled as of late while sharing minutes with Farmar, but will have a chance to shine once again as the starting point guard for the Lakers.

In 36 games played this season, Farmar tied a career-high with 10.4 points per game while dishing out 4.7 assists per contest and shooting 43 percent from the floor. Farmar is also shooting an impressive 45 percent from beyond the arc which is also a career-high.

If Farmar is ruled out for the rest of the season, it’d be safe to say he’s proved that he can still play at the NBA level and may have earn another contract with the Lakers.
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  • hookedonnews

    I’d like to see Nash back on the court if Farmar can’t go. He wants to play, and maybe we could actually win a game. Marshall is not going to replace Farmar’s scoring. I hope MDA will reconsider and let Nash back out there. These games are depressing enough without Farmar being out.

    • Daryl Peek

      I’d like to see that also but I suspect Meeks and X will get the reps at PG like they did right before we picked up Marshall.

      • hookedonnews

        You’re probably right. I question the decision to shut down Nash, especially after I saw that he’d been ready to play for 2 weeks. I think Marshall & Farmar (and all the young guys) could benefit from playing with him and watching him play, and he wouldn’t have to play major minutes. I understand the reasoning, but it’s hard to watch these losses when you know you’ve got someone like Nash who could be out there making a difference.

        • Nash OUT of L.A.

          Do you really think that Nash can help this team and turn the things around @ 360 degree ? Wake up and take off your pink glasses.Nash is DONE. He can no longer play. You have to understand that. Very soon, he will have to make a decision and maybe consider a medical retirement. He will still get his money from the insurance company, but will allow the management to sign a better point guard this summer.

          • hookedonnews

            I never said he could turn the team around 360 degrees. I said I thought it would help the younger players to play with him and watch him play. When did you get your medical degree? He says he’s been healthy and ready to play for 2 weeks. He cannot take medical retirement. You have to be unable to continue to play. He’s not in that category. If you’ve seen the film of him working out in the locker room during a game or seen him on the court shooting before games you know that he’s not unable to play. This subject is discussed in the interview with Bill Simmons on Grantland. Management doesn’t want to sign a PG this summer. They want to wait until players like Irving, Rondo, etc. are available. Neither you, I, or Nash himself knows how long he can stay on the court once he gets back out there. But he wants to play, he has a contract, and the FO is really not interested in carrying his salary forward for 3 years. Plus the games would not be so tedious with him on the floor. Maybe you think watching Kendall Marshall is exciting, but my grandmother has a better jump shot than he does.

    • DJ

      You and I have debated Nash, but I am with you… after watching that doc I hope that Nash someway somehow comes back next year, If Nash can play he’ll play (I hope) I like Kendall but he needs to take this summer and shoot 5000 shots a day even if it means paying Nash to help him, I know now that Kendall on defense doesn’t take chance of picking up silly fouls due to the lack of pg depth… 19 games left tryouts are set to begin Wednesday… as far as I am concerned..

      • hookedonnews

        I agree.

    • RVJ

      It really doesn’t matter anymore if they bring back Nash or not. The Lakers are officially out of the playoffs now. The wise choice now would be to let him and Gasol sit out the remainder of the season and let them get back to full strength and be ready for the next season. However, who knows if they will still be with the Lakers by then.

      • hookedonnews

        If he’s healthy I don’t see any reason to keep him out if he wants to play. He’s got so little time left in his career they should let him play because the clock is ticking. As I said, I think playing with him or watching him play will help the other young players. If he gets injured he’ll have all summer to rehab, so I don’t see a downside. They don’t have to give him that many minutes, but with Farmar out why not? Putting Henry or Meeks into the PG position doesn’t make sense. That’s not their natural position. If I was MDA I would use Nash, but I wouldn’t have shut him down in the first place if he was healthy and wanting to play. As for Gasol, he’s playing for a job next season and would not appreciate being shut down. No guarantee he’s coming back to LA, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to keep him. He’ll have to pare back his salary demands if he wants to stay, but I think they’ll make him an offer.

