Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Has Torn Left Hamstring, Out Four Weeks Reviewed by Momizat on . Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar left last night's 114-108 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers early in the first quarter with a mild hamstring strain. Far Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar left last night's 114-108 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers early in the first quarter with a mild hamstring strain. Far Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Has Torn Left Hamstring, Out Four Weeks

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar left last night’s 114-108 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers early in the first quarter with a mild hamstring strain. Farmar played just one minute and was seen rolling out his hamstring prior to the start of the game and was headed for more tests today to show the severity of the injury.

Without the services of Steve Nash and just one true point guard on the roster, Steve Blake, the Lakers looked lost at times with Xavier Henry and Jodie Meeks initiating the offense. However, the results of an ultrasound show a significant injury according to the Lakers Twitter account:

In his first year back with the Lakers after spending two years overseas, Farmar is the catalyst for the NBA’s best bench. Playing roughly 20 minutes a night, Farmar is averaging 9.2 points and 4.4 assists as he’s shown great maturity during his second tour with the Lakers.

Without his services for at least a month, the Lakers will be waiting on guard Steve Nash, who returned from training in Vancouver for the last week or so. The 39-year-old point guard is recovering from hip and back injuries and it’s unknown what he’ll do in tomorrow’s practice.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni has been creative in using the players in his system this season and without Farmar for an extended period of time, Blake, Meeks and Henry will shoulder the load of getting the Lakers into their sets.


ICYMI: Mike D’Antoni talked about using Xavier Henry at the point guard position


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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Damn it.Lakers are screwed no backup QB on the roster.Tanking is not a option.

    • Jim213

      Very unfortunate but especially for the team. Wonder what happened to the team’s starting PG. Blame goes to management again for their inefficiency.

      Should’ve traded Nash sooner (position for positions) which would’ve given us more depth at the 1 but at least a starting PG. Good thing Kobe may likely return IMO, either Dec 10th or sometime mid December.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yeah i am crying and just sad for the Lakers.Farmar was fast becoming my favorite bench player and favorite PG in the NBA when this crap happened.Just a shame to hear this.Great team player.Lakers need a point guard to help Steve Blake out.

        My guess is Jim Buss will order MDA to use Xavier Henry into a point forward and that won’t translate into wins but in the long run Xavier will learn how to be a point forward much like Scottie Pippen or Anthony Mason.But for now we must wait and see what the Lakers FO has up their sleeve.Sad sad sad news and day.:-(

        • Jim213

          Should’ve traded Nash sooner then at least Blake could’ve been switched if he was playing the 2. Hopefully Meeks doesn’t play the 1 given yesterday’s TO’s as he’s not a good ball handler.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah this is a mess right now,sitting at 9-9 and now this news.Playoffs would have been easier if all players were healthy.A trade is going to happen,but this is Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak so patience is the key with them.

            But with these injuries no way in hell will they wait much longer.Adding Josh Selby or Lester Hudson wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.I want Kendall Marshall on the Lakers but then again i might be the only one that does.

          • Jim213

            Don’t believe it’s about patience, it’s more they don’t have a clue in what direction to go forth. Given they’ll be paying Kobe $24 mil in the next two seasons (don’t blame KB24) IMO it throws out the window the issue of them wanting more leeway come 2014 FA.

            IMO, should’ve traded Nash which will help ax another $9 mil come next season while acquiring another consistent PG who can play the 1 like the game calls for NOW aside of consistently. All the past bad moves these past seasons just leaves doubt to what this management can do come 2014FA.

            Yes, it’s coming out of their pocket but it’s just an excuse to their bad moves that will likely translate to them limiting their spending to avoid the cap tax though it really relates to their previous bad moves that has forced them to spend more $$ while screwing the team over.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Not too sure what a team will do after such a big injury,my guess is Steve Blake will play 40+ minutes and end up being run into the ground,hint hint to the Lakers their is a former OKC Thuder PG DeAndre Liggins and i really like this player and Liggins is currently in the D-League OKC cut him because he beat his wife up in a domestic dispute over this last summer 2013 anyways he is averaging about 7 assists per game and 14.5 PPG and he is one hell of a defensive player and he was with OKC,he is 25 years old.

            I strongly suggest DeAndre Liggins to the Lakers in a time of need.Emergency is when you have one healthy PG.Most teams have 3 or 4 healthy PG.Gotta make a move.DeAndre Liggins is 6’6″ and 209 Pounds big PG in the Ron Harper or Brian Shaw mold.

            Current numbers for DeAndre Liggins.Watch his games.


          • Jim213

            Possible option but let’s wait and see what management does which may likely come in the 2014 off season for all we know. SMH

        • nlruizjr

          time to call up Darius Morris for Dec.games, he is familiar with MD’s system, so should be ready to go, we have 4 days to train him !!!!!

      • Steve

        Talk about “trading” Nash “sooner”——sooner than what?? And what deluded fantasy makes you think ANYONE would trade an elite “starting PG” for decrepit old Nash…….the REAL PROBLEM IS THE TEAM INVESTING IN OLD TALENT IN GENERAL…..this is a practice that has NOT served the Lakers well……..e.g., Karl Malone, Vlade Divac, etc. When we get these old guys they seem to immediately fall apart physically as soon as they get to the Lakers…

        • Jim213

          Must not be following up with the news. One or two teams have expressed interest before (don’t know why) but it’s likely for marketing purposes (one team raptors) if someone is interested then it should be considered.

          Like yourself not have to much confidence on management so hopefully they can pull a miracle. The gave up too much for Nash aside of being a bad move.

          DH would’ve been a bad move to bringing so have to get the coach some credit with what he’s managed to pull off (cap limit $$) given the team has better depth and chemistry than the past years.

    • Steve

      We’re not totally screwed yet…..others have backup “QB”—ability….O Henry did well last night…….and don’t forget Kobe….if we can maintain energy levels on defense, D’Antoni has shown considerable ingenuity at managing short personnel…….

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • APrince66


  • skillnwill


  • Gregory Choa

    Let’s just hope that when Steve Nash comes back to practice with the team this week, that he checks out physically…same with Kobe. If they both suffer no setbacks and are both GTG, the Lakers should be OK.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    If we put meeks at the 1 we will lose and X does not see the floor well enough to distribute. I foresee some kind of trade in the future. Nash is not going to be any kind of saving grace no matter how he comes back. Farmar was playing on a level Nash can no longer play at.

    • Kasey

      Thanks for the negativity during this difficult time for us fans. X played one game helping out at the 1 and he actually did a pretty good job. Give the man a chance before you spew nonsense.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        1 assist and 1 turnover is a good job? Keep ur bullshit thoughts to urself.

        • Kasey

          The only thoughts that are bullshit on this comments section is yours you hateful ass prick.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            people who try to play superhero are pathetic

          • Kasey

            Oh well then I guess I’ll superhero my worthless ass life to the grave then. Carry on.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Passive Agressive lackey

          • Kasey


  • Martin Susman

    That’s a shame, he should have been the starting point & for sure he was the “BEST” bench point in the league.


    dammm he was paying so good /:

  • 5xob

    Where is djo? Is steph curry lil bro available? Yell

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