Lakers News: John Calipari Says ‘I Wouldn’t’ Take Lakers Job If Offered

Lakers News: John Calipari Says ‘I Wouldn’t’ Take Lakers Job If Offered

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari has been in the news quite a bit as of late following a rumor surfacing he’d be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The timing of the rumor was strange to say the least with Kentucky heading into the national championship game against the University of Connecticut, but it was quickly dismissed by the head coach after the loss to UConn.

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On Tuesday, Calipari continued to deny any connection with the Lakers or job offer that might be in the works. Calipari said the following on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless according to Marc Stein:

With Mike D’Antoni’s fate hanging in the balance, there very well could be another head coach in place by the start of next season. The last two seasons have been an absolute nightmare for the Lakers organization and D’Antoni could be a victim of their shortcomings after the worst season in franchise history.

Although the team has been reluctant to announce their intentions, many believe D’Antoni could be fired once the season comes to an end. D’Antoni has one guaranteed year left on his deal with the team, but the Lakers might want to start over once again in order to help draw free agents, satisfy the fan base and potentially please current players like Kobe Bryant.

As for Calipari, it seems inevitable that he’ll return to Kentucky. Despite the fact that his hiring by the Lakers would be a potential game-changer and a sign that the team wants to right the ship immediately, it appears highly unlikely that he’s headed to Los Angeles forcing the team to pursue other options if D’Antoni is not retained.
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  • South OC

    That’s easy to say when no offer is on the table. He just might change his tune.

    • Stan van gundy

      This guy doesn’t want to play for this dumbass lakers FO. Jerry bust left his fortunes to these idiots he should of gave it to magic. Back when magic was getting all the attention and Jim buss was getting none from his daddy. Clearly screwed the lakers over. We should of had Phil Jackson but too fucking late. He’s gonna prove that he’s better in running a franchise over Jim bust . If I where John calipari my response would of been ” fucking that suit I’m not playing for that idiot”.

      • that one guy

        You must be hella confused Dr. Buss is the one who picked D’antoni over Phil Jackson.

        • bb91103

          Umm no. Dr Buss left the decision to his son by that point.

  • nick

    Why would he say Yes and how can he without a legit offer, how will that sit with his current employers Kentucky once they find out his intentions of leaving? That too with a legit offer and then canned by his current employer? Some time I question the IQ or caliber of these questions media guys ask them openly when they should already know what answer they will get, in this case he has to be politically be correct and say NO. DUH!

  • Terelle

    Well of course, what does anybody expect him to say in front of a TV camera live for all the world (including his incoming recruits and prospective recruits) to hear? If the Lakers do call, he WILL listen intently as would any coach.

    • $99752914

      JC makes 5.2 million a year…. Mike Dantoni is making 4 million and Mike Brown was making 4.5… POP, Doc Rivers and Rick Adelman are the only coaches making more than Calipari… unless the Lakers pay him nearly double that… he will put a block on his phone if the Lakers call….

  • The Preacher

    Gulp welp that’s a wrap and a punch to the Lakers franchise.Before the Lakers coaching job was the most glamour and even Phil Jackson accepted a offer from the Lakers after winning 6 championships in Chicago.Hell this is how low the Lakers appeal is nowadays for the mainstream guys in basketball.College Basketball is like Double A baseball so if a Double A coach turns down the Yankees job all hell would break loose in the media and between fans this is the equal of that.Lakers are in need of a image change and new ownership is needed this is no longer the Lakers my Grandpa watched this is the less promising Lakers in a rebuild with no good direction just buying time to fill the seats.Sad times make me and others cry a river of Lakers tears from our loyalty to the Lakers franchise.Lets pray for a better day.

    • DanaRuns

      Don’t go slitting your wrists just yet.

      • The Preacher

        Lol not so serious just a little sad these days regarding our beloved former dominant Lakers.All is well with the blessings god has gave me a beauty of a wife and 4 wonderful kids and a nice dog that is all i can ask from God.Sports is just a hobby for me no need to slit any wrist no matter how bad some Lakers moves from the FO kills me it is all part of the big picture.No matter how bad the luck is and how bad this terrible season is killing me i am fine with my life.Hallelujah.