        • Alfonzo Alcantara

          Dude. Why don’t you understand? Nash has came back from this never ending injuries many times and did not perform well. It is not that he does not want to play, but he can’t stay healthy. Why you wonder? The guy is 40. Can you tell me a name of another player at that age, who is still playing at a high level? Or even playing this days in NBA?

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t agree that he has not performed well when he was actually healthy. When he shoots poorly or turns the ball over you know he’s in pain or something is wrong. He played very well in the Minnesota and Philly games. If you saw that Philly game you know that he’s the reason they won that game. Then he got hit on his leg where the break occurred in the Chicago game and the nerve issues flared up. He tried to play in the Utah game when he shouldn’t have because the roster was so thin. According to him he’s okay now.

            Nash is not your typical 40 year old. He’s a health nut and works out like no one in the league. If he hadn’t broken his leg we wouldn’t be talking about this because he came to LA healthy after an All-Star season in Phoenix. The nerve problems that have bothered him since the end of last season are a result of the broken leg. Of course, he’s not the player he was at 30, but he can still play well when he’s actually healthy. He has tried to play when he wasn’t last season & this season, and that’s the reason so many people think he’s done. There have been players who were still in the league at 40, but you can’t really compare him to other players because of the way he takes care of himself. It was just rotten luck that he collided with Lillard and broke his leg. I think Derek Fisher is 40, and Stockton & Kidd were still playing at 40. This is a difficult injury, and I don’t know if he can stay on the court for any length of time. He says he’s healthy now & ready to play. I think he might still be on the court if he hadn’t gotten hit on that leg again. More bad luck. Whatever happens, next season will be his last unless he has a miraculous recovery. I would just like to see him play while he has the opportunity because players like him don’t come along every day.

    • LakersOverEverything

      Why would you even want to win any of these last games? I absolutely hate seeing us lose, but at this point winning is just as disgusting. I’d rather just lose and hope for a great pick.

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t think winning a few games is going to make a big difference in our draft pick. I don’t know that playing Nash limited minutes would guarantee wins, but you would see some leadership on the court and a little more discipline. That would be good for the other players. They need to see how it’s supposed to be done. But without Kobe don’t see us winning out or anything even close to that. Nash is a fun player to watch, and I’m tired of these blowouts. Without Farmar we are going to be even less exciting.

        • Nash out of L.A.

          The bottom point is: WE DON’T NEED WINS RIGHT NOW.
          One win is taking us down with 2-3 spots in the lottery draft list. Two weeks in a row, we can not climb back from that God Damn 6-th place, just because one absolutely meaningless victory over OKC. We need to try to end up as the 4-th worst record, so we can have a chance to get a good draft pic. That is a lot more important than playing your freaking Nash, even with limited minutes. Understood?

          • hookedonnews

            Hey, it’s not my decision. I just think he deserves to play if he’s ready. He’s only got the rest of this season, and next at most to play before his career is over. I can’t blame him for wanting to play while he can.

            I don’t know that his presence would make the difference between winning and losing, but I think you’re defeating the purpose of trying to develop players when you’re playing them out of position (Meeks or Henry at PG) when you have a PG who can step in. I know you are only concerned with the draft pick, but they are trying to work with these players to try and get ready for next season. A lot of them will probably be back.

            Everyone seems to think that Nash is done, so why worry? I want a good pick as much as anyone, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to lose plenty of games with or without him. Look at the schedule.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s so late in the season and our record is terrible this season we might as well just put Kent Bazemore at backup Point Guard,he played that position in the Summer League and he can possibly make a impact as a backup player getting big minutes.

    • DJ

      The only thing about that is his lack of play making and passing skills, Gasol, Farmar both have had issues with his decision making and shot selection, hence Kent coming off the bench, idk what will happen when K24 comes back due to Kent being ball dominate and taking shots (a lot) of shots… he’ll be a good role player but Idk if he’ll be with the lakers next year especially if Byron Scott is coaching…

      • Chrmngblly

        Bazemore will be back. He earned his place on D at the 3. I look at Kent as a 6th man type or a bench 3 but even better if he can handle the point. I like the kid.

