Lakers News: John Calipari Remains ‘Totally Committed’ To Kentucky

Lakers News: John Calipari Remains ‘Totally Committed’ To Kentucky


John Calipari

The Los Angeles Lakers vacancy at head coach is already one of the most sought-after jobs in the NBA less than a day after Mike D’Antoni resigned. Plenty of candidates have already been rumored to be interested in the position, but the Lakers brass may be looking to make a statement with their next coach.

Two coaches the team seems intent on pursuing will be from the college level in University of Kentucky’s John Calipari and University of Connecticut’s Kevin Ollie. Both coaches led their teams to the National Championship game this past season with Ollie coming out on top.

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Before the game got underway between the Wildcats and Huskies, a rumor started to circulate that Calipari was destined to take the Lakers coaching job next season. Calipari denied the rumor then and appears to continue to deny it now after D’Antoni’s resignation.

Calipari took to Twitter on Thursday in an attempt to stop the rumors before they start saying the following:

With Calipari basically taking his name out of the running, Ollie may have become the frontrunner for the position. Calipari signing with the Lakers would’ve made a rather big statement as he’d almost certainly sign a lucrative deal and would instantly change the culture for this team in Los Angeles.

Other notable candidates that have been linked to the job are Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, Ettore Messina and Derek Fisher.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Well the guy is saying whatever he can to save face in Kentucky.No problem the coaching search is going to be very long and if he changes his mind after we get the #1 pick and a top superstar free agent then maybe a job opening will be taken up by Kevin Ollie or whoever else.So advice to John Calipari don’t speak too soon.

    • LAstory

      I think John is telling the truth, the Lakers aren’t going to pay him what his getting at KU… He has the top 4 player coming back and the top high school recruits coming in… he’s set..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s freaking utterly ridiculous that all these people think the Lakers are going to suck next season.Charles Barkley,Wiley,Some Fans seem to think because the Lakers were 27-55 under Pringles that we will automatically suck ass that’s untrue how can anyone say that?We have not even hit the draft lottery yet or free agency and we have not even named a new coach nor have we even made any moves other than D’Antoni Bros. left and they were unwanted by the fan anyways.

    Kobe Bryant will be back healthy next season and we will have a top 6 pick that could be #1-#3 if we win the draft lottery and move up.Also this draft class is top heavy and supposedly one of the best draft classes in many years.Well people just want to make assumptions until proven wrong.

    The Lakers must change up the roster i agree with that but making a big splash in free agency can be just enough to turn this thing around with a new leader of men a head coach that teaches defense and stresses the importance of rebounding and a coach that players will play hard for and do anything it takes to win for the coach and team.A coach that coaches both offense and defense while getting big men involved on offense.Kobe is coming back healthy.

    • They call me Pringles

      New coach, new system, new players. It’s expected. The first year is always the hardest for any new team. But with a salary cap that we have and a very high draft pick in a long while.. Everyone should be excited for the future.

  • Andy

    He ain’t ready for prime time!

  • independentbynature

    Good….Scratch him off the list and lets move along.He’s over-rated.