    • Al Haldie

      Get over YOUR SELF – or seek HELP…

    • Shannon

      He wasn’t offered a coaching job for the Lakers you moron and we know if he actually was offered that would not be his answer.

  • Joshua Duenas

    He shouldn’t be thinking to high of himself because this guy never succeeded at the NBA level. He would be lucky to get a job as an assistant of any NBA lakers. There are much better coaches out there. Avery Johnson, George Karl, Lionel Hollins, I’d even rather take a chance at derek fisher rather this clown.

    • bill@leaguecity

      Great comment; I especially like Avery Johnson and would definitely take a chance on Derek Fisher.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Means he is not coming to the Lakers unless he is just in denial.It’s getting nuts.

  • mohammed

    well fuck ya dawg

  • Al Haldie

    Same LAKERS NATION CRAP–never an answer — just DUMB questions….

  • comrade24

    no more coaching experiments!

  • LegendInMyMind

    This is not a hire that I expect. And I’d be mixed on it, anyway.

  • Messig12

    Here is a thought about future lakers coach: Mark Jackson. You hear word about how unhappy Warriors’ owner is not an endorser of Mark Jackson being their HC for the team. Why not sign him if he gets fired? Golden state has gotten to be a lot better defensive team and he is a great coach that players live to play for. He seems to know the importance of mixing veterans and young talents. Kobe won’t have a Problem playing for him. Mark likes skilled big men like Pau. Just a thought.

  • Jay Brodes

    not sure he is the right fit but better than dantoni!

  • Shannon

    Well you weren’t offered fag and we don’t want you anyway.

    • calikidd89

      How come nobody considers Kurt rambis.?? Dedicated he’s whole career to the Lakers franchise. Wtf. How much worse could it get.

      • calikidd89

        Chick hern probably rolling over he’s grave right about now. The refrigerator doors are definitely closed right now !!

      • The chase is on

        It could get a lot worse. Kurt Rambis is in charge of the Lakers defense. Ask the players who played for him what kind of coach he is. Why in a culture where teams recycle mediocre to lousy good ole boy coaches, Kurt was not hired when he left his last HC job?

  • edrogers

    don’t know why the lakers just think everyone wants to be there. dwight was smart in leaving and basically as long as kobe runs the team there are very few coaches kobe respects enough to listen to. until kobe finally gives up on his ego the lakers will get nowhere until then they have a HOF player who has simply broken down with all the miles he’s logged playing since he was in his teens. it eventually happens to everyone, even superhuman Kobe.

    lakers won’t admit their success was tied to jerry west, once they stopped listening to him they started sucking.

  • NYJ

    Screw Coach JC…let’s hope the FO brings in Team USA HC for 5yr deal…Unlike 10 yrs ago, this coach needs a new challenge, already has all-time wins, knows Kobe well…and can recruit top level FA’s back to LA. If, Lakers Nation is going to bring in a college coach to counter power play by Knicks, Clipps’ …break the bank in bring in Coach K. He would immediately stabilize the position (both glamour & production), right the ship for next few years…and possibly entice LeBron or KD… either way, at least this season is over and draft day dreams begin anew…

  • Darrin

    Food for thought…how about the late Ben Howland? I think he was an excellent coach albeit short on a couple chances for NCAA championships with UCLA and he’s available immediately.

  • DS

    Good, he was a pathetic coach for the Nets anyway. He only wins in college with dirty programs.

  • Alexandra Taylor

    No worries, John. The lakers wouldn’t offer you the position!

  • JBB

    My opinion which is speculative is that Mr Rex Chapman proably thought if he could get UK Coach bite the bread cast out on the water to go for this move he might get to take the Coaches place and I believe that our Coach is a lot smarter than to be led into any move how could he ever find anything better than UK, UK fans certainly not happy with Rex Chapmans using these tactices what ever his motive may have been.

  • bb91103

    Money always talk. If the Lakers make a huge offer he might change his mind.

  • irememberwahwah

    Cal wasn’t bad mouthing the Lakers. But thats the spin put on his answer. We used to call that yellow journalism but now it’s biz as usual. It went like this, “would you coach the Lakers if asked?” The answer was, “No… I wouldn’t.” He’s said all along that he’s happy at U.K. and plans to stay. How do you think he should have answered?