Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Wants To Remain With Team Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="133"] When Jodie Meeks signed with the Lakers last off-season, he was expected to help add some outside shooting off what was a weak bench. [new_royalslider id="133"] When Jodie Meeks signed with the Lakers last off-season, he was expected to help add some outside shooting off what was a weak bench. Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Wants To Remain With Team Next Season

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When Jodie Meeks signed with the Lakers last off-season, he was expected to help add some outside shooting off what was a weak bench. Unfortunately, Meeks struggled to find his rhythm last season and averaged only 7.9 points on 38 percent shooting, both sub-par numbers for what was expected to be a breakout season.

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However, with all the injuries to the Lakers backcourt this season, Meeks has taken advantage of the opportunity coach Mike D’Antoni has given him. Following the Lakers 107-102 loss to the Sacramento Kings, Meeks talked about how his game has matured this season, via Lakers Nation Reporter Serena Winters:

Meeks has drastically improved his game in just one season as he is no longer just a spot-up shooter. Now averaging 15.4 points per game on a much more efficient 45 percent shooting, Meeks has developed the ability to finish at the rim and off the dribble. Meeks still maintains his three point specialty as he leads the Lakers in threes made per game at 2.1 on 39.9 percent shooting.

Meeks has definitely proved himself as a legitimate player this season as he continues to grow through his heavy minutes log. This extra court time has allowed Meeks to learn from his mistakes and grow as a player.

The Lakers are expected to go through a drastic overhaul of their roster this off-season as they have ample cap space and a high draft pick to their disposal. Meeks recently said that he hopes to return to the Lakers this off-season, but he understands this is a business:

While Meeks has improved his play this season, he is still not a quality starter on a contending team. This is not to say that he cannot contribute off the bench, but as of now, Meeks is not the Lakers answer at shooting guard. If Meeks is willing to come back at the right price, he would be a great piece for the Lakers.

Like Meeks said, a lot of decisions on free agents will be made after the upcoming draft and other free agents. While it has been a disappointing season, Meeks has shown great improvement and is a type of player the Lakers should look to re-sign this summer.
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About The Author

Nick is currently a Lakers Nation intern and a sophomore at USC. From the Los Angeles Area, Nick grew up an avid Lakers and Trojan fan. He has written for the Daily Trojan, covering a variety of Trojan athletics. Nick is glad to share his passion for the purple and gold with the fellow Lakers Supporters! Follow Nick on twitter: @nsbarbarino

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  • KB24

    trade him and some future picks for exum

    • Matt Williams

      Why? What if we get Exum in the draft? Meeks has improved greatly and should be resigned.

  • Jim213

    IMO, since Blake is gone Meeks has earned his spot on the roster for next season do HAS to improve on the defensive end.

    • Josh

      He’s come a long way this season at both ends, but you’re still right about his defense. I’ll never get the image of Ty Lawson breaking his ankles out of my head.

  • lakerfan0

    Finally some great news! I love Jodie, he’s been the most consistent player this season, and has improved a lot, would love to see him ballin’ around next year!

  • Daryl Peek

    I hope the FO makes Jodie a priority. I don’t want over payment but the kid has earned a payday.

    • PlayerHaters

      True that. Im pretty sure hed take the small paycheck if hes given the opportunity to come back next season. All thats left is for him to work his ass off this summer. Hes been one of the most consistent so i dont doubt his return

      Now that hes shown some improvement, hes gonna have to prove hes valuable. He CANNOT allow himself slack off this summer

      • Daryl Peek

        Small paycheck? Not likely. Meeks is the type of NBA player who needs to take advantage of this momentum. At 26 as a 2nd round draft pick who had no true expectations coming into the league, he’s gotta secure the best financial future for himself right now while his stock is up. Nothing wrong with having love for the Lakers but you gotta feed your family also.

        • PlayerHaters

          Man im talking bout a reasonable pay. I aint saying to let himself be taken advantage of smh. Meeks has shown improvement but his stock hasnt gone up that HIGH. Cmon cuh lets be realistic here. Besides hes not worth THAT MUCH. Westbrook said it best “we’re not worried about what Jodie Meeks does”. The reason why i say “small” is because its not going to be too much spending for the FO

          Like I said hes shown improvement but he needs to prove hes going to be a valuable asset to the team long-term (which i think he can be)

          • Daryl Peek

            First off why are you getting upset? Secondly, his stock is absolutely up where he can get a good payday realistically. Earl Clark and Ramon Sessions got 5 mil a season based off a much smaller sample size of success after playing for the Lakers recently. Lastly, where did I say or imply you were speaking on us trying to take advantage of him? I simply said he needs to get his while he can and the hometown discount is cool but not likely.

