Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Feels Team Doesn’t Have An ‘Identity’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="127"] The Lakers struggles seem to be never ending as they fall yet again to the Indiana Pacers despite gaining a few fresh legs and new fa [new_royalslider id="127"] The Lakers struggles seem to be never ending as they fall yet again to the Indiana Pacers despite gaining a few fresh legs and new fa Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Feels Team Doesn’t Have An ‘Identity’

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The Lakers struggles seem to be never ending as they fall yet again to the Indiana Pacers despite gaining a few fresh legs and new faces. Veteran point guard Jordan Farmar is used to playing for championship quality squads and can feel the difference in this team.

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After the loss, Farmar addressed the issue telling the media on Time Warner Sports Net that the team doesn’t have an identity right now:

“We just don’t have an identity right now…we have a lot of guys coming back, a lot of guys who are new and nobody really knows their role on the team.”

Farmar is not alone in this though as the rest of the team feels the strong disconnect as well and rightly so. The starting lineup is a constant shuffle to which they still have not found the right match.

For Farmar, he has had a lackluster return from the hamstring injury, scoring only five points with seven assists in tonight’s loss. He voiced his frustration stating that he wants to be out there and contribute, but doesn’t like being part of these blowout losses: 

“I’m not a fan of being part of games like this, so it’s a Catch-22. I want to be out there and contribute, but it’s been tough lately.”

Farmar and the Lakers have lost seven of their last 10 games and are looking to finish the season on a higher note. While they won’t make the playoffs this season, it’s important to establish an identity and try to get as many wins as possible.

Coach D’Antoni Talks About Clearing Room For Nick Young And Xavier Henry

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  • Jim213

    The coach has had enough time to figure out what type of players he has this season. IMO, shows the lack of confidence aside of not being able to figure out a starting rotation (even with injuries).

    • LakersHeatBeef

      I agree Bazemore and Brooks should be retained next season.I have a question for you what do you think of the Lakers keeping these players as strictly bench players Bazemore,Brooks,Marshall,Kelly,Sacre,Wesley and then bring in 4 new starters to surround a healthy Kobe.

      Eric Bledsoe and Lance Stephenson are high on my list and believe it or not a amnesty is going to be used on Carlos Boozer maybe bring him in on a short deal and Luol Deng is a major target for the Lakers because of his defense.Also Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza gotta be considered along with Lowry.

      Those bench players i mentioned are all going to comeback for cheap around a million bucks each veteran minimum deals.Lakers got the team option on Bazemore,Marshall,Kelly,Sacre so we are set to have a great bench if we re-sign them all.Just need a healthy Kobe and a new starting lineup.A coaching change might happen as well IDK.Use cap money on the starters.

      • Jim213

        Not sure of the list but I’d go with Farmar (if healthy 2nd unit), X Henry, Brooks, Bazemore, Hill, Sacre (signed for next season), and Meeks (so so realible shooter). Thus 8 possible returning players though sad to say but Pau for no more than $8-9 mil per yr. SMH!

        It’d be tough to find someone with Pau’s skill (not too many good bigs (not great) available next season. Would’ve gone with Blake over Meeks given he could’ve played the 1 or 2 tho age likely became a factor. Thus, a starting PG is still needed aside of a solid PF while going after another solid big (banger at the 5).

        Aside of Meeks and Sacre the rest of these players play defense. Eric bledsoe won’t be available if the Nuns match any offer as they’ve mentioned. Granger was traded before cutoff thus freeing up $$ to get re-signed by the pacers (likely not available) now). Earl Clark looks to be going (possibly) to the Knicks so not certain of availability for next season.

        No diss to the other players not mentioned but I wouldn’t bring them back as not seeing enough in their games all around to bring some back. Had plenty of time to capitalize on the opportunity but business is business. This isn’t the National Buddy Association where a supportive locker room means they should all return next season.

