Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Out At Least A Month Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_89457" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]As if a sixth consecutive loss on New Year's Eve wasn't [caption id="attachment_89457" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]As if a sixth consecutive loss on New Year's Eve wasn't Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Out At Least A Month

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As if a sixth consecutive loss on New Year’s Eve wasn’t bad enough, the Los Angeles Lakers will miss yet another important piece to the puzzle due to injury.

According to a Lakers press release, point guard Jordan Farmar will miss at least four weeks with a torn left hamstring. The tear in his hamstring is in the same leg as before, but it is in a new location.

In 20 minutes on the floor against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, Farmar finished with zero points, seven assists and four rebounds while going 0-for-5 from the floor.

With Farmar out once again, the Lakers will continue to have problems in the backcourt with Kendall Marshall being the only healthy point guard on the roster. Marshall played 28 minutes on Tuesday scoring 10 points and dishing out seven assists.

Marshall will likely be the starting point guard moving forward as head coach Mike D’Antoni has no alternative at the position until Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant or Steve Blake return from injury. All three of the veterans will still be on the shelf for a few more weeks, leaving the Lakers with a serious void in the backcourt.

Along with losing Farmar for at least a month, the Lakers will also be without Xavier Henry for a week or more. Henry went down with a bone bruise in the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and was ruled out seven to 10 days before being reevaluated.
Jordan Farmar On Hamstring Tightness, Feels Like It Did Before He Tore It

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  • Daryl Peek

    Were tanking whether we want to or not. Might as well get the Bynum for Gasol trade done and save money while we can. Hopefully we can snag Waiters to help our depleted back court in the deal.

    This is dread!!

    • Daniel

      I don’t know about Bynum. Has he ever been healthy?

      We can’t catch a break…unless it’s breaking every point guard in D’Antoni’s point guard focused offense.

      I couldn’t even make it through the first quarter of the Bucks game. Unbearable to watch. We need a bench just for the injuries.

      • Daryl Peek

        Bynum would not be kept in that trade. He’d be waived to save money.

        • kobe24

          Kyrie has a left knee contusion I’m gonna guess hes gonna miss 1~3 games (or heck even none). Still Cavs are on a 6 game losing streak and without Irving for a game or two they have no chance in winning…

          Won’t be surprised if we see Pau Gasol getting traded caues Cavs are gonna get desperate

        • e3bonz

          Didn’t the Cavs already nix the deal? Either way that trade is isn’t happening.

          • 3339

            trade could still happen. depends on Kyrie Irving injury apparently.

          • kobe24

            Cavs didn’t nix it Lakers did..or at least from what I know the Lakers shot the “rumor” down who knows though anything could happen

          • e3bonz

            The Lakers wanted to trade Pau for Bynum+ another player+ draft pick from my understanding, and they said no. Then the Lakers took Pau off the block.

  • Apex

    lol I would say the lakers are clearly on tank mode, even if it is not on purpose. I feel sorry for the season ticket holders, and those that have already bought tickets to a game. At this point the only point would be to see Kobe play in one of his final years, if he returns(which Im sure he will)……

  • Gregory Choa

    Unbelievable. I never thought that this could be possible, but this season is actually more injury plagued than last season. What a (dismal) way to start the new year…un-freaking-believable…

    • brandon p

      And the funny part is LAST YEAR was incredibly injury plagued! lol…so this is just wow-ing

  • Downtoearth2

    What’s this? MDA destroying players with ridiculous system. This isn’t coincidence.

    • Tim

      The same up and down system we see from pretty much the entire league?

    • Joseph Apohen

      I would not say MDA is destroying the players. The trainers give him players that are suppose to be healthy to go. My question would be what are the trainers doing? Allowing players to play when perhaps they are not ready? MDA’s system is no more different than the others. Everyone is suited for fast pace games. Should at least be anyway.

  • Mark

    Another injury as they prepare to play 10 of 11 on the road this month?!? From a warped perspective, this can be viewed as the basketball gods giving the Lakers every excuse to tank or throw in the towel and line your ducks ( cap space & potential top 10 or higher pick) for the next few offseasons. Rebuilding on the fly isn’t as simple anymore with the new CBA and the AAU mindset of today’s superstars. Going into the offseason with flexibility and s high lottery pick are excellent building blocks to start with.

  • Lakers Fan

    I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Lakers should tank this season. Actually, we don’t have to tank. We will lose regardless. This season has been complete bullshit. I’m over it. I guess Jabari, Wiggins, and Randle isn’t out of the question after all.

    • kobe24

      Jabari <3 _ <3 personally I don't want Wiggins. They say he has a high potential but that usually doesn't end up pretty. Go with guys proven in NCAA Jabari, Randle, Smart all those guys (especially smart) will have a smooth transition into NBA than Wiggins. He has potential but he is too raw, maybe 1 more of year of college (if he doesn't improve) will help him alot

      • Lakers Fan

        Agreed. I think Wiggins will stay another year since he is so raw. Jabari, Randle, and Smart are NBA ready to me. I don’t know what they are going to do about the point guard position, but if they don’t plan on signing a good one in free agency, they should go for Smart or Exum. There is no question about that.

