Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Reportedly ‘Close’ To Returning Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers are extremely thin at the point guard position right now, after three injuries in the facilitator role have left the Lakers with zero tru The Los Angeles Lakers are extremely thin at the point guard position right now, after three injuries in the facilitator role have left the Lakers with zero tru Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Reportedly ‘Close’ To Returning

The Los Angeles Lakers are extremely thin at the point guard position right now, after three injuries in the facilitator role have left the Lakers with zero true point guards.

Fortunately, the Lakers appear to have received good news concerning the progress of one of their floor generals with Jordan Farmar apparently close to returning to the floor earlier than anticipated according to Bill Oram of the OC Register via Twitter:

Once veteran point guard Steve Blake went down with an elbow injury expected to keep him out six weeks, the Lakers were scrambling for a solution and the best option was to go with Kobe Bryant as the starter at point. With Steve Nash’s return date still uncertain, Bryant has had to shoulder the load over the past few games.

With the void left by Blake and the two other point guards, the Lakers front office has been considering making a move. The team currently has one roster spot open after releasing rookie forward Elias Harris last month and seemed to be considering using it to bring in a free agent.

Now that Farmar is close to making his return to the floor, the Lakers will continue to go with Bryant as the starter and Xavier Henry off the bench at the point. Although Bryant has committed a lot of turnovers after making the shift to the one spot, the veteran guard appears to be improving his passing game at the point, and should be able to shoulder the load a little while longer.

Once Farmar returns, head coach Mike D’Antoni plans to have him start via Oram:

With Farmar back in the lineup as the starter, Bryant will shift back to his natural position of shooting guard. Jodie Meeks will head to the bench as a result of the shift and will likely be the first player off the bench in relief of Bryant moving forward.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Been trying to tell many out here to be patient, in house help is on the way. So glad we have a FO that don’t make knee jerk reactions…

    • Jim213

      Don’t believe your view relates to myself but it still doesn’t ADDRESS the need for a starting PG. But IMO he’ll likely return sometime late next week though best thing for the bench mob.

      • Daryl Peek

        IMO your interpretation of a starting PG is something that wont be addressed til next season when the cap space is in better shape.

        I happen to think (injuries aside) we have a good PG situation for this season. Losing three PG at the same time is very rare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

    • Jose

      I agree with you on the fact that it’s great the team remained confident on what they are doing. Also with all the trade rumors and cap space they will have it’s hard for us fans not to speculate on how the team will spend some of that money. IMO if Nash does not retire due to injury the team should use the stretch provision on him and gain some more cap room. Then they are only on the hook for 29 million for towards next year. In 2014 free agency first and foremost they should look at improving the front court and resigning the young players they have (Meeks,Henry,Farmar, Johnson and Hill). You let Pau and everyone else walk. There are no superstar players that are absolute must haves but the team should take a crack at Monroe and Bledsoe but there will still be plenty of players they can bring in on the cheap to fill the roster and remain competitive. You have Blatche, Blair, Andersen, Diaw, Bonner that play better defense than Pau and are much cheaper. Also on the point guard front Mills, Livingston, Marshall, Blake and Augustin would help out and would be in their price range. If they can bring in many of these players they should remain under the cap and then still make a move on a superstar in 2015.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jordan Farmar better be careful a hamstring tear is very tricky,it can cause long lasting pulls if not careful.It’s one of the most painful injury for a NBA player.Magic Johnson pulled his hamstring back when he played and he missed the Finals against the Pistons that’s how serious a hamstring injury is.Farmar is 27 years old so he is young enough to comeback and still be effective.But he will need to shoulder the load at point guard he has no legit backup.

    As Kobe and Xavier are only forced into the role of PG.No way in hell are Kobe and Xavier true point guards.

    Nope they are shooting guards forced to play out of position due to the Lakers FO being very reluctant to add any salary due to salary cap implications.Good to hear Farmar will be back soon,we need a POINT GUARD,we can certainly use Farmar right now.This is my mentality about winning and losing.Show me a person a person who accepts losing and i will show you a loser.I am all about winning.

    • Paytc

      I am with you on those points. Adding some depth at the PG position seems to be necessary with all 3 injured and certainly not 100% reliable at this point. The PG position has not been held down solid since Fisher was let go. Sessions was probably most capable player since. I do think Farmar may be just as capable in the long term if he can stay healthy. Blake has had his best year as a Laker as well. But they could use Rondo or the likes soon IMO.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Ramon Sessions declined his one-year, $4.55 million option with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012 that would have kept him with the team.

        Sessions might have remained the Lakers’ starting point guard with a deal for Steve Nash seeming less likely.

        “I think about it at times,” Sessions said Saturday. “It’s one of those things that when I opted out, I wasn’t expecting to leave. I was expecting to work something out. But you know how the NBA business is.