        I’d try acquiring Ed Davis PF/C or Greg Monroe (hasn’t shown too much as of late). Avery Bradley should also be considered IMO if FO can’t attain a PG/SG in the draft or FA. IMO, gives them some good depth at the positions which goes for assets too come 2015 trade deadline.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Yeah i agree about Ed Davis i had no idea the Grizzlies are likely letting him leave wow that’s a surprise.I would love Ed Davis on the Lakers.Avery Bradley i like maybe we can get him too.But yeah it’s time for some new starters.

          I like Pau but i think he has a $19 million dollars cap hold if we don’t renounce him so that would hinder our chances in free agency.

          But Pau is worth bringing back at the right price.Otherwise hopefully we get the top pick in the draft at least a top 3 pick would be great.Bledsoe is likely staying with the Phoenix team.They said they would re-sign Bledsoe on several occasions.We gotta keep Bazemore and Brooks.

          • Jim213

            Agree, Kupcake has mentioned this off season won’t bring a big acquisition (waiting until 2015). Thus, it’s one of those years where role players will be key for FO this off season (unless Lebron is available per FO).

            But the biggest move for the cavs was firing their GM which has somehow motivated the team to improve their play. Thus, won’t get a top 5 pick IMO.But have the Lakers selecting 3-5th come draft time IMO.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah Mitch pulled off a big trade ifor Chris Paul n 2011 only to have it vetoed by David Stern since then he picked up old injured Steve Nash and disgruntled Dwight Howard.

            Yes it’s time for Mitch to back off questionable expensive free agents and he should build a team that can win games.Contending for a championship is my hope.

            Yes selecting 3-5 for us sounds right come draft night.Mitch has all the time in the world to ponder what he wants to do to help improve us.

        • Josh

          The Lakers don’t want to “win games.” They want to win championships. You don’t win championships by spreading $30 million across four starters. Championships are won by max players, so the Lakers will be looking for max players over the next 2-3 years, spending their mid-level exceptions on role players, and signing anyone else to minimum contracts. Anyone who comes in next season above the MLE will be another one-year contract or trade bait.

          Mitch talked about this at some point this season. You don’t really want to spend your cap space on middle-of-the-road $8-9 million contracts. You build like the Lakers have in the past and like the Heat are currently built. 2-3 max players, good bargains on mid-level exceptions, and minimum contract role players/reserves.

          • Jim213

            Know this and the point is? Team needs a few consistent starters aside of a franchise player or two. If the Lakers fall between 3-5th in the draft they’ll have a good chance of acquiring a top prospect that could help to represent the brand for the next 15+ years (possibly). Team rebuilds thru FA not like many other teams being thru the draft.

    • Daryl Peek

      All I can do is SMH

      • Jim213

        Best to turn the page after the end of the season b/c things won’t improve with the current coach. BUSINESS!

        • Daryl Peek

          That’s not a business assessment that’s a personal preference.

          • Jim213

            SMH, rotation, fundamental issues, lack of confidence from his team and leadership (even with the injuries etc..). Business demands better than what’s been shown these close to two seasons.

      • LakersOverEverything

        I’m genuinely confused as to what you like about D’antoni. The only players who say anything good about him are the ones who suck, and that’s because they know good and well no other coach in this league would allow it. As Jim213 said, he has constant issues with rotation, defense, lack of discipline, etc

        • Daryl Peek

          Lets see, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Leandro Barbosa, Joe Johnson, Grant Hill, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Jeremy Lin, Chanuncy Billups, Al Harrington, Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, David Lee, Ray Felton, Tyson Chandler and Shaq who didn’t fit in Phoenix but said D’Antoni is a good coach and has plenty of plays designed for big men to thrive. Shaq was on a rapid decline but put up better numbers playing for D’Antoni then he did with Miami in that championship season in 06. No coach has 100% perfect relations with all of their players.

          None of these guys I listed suck and are confused about liking MDA as a coach because they all do. I prefer inside out basketball but I don’t play the bias game.

    • Jim213


  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    No one really is to blame…. it is just impossible to forge an identity when players is in and out of the lineup. And lots of new guys coming in that wasn’t part of the training camp participants.

