Lakers News: Jordan Farmar ‘Pretty Confident’ He’ll Return Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . Two-time NBA champion Jordan Farmar was one of the few familiar faces on the Los Angeles Lakers this season and wants to return next season. -- Lakers Nation St Two-time NBA champion Jordan Farmar was one of the few familiar faces on the Los Angeles Lakers this season and wants to return next season. -- Lakers Nation St Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar ‘Pretty Confident’ He’ll Return Next Season

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Two-time NBA champion Jordan Farmar was one of the few familiar faces on the Los Angeles Lakers this season and wants to return next season.

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Farmar spoke to the media on Thursday during the team’s exit interviews and is confident that he’ll be back next year according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

After expressing his desire to return and the confidence level he has in making that happen, Farmar talked about no longer being the third player on the depth chart at the point guard position via Winters:

Farmar returned to the Lakers last summer being behind Steve Nash and Steve Blake on the depth chart. Although unfortunate, Nash dealt with numerous injury problems and Blake was traded to the Golden State Warriors before the NBA trade deadline thrusting Farmar into a much bigger role.

The veteran point guard may have also dealt with injury problems of his own, but for the most part, Farmar’s play was much improved. Farmar turned into a valuable asset for the Lakers and may have earned another contract with the team.
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  • cyborgspider

    If the Lakers don’t pick up a PG in the offseason (for example, Kyle Lowry), Farmar should start, even if they draft a PG. Start the rookie off slow, and give Jordan the keys. Certainly deserves it. Nash can play whenever he’s up for it (off the bench).

    • Daryl Peek

      Depends on what happens with Nash and how Marshall progresses over the summer. We all think Farmar will fit better with Kobe but the HC, be it MDA or unknown will play a huge role in how the PG fits next season. I’ve been really hard on Marshall but if he improves his offensive consistency and works hard on being a better team defender, Farmar will have a hard time unseating him.

      What most Lakers fans don’t want to acknowledge is how Farmar completely backs MDA and was/is at his best playing that style of basketball. Jordan was a key to the bench mob that was the leading bench group in the NBA early on that out played the starters in winning games.

      • michael

        I hope they don’t resign marshall.

        • Kenneth Simkins

          He is already back for next year and we got him cheap! He just needs to work on his shooting and defense! He can play in the NBA!

    • Joseph Apohen

      I am still hoping for Westbrook. Until then we will just have Farmar direct the team unless Nash can play most of the 82 game schedule. Farmar then should be his backup. He showed great leadership when he was playing healthy.

      • cyborgspider

        Hmm Westbrook isn’t a FA until 2017. Unless you trade for him, that’s WAY too long to wait for a good point guard. MAYBE you can grow your own slashy/athletic/combo guard with Exum, or sign a Rondo/Lowry type player. And who knows, maybe you can get them on a 3 year deal and still go after Westbrook, but the Lakers may not have the money at that point.

        • Joseph Apohen

          You’re right. Too long to wait for Westbrook. We’ll just have to get him by trade before somehow. Lowry okay, but not Rondo. He seems to have a bad attitude. Who knows with all that talk about how good Exum is he might just be the answer for Kobe’s replacement. He might not be reachable unless they can trade for him as I don’t think he’ll be happy unless he is with the Lakers.

  • Jim213

    Mark Medina. ‘Jordan Farmar wore his two NBA rings to his exit interview to remind management of his value.’

    Farmar said Kobe will “drive this ship in the direction it needs to go.”
    Added, “whoever is on the team needs to be on his page.”

    • Joseph Apohen

      Except for Pau GAsol Farmar seems to be the most intelligent of the group. He is always prepared as evidenced by the two rings he wore to the interview. It was not by accident he wore those rings. I remember when he first interviewd for the Lakers after college. Others wore their warm up suit while Jordan wore a Brooks Bros. three piece suit. Of course being a UCLA grad also helps.

  • Josh

    I like Jordan, but I don’t think he’s good enough to start. With Marshall being such a cheap option and a capable backup, I don’t see room for Farmar next season unless he can learn to play off the ball more. Not sure if he’s big enough to play the SG position, though.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I think Jordan is a better player than Marshall. Marshall is a better passer but offensively and defensively Farmar has the edge. Hopefully Nash improves his health, if not he can back up Jordan until we get a first line pg. I am partial to Westbrook who in my opinion is the best pg.

      • Josh

        I think Jordan is the best PG on the roster right now by far. But he’s not good enough to start in this league, and I think Marshall is “good enough” to be 2nd on the depth chart and much cheaper than Farmar. I though Nash was contemplating retirement, but his latest comments sound like he thinks he’ll be back.

  • TheTruthKills

    It’s going to be wait and see with Farmar. If they draft Exum or sign Lowry there won’t be a reason to bring him back. Farmar is a capable piece, but he never developed into the starting PG he was meant to be during his first run with the Lakers.

    • Joseph Apohen

      If Exum is drafted by the Lakers, as a rookie he should be in the apprenticeship program behind Jordan, Nash, or Lowry, if the Lakers get him.

      • TheTruthKills

        If Exum is drafted he’s going to be starting at point guard and Lowry won’t even be pursued. He’ll definitely be learning from Nash and Kobe though. I don’t really see where Farmar fits in. Like I said, it’s wait and see for him.

        • Joseph Apohen

          I don’t think I’d trust a rookie to lead my team unless he is another Magic Johnson or a Jason Kidd. We’ll definitely need Farmar because of the uncertainty with Nash.

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