        • kobe24

          Agreed but right now I’m putting my money that Kendall Marshall is a legit PG that Lakers can rely on and that he just never got a shot in Phoenix. If Kendall Marshall can prove to be a solid PG (doesn’t have to be all star) but can post 12~14 points , 5~7 assist per game with 1~2 TO (something like Rubio’s stat line) I think Lakers won’t necessary have to look for a PG

          C: Monroe, (hm? Sacre? lol)
          PF: Kelly, Hill
          SF: Young, Draft Pick
          SG: Kobe, Henry
          PG: Marshall, Farmar(?)

          ^obviously this roster won’t get anywhere…maybe barely squeeze into 7~8th seed but then they can start rebuilding like that to 2015 FA (K.Love <3 _ <3)

          • Lakers Fan

            That roster would be worst than the one this year lol. Our defense would be horrible, possibly worse than this year.

      • NyLakeShow

        Passing on Wiggins would be a big time mistake. He is the best player in the ’14 draft.
        Not sure what games you are watching. He only ‘weakness’ is deferring to team mates during first half of games. You might have missed the Duke/Kansas game where Wiggins completely took over during winning time – and locked down Parker in the 2nd half.
        If, Lakers FO stays with MDA – Wiggins is no-brainer. I’d take his KU mate, Embiid over Randle.

  • Marty Susman

    Go ahead & trade Gasol for Bynum already. (Unless you can send Gasol to the Nets for Brook Lopez. (I know he is out for the year but that’s fine)…Let Marshall play big time minutes & lets see if he has what it takes to be a high draft pick. Let the kids play & lets see who among them gets the long term deal. Guards, Meeks & Marshall, Hill & Kelly along with Sarce the starters……

    • kobe24

      lolool could you imagine that?

      Henry , Marshall, Johnson, Kelly, Sacre as Lakers starters? That would be damn hilarious + imagine if they played how they were projected to play when they were drafted (Marshall, Henry, Johnson)

      • Marty Susman

        The Lakers are NOT going to be a winning team for the next 2 years. The GREAT future super studs won’t be free agents till 2015. Forget these dreams about playoff’s & rings for Kobe, it won’t/can’t happen till 2015 at the earliest. Lets play the “KIDS” & lets see if any of them can turn into a keeper next year. Can Marshall be what he was thought of before the draft ?, How about the rest of the kids, let’s see how good they can become with real playing time in the NBA & “IF WE ARE REALLY LUCKY, WE WON’T WIN ANOTHER GAME THE REST OF THIS SEASON, WE GET THE PING PONG BALL & GET THE NUMBER 1,2 OR 3RD PICK IN THE DRAFT….

        • kobe24

          Most of the guys on this list are keepers IMO except :

          Blake (love him but too old), Williams (Scrub), Meeks (eh..), Johnson (if his offensive game doesn’t get any better), Sacre (i don’t know he got better but just isn’t good enough to get consistent minutes)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is not by choice but by force the Lakers are in full rebuild mode.The draft coming up is the best draft ever perhaps.Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins are both known franchise players in the making.Marcus Smart is another Dwayne Wade with much better handles and passing ability.Joel Emiid is projected to be a long term project that has the potential to grow into being a dominant center in the NBA.Dante Exum is a flashy big point guard that has the same style game as a young Penny Hardaway.Then Julius Randle is in the mix as a Power Forward and he projected to be another All Time Great Power Forward.

    So if the Lakers only win 20-28 games this season so be it lets just enjoy what the draft brings us.I was 100% into winning games to the fullest this season but after all these injuries and losses it’s time to develop any young players we can and trade our players for draft picks and additional salary cap space.It a full blown rebuild from the looks of it.This is not worth watching i can’t watch this product as closely as i did when we were doing much better.I still watch the games but it’s not the same anymore.Lakers must do what they feel is best from now on.I am just a fan observing this horrible season and i am patient.

    Us as fans have to endure these tough challenging times.The Lakers FO has a plan in place to make this a successful rebuild.This is the right decision to develop young players and get high lottery pick while saving money and adding more cap space.The Lakers are far closer to getting back to respectability than most think.Injuries Injuries Injuries this season is over before it should be sadly.

  • Dr Jack

    Injuries and recurrent injuries.

    Focus has to go on the training staff now and mechanism for clearing these players.

    Are they being rushed to re-enter.

  • Nick the Quick

    Next thing you know, Luke Walton Byron Scott, and Big Game are gonna have to step out and have to play for the Lakers because we are so depleted. I mean we are really going have to make a trade and really end this MDA experiment. I can’t stand to see our team get injured for a coach whose never going to get us to the promise land. Same with this Nash experiment. I say call it quits so the Lakers can get more money.

  • Dr Jack

    Lakers need outside help big time. Pat Riley or Jerry West as special advisors.

    Did Amare not get injured in MDA system as well?

    Kobe was a victim of MDA system last year.

    We don’t want to start saying MDAs system is injuring players but it is some thing that needs to be examined.

  • Sti1lmatic

    In regards to all the rumors and the team taking-
    As Good Ol’ JR used to say, “anything can happen in the wwf”.

    In this case the NBA.

  • Marvin

    i could be wrong here,i think the D’Antoni system is too much wear and tear on this age group of Lakers!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am calling it now Kendall Marshall is going to play at a All Star level as a starter.

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