    • Daryl Peek

      Exactly, conversely the Pacers have only had like 3 starting line up changes this season compared to the Lakers 29. The team we just lost to has the best record in the NBA in large part due to line up continuity.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is what every bad team says.

  • cyborgspider

    If Thibodeau, Lionel Hollins or a Van Gundy brother were coaching this team, Defense would be their identity. There are some coaches who instill their time-tested philosophies and confidence into a team, no matter what the talent level is. Antoni is clearly incapable of doing so, he’s proven to be a failure at Denver, New York and now we all have to suffer through it too. Regular season success with the Suns does not make him a quality coach, a shame the FO doesn’t see it that way.

    • Daryl Peek

      If any of those guys were coaching this years team inconsistency would be their identity also. They know it and many of them have said so. Fans are the ones that can’t accept this.

      BTW, MDA never coached in Denver.

      • vdogg

        actually, mike d’antoni DID coach in denver for 50 games during the 98-99 regular season. just sayin’.

        • Daryl Peek

          WOW! Got me on that one. I don’t remember that stint at all

      • Sylvia Ross

        Daryl, knows everything. Nice guy, nice to listen but he knows everything.

        • vdogg

          LOL, agreed sylvia. i enjoy reading daryl’s posts, but i think he thinks that he is on here to teach the rest of us about the lakers. meanwhile, he gets stuff wrong… as i just proved.

          • Daryl Peek

            I don’t think I’m here to teach. I just enjoy talking Lakers.

        • Daryl Peek

          Nah, I don’t know it all. I know a lot but not all. LMAO

  • kobe24

    Honestly a shame, we have quality bench players in this group (Nick Young, Farmar, Marshall, Hill, etc etc) but no starting material players.

    If Lakers could retain most of these guys (probably not Meeks, Hill since they are going to get better contracts) and just get steady starters for the next 1~2 season (I.E. Kevin Love, Bledsoe, Deng, Monroe, etc etc) it could be a great team

    • Kay Carter

      Like the idea of having a Bledsoe-Kobe-Deng-Love-Monroe line-up

  • Leo

    We need a new coach. All the players complain, the team struggles the fans are upset. The run and gun system still fails, the team leader veteran, who should be the most respected (and consistent) player is Gasol, who does not fit this system – and everyone knows what Dumbtoni thinks of him. This will never work. This is should be a much better team on paper. Even if Kobe returns (which – most likely – will not happen this season) the Dumbtoni system is destined to fail with this team. Nash should retire and his beloved coach sent away. Rather start from scratch than see everyone struggle and complain.

  • Ico

    we need to trade Sacre for someone big enough, he has a big body but that is all, no impact on the game, no shootin, no post moves, no real defense, just a pile of meat, I’d like to keep brooks, wes Johnson, marshall, other than that I think it’s more of sentimental talking more than real deal on the court, as much as I like J Hill, he is somewhat not competitive as he should be, just teach meeks some D and it will be alright, ray allen has D and great three pointers.

  • Jay Brodes

    this is purely on the coaching..hey jimmy it is time..fire dantoni!!!

  • Al Haldie

    How can a team have an IDENTITY – when the COACH has no idea of what he is doing , and who to play – i was glad to see PAU speek up against the so called coach…

  • Eddie Lazaro

    What happened to the “Defense” that Rambis and D’Antoni were forging. I don’t care if the person they are guarding is going to the bathroom, they have to stick with him if that’s what it takes to win. If they are giving up 35 or more points in a Qtr, and 40s”!, they will never win. Coaches are there to teach and guide player to form a habit, whether it’s Good offense or better defense, to have a better player. but if he is letting players to play with no system but to Run and Shoot, but no defense on the other end, most likely, any team he coach will have the same result as Lakers right now especially with the injuries the team have been suffering all season. But injuries are not an excuse regarding defense. Every player can play defensively, it is but the coaches will to Demand It! Also, wondering why the (Bigs) productive and reliable players are warming the pine, getting out rebound by opponents by double digits? Not too good looking resume I would say.

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