          • PlayerHaters

            Lol where did you get the idea that i was mad? Cuz i used CAPS? i just did that to emphasize the key words haha
            Im okay with 5 mil/season thats reasonable (5 mil or less i consider “small”). For the type of person that Jodie Meeks is a hometown discount IS likely, but yes you are right that he should try to get his own share instead of taking a discount

            P.S.: if i was mad id be talking shit, plus ive seen you around here and you dont seem idiotic like the rest of these imbeciles (i dont call em “fans” because of how much theyre bitching about this season) so youre someone whos got my respect

          • Daryl Peek

            I figured you was getting heated via the caps coupled with SMH. IJS

            I just call them short term memory, butt hurt in the moment fans who always need a scapegoat. LOL

          • PlayerHaters

            Lol nah I just use caps to emphasize key words. Anyways, just because Jodie Meeks is doing good this season doesnt mean hes going to start demanding bigger paychecks. Hes not that type of person. Its not just his stats but also his character that gives us an idea of how he would approach his decision
            So like i said him taking a small paycheck (like $4 mil/season) IS very possible.

          • Daryl Peek

            Possible and he is a high character young man it seems but he’s also very shrewd and savvy. Look at how he managed the Kobe, Howard thing. The whole time Howard was belittling Kobe behind his back, Jodie managed to remain neutral, as Howard was and still is one of his best friends in the league. Through all of that Jodie remained attached to Kobe hip in acquiring as much knowledge of in game preparation and the mental approach to sustaining game to game consistency in picking the Mamba’s brain.

            I’m sure some of Kobe’s recent advice to players about knowing the business of basketball sunk into Jodie also. Again, Jodie needs to get his while he can. 4 mil might be cool but 5-6 mil elsewhere would be better, especially if said team is willing to commit to a longer contract. Keep in mind the FO is more than likely only offering one year deals again this summer to keep cap flexibility for the summer of 2015.

          • PlayerHaters

            Of course! im not saying he should stay, im just saying that he might decide to stay if theres a spot for him on the Lakers roster next season. If other teams were to offer better contract deals then by all means he should take the opportunity while its still there for him. I know FO is focusing on 2015 and thats why i said he needs to prove hes valuable to the team. Only then would Lakers commit long-term and pay him what he would rightfully deserve

          • Daryl Peek

            Where we seem to be at an impasse is the value he’s proven himself to be already. Meeks has done that already given all of his improvement in the midst of this horrid season. All of the short comings he came to the team with, some of which he struggled through last season, he’s corrected. Being the most consistent Laker this season and the 15th best SG in the NBA overall by the numbers is proof of payment rightfully due.

          • PlayerHaters

            While it is true that hes been the most consistent and shown improvements, Lakers fans cant just be like “oh hes doing good this season so he deserves a bigger paycheck” NAH nope. Why do you think he stands out? Because this roster is WEAK. Lakers are only looking to get stronger from here on. In a team that will soon consist of solid players can he continue this performance? Well that sir “remains to be seen”. Look all im saying is $4 mil max should be his Lakers contract for next season. If other teams handing out bigger contracts then it is what it is.

          • Daryl Peek

            We’ll agree on a hometown discount being a good thing for the Lakers in this case. Meeks has earned a payday is all I’m saying, and the proof is in his performance. We can’t dispute that be it one season or not, and actually its been a two season journey for the ascension of Jodie with the Lakers. Remember he surprised most last season with his defensive prowess, as he earned PT over Morris, Duhon and Blake at times last season.

            Again, Earl Clark & Ramon Sessions both got paid (two year 5 mil contracts) recently with a smaller sample size than that of Meeks with the Lakers.

          • PlayerHaters

            OK we’ll agree on the hometown discount. Aint nothin wrong with that
            LOL but Morris & Duhon? They werent even good. Meeks earned his PT
            Lakers organization has bigger expectations to live up to so i wouldnt really consider using Earl Clark & Ramon Sessions as examples.

          • Daryl Peek

            LMBO! The examples are just a means in the progression of the debate. With the exception of Morris they