        “A few weeks later, they end up signing Steve Nash. He was a great player, a Hall of Fame player. That’s what they wanted.”

        Sessions signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Charlotte Bobcats.

        Via Mike Bresnahan/Los Angeles Times

        • Paytc

          Yes unfortunately for all that didn’t work out. But hopefully given the opportunity Farmar and others can prove their worthy.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Farmar is better than Sessions. Sessions was good when he first arrived, but then he disappeared in the playoff. Farmar will prove he’s worth keeping.

      • Paytc

        Farmar moving into the starting lineup is good because I think he just needs to get the playing time to prove his true worth. But is he or anyone playing PG on the roster capable of playing at a high enough level throughout the rest of the season and into the playoffs…..? That is unchartered territory. Farmar getting the opportunity may help answer that question in a week or so.

        Go Farmar ! Go Lakers !

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Jordan Farmar is a winner.He can play hard and do his best to help this team out.Clippers,Phoenix are ahead of the Lakers as is GSW so it’s climb to the top of the division but with all the pieces in place Lakers can march up that mountain and gain some momentum towards the playoffs.

          I still am all about winning and i always will have the winning at all costs mentality.I am naturally a very competitive person and i love to my favorite team the Lakers competing.

          I am loving the winners mentality you share with me,now if we can get everyone on board with winning Lakers would have a fan base full of winners.Tanking is a foreign word to me,lottery is a joke for me to even think of with Kobe Bryant still being the starter.Kobe would never allow any tanking to take place.Win win win.Shoot for the stars.:-)

          Go Lakers!

          • nlruizjr

            apparently you have no concept of MD, winning is not in his vocabulary !!!!!

          • Paytc


            As you can see winners think alike. Winning is the attitude we lean towards consistently. We usually never sweat too much just because we’re under a little pressure, or facing a challenge. We actually often welcome it.Instead of making excuses we find a reason to thrive during times of challenge.

            You know our family and friends are all taught the value in adopting a winners attitude and belief system.
            We will eventually weed out the doubtful.Just stay positive !

            A healthy Kobe and just one more stud player STEPPING UP ” is enough to present a good battle with any team come playoff time. We just need to have a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play well when it counts most.

            Go Lakers !

      • Joseph Apohen

        I understand Rondo was a bad influence in the locker room, undermined team chemistry. The team did not like playing with him. Farmar and Blake can handle the pg position until 2015 when perhaps we can get Westbrook, arguably the best point guard now. Until then we should just be patient as I don’t think we will be challenging for the championship in the next three years. By that time management will have acquired players that should be competitive while the present dominant teams will be on a decline, except of course for the Spurs. And of course the players we now have, if kept, should be more experienced and better than they are now. With the addition perhaps of players such as Love, George, Aldridge, Durant, or Monroe, we could be winning the championship in four years. Getting two of the above and Westbrook we could be hanging banner #17. Just wishful thinking. Until then hang in there.

  • kobe24

    Thank goodness that he is close to back, however he shouldn’t come back if he isn’t 100% healthy and “yo-yo” it like Nash lol.

    On the other hand, I think it would be better if Farmar was in the 2nd unit. I know the 1st unit desperatly needs a PG also however Kobe is doing a pretty good job right now running the 1st (obviously not as well as true PG but manageable). However, moment when Kobe goes out and second unit comes in there really isn’t anyone to dictate the offense. I usually see couple of random passes or Nick Young holding the ball and shooting it with the final seconds left. Know, the 2nd unit has been playing pretty decently even without a PG (27 point I think at the Bobcats game) but with farmar in the 2nd unit it willl solidify offensive tone of the team during the entire game

    • Dragon7s

      As much as I think Farmar deserves to start, under the circumstances I agree with you that he should run the 2nd unit and continue to have Kobe start at PG, albeit with fewer minutes than he’s been playing.

      That accomplishes two things:
      1. Kobe and Pau can (and will) continue their two man game. I don’t think it’s all that wise but it’s not going to change as long as Pau is on the team.
      2. The 2nd unit will have someone that knows how to run the offense and the bench mob can get back to running the court and finding their spots. It also helps on the defensive end.

  • jeremy

    im glad he coming back soon, but i hope he not rushing it. as for adding a new PG i feel the lakers are doing the right thing and not rushing to add one. they are letting it play out and if they felt it was a big need to get one they would of got one. however the lakers are doing ok right now without a true PG to the point that there no need to rush and add one. the lakers need to worry about low post defense more then having a true PG

    • Daryl Peek

      Absolutely correct young buck!

  • Stamos


  • TAS

    Why not sign Darius Morris?

    He knows the system and in my opinion showed some flashes of brilliance last year.

    That empty spot could be filled by a familiar face and we get some much-needed backup at the PG position (I’m not holding my breath waiting for nash to get back anytime soon) just saying it’s a win-win

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