Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Excited To Play In D’Antoni’s System Reviewed by Momizat on . Of all of the Lakers offseason additions, arguably the most welcome one has been the return of point guard Jordan Farmar. Farmar was a part of the back-to-back Of all of the Lakers offseason additions, arguably the most welcome one has been the return of point guard Jordan Farmar. Farmar was a part of the back-to-back Rating:
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Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Excited To Play In D’Antoni’s System

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farmarOf all of the Lakers offseason additions, arguably the most welcome one has been the return of point guard Jordan Farmar. Farmar was a part of the back-to-back championship teams in 2009 and 2010 and his athleticism and defense are things the Lakers were sorely lacking last season.

Farmar left a lot of money on the table overseas in order to return to the Lakers this season. And besides wanting to be home near friends and family, Farmar revealed that playing in Coach D’Antoni’s system was also a big reason in him returning to the Lakers, as he told KTLA this morning:

Just a good opportunity, basketball, and life wise. For me to be home in front of my friends and family is very important right now. And Coach D’Antoni’s system is very conducive to the way I play basketball. So I felt it was a great opportunity to me and I’m excited to get started.

Farmar, along with guys like Nick Young, Wesley Johnson, and Jordan Hill will give the Lakers a speed element they were sorely lacking last season. Coach D’Antoni will obviously have to adjust his system some due to his roster, but a second unit led by those guys would be able to run other teams off the floor.

Everyone is happy to see Farmar return, and if he can fit in to the system they way he’s expected to, he will elevate a poor bench unit for the Lakers. Check out the video below.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Hm? According to many Laker fans, sentiment is players don’t like playing for D’antoni, in his system?!?

    • Eddie Lazaro

      (to add) and yet these guys are taking huge pay cuts just to be in the roster, hard to figure that one out?!?

      • Daryl Peek

        Young and Kaman easily took 5 mil less to be Lakers. I wont count Farmar because I’m sure coming back state side was a huge motivation for him and his young family.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Farmar left a guaranteed contract of $10.5m/3yr. The Lakers (rumored) bought it of for $500K to have him on the roster where he will get a vet ($1.1m) minimum. A lot of money being turned down to be with the Lakers.. what A Great Motivation!

    • Atoy

      I guess it depends if a player’s style fits a certain system. Elsewhere in another article, some posts talk about how Jordan and Kobe flourished under Phil’s system but somehow didn’t win any titles under a different coaching system. But could it be other factors? Like maybe they were in their prime? I don’t really know.

      • Daryl Peek

        The funny thing about that is how 90% of the NBA runs the D’Antoni PNR system. Everey championship team that didn’t run the triangle from 1999- present runs variations of it. It’s the model most all are striving for now days but no one wants to play for the guy who revolutionized the new way?

        McHale runs that very system Howard was so against?!?

        • 3339

          McHale ran that system to fit the roster he had. Expect to see something different with Dwight. (who knows if it works)
          dantoni always gets beaten at his own game.

          • Daryl Peek

            No, McHale is on record saying he’s not changing the system. He still plans on running the offense through Harden and Lin. I’m sure he’s gonna try and fit Howard into the mix offensively but those were his words on the matter.

          • Daryl Peek

            McHale is planning on experimenting playing Howard at PF with Asik at center. He’s having delusions of 80′s Celtic grandeur. Howard in his role?!? I can’t wait to see that fail! LOL

  • Jim213

    Lakers Nation (site) should start a contest to hand out some of the Hollywood night jerseys (promotion). But the most they’ve probably given out is cotton t-shirts, socks, and towels.

  • The Rock

    Mike D’Antoni is the best coach in the NBA in terms of offense.MDA is my favorite NBA coach and he has always been in my top 5 coaches in the NBA.Even before he came to LA i always liked his coaching style a ton.The sole purpose of Mike D’Antoni being hired was to improve a stale crappy offense that Mike Brown was running.Jerry Buss wanted to recreate Showtime and management wanted a run and gun fast paced offense that scored a ton of points.Players on this roster respect the coach Mike D’Antoni.

    Well mission accomplished MDA fixed a pathetic low scoring offense with his coaching and he also went 28-12 in the last 40 games of the season.That’s a pretty damn good coach if you ask me.But haters just wanna complain and bitch about all types of BS.Oh well support our team and players please.

    On to other news ya man Jordan Farmar will thrive in the D’Antoni system since it’s designed for the point guard to play a big role in the offense.Jordan Farmar can easily become a nice story much like Jeremy Lin,they both love MDA since he will help them reach their full potential just ask Steve Nash how much MDA helped him out becoming 2 time MVP back in the old days.Ya Jordan Farmar can explode in this fast paced offense.He is fast and young with good basic point guard skills also he can make 3 pointers with ease,that’s all it takes in the MDA system.I look forward to seeing Jordan Farmar play again in Lakers gear.

    • lawski

      I agree! I have always like D’Antoni. I picked him or Jerry Sloan to be the coach. This up and coming season will really give him a chance to prove himself. I hope he does really well so I can see how people that talked shit about him react…

    • pamelabutler11

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  • Paytc

    Like Phil Jackson learned the Triangle from someone else did MDA create “his ” own system… or where did he learn his from? I think everyone is born with a blank slate… their are very few creators. Most learn to copy and paste bits and pieces of knowledge to form their systems and philosophies.

    What I do admire in MDA is the offensive approach of attacking and taking it to opponents.
    I just hope the players all buy into it on that side of the ball. But don’t forget to play massive defense on the defensive side of the ball. Effort over excuses! Go Lakers !

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