        Byron Scott. I like him but I think we need a “Name” coach to attract stars in the next few years.

        • Raymond Beltran

          Very well sad sir…. a NAME.
          Byron Scott is a Laker for life, but as a coach he has nod accomplished anything. We need to look for a coach from the Universities, who has done remarkable job in the last 5 years and who likes to work with young players. A coach with vision and knowledge of the game.Byron Scott and Kurt Rambis are not that type of candidates. They don’t have that big name, because they didn’t have any success in this league yet.

  • Kay Carter

    injured during practice??? lol what they practicing for? tha playoffs lol

    • hookedonnews

      They are preparing for next season and evaluating players.

  • Jim213

    May possibly need to consider 2 pg’s in the off season being a starter and a backup given certain players seem to be injury prone.

  • Zimmeredge

    we need a healthy point guard for next season. A lot of good lads on the fa market. We should keep Kendall as a backup. He could lead the bench because he is dishing the ball really weel and of course he remains healthy.
    Enough of the injury plagued players. I love Farmar but he couldn’t hold the pace of NBA for more than 20mpg. Nash… he needs sit and teach.

  • truth24

    How many times has someone come off the injury list then someone else goes on, seems like a trend this season. Anyways seems like a nice strategy to use these injuries as an excuse for tanking.

  • Golakers


  • Raymond Beltran

    If that is the case with Jordan Farmar, we don’t need to bring him back for the next season. Being one month out of the court, then played for a half a dozen games, then got injured again. What is thist? We are not a “IN and OUT” burger store!
    In the off-season, M.Kupchak has to address our biggest need for solid point guard by going after free agents Kyle Lowry from Toronto and Eric Bledsoe from Phoenix, who is restricted FA.
    It is so obvious that we can not rely on Nash, Farmar and Marshall. The first two are always injured and out of the court, the third one does not possess any NBA talent, besides throwing passes to open team-mates. A PG, who is not even trying to shoot and has a series of 5 games without single point can not play in NBA. He needs to go back to the D-League.

    • hookedonnews

      I’m hearing they are not interested in Lowry, and Phoenix is going to do whatever it takes to keep Bledsoe in Phoenix. They don’t want to sign a PG now because they’re waiting for someone like Irving or Rondo, etc. They don’t intend to make any big moves this off-season. I don’t know if they’ll bring Farmar back, but I suspect they will if the price is right. Nash is already under contract for next season, and Marshall is cheap. Once Kobe is back the PG position won’t be as crucial anyway. They will have a great young PG at some point, but it’s not likely to happen until 2015/2016.

  • purplerain53

    Lets see what we have.
    1. St.Nash is with trauma in his back and that is a serious issue. He won’t be able to play anymore. That is for sure
    2. J.Farmar is often injured and on the bench, than on the floor. He was my
    keeper for the next season, but I have changed my mind, since the news this
    morning. Kupchak should not offer him new contract. He is already injury
    3. K.Marshall is not a NBA material, because he is one dimensional player. He
    can only find an open man around the basket. He is a good outside shooter,
    but lately, he does not even try to shoot. He has registered a stretch of 5
    games without a single point. The guy is too slow and flappy. He walks like a
    duck and has zero athleticism. He does not also wants to play DEFENSE and
    can not guard even 40 y.o. St.Nash or Andre Miller. If we can form a solid 2-nd
    unit with several good scorers for the next season, then we may keep this
    guy, just to throw them the ball. Otherwise, he should go back to the
    D – League, where he belongs.

    So all that said, we have to concentrate on finding a starting point guard for our team. That can be Dante Exum from the draft, it can be Kyle Lowry as a unrestricted free agent, it can be Eric Bledsoe, who is restricted, but we can offer him money, which the Suns wouldn’t want to match. There is a lots of options and our management has to address this problem in the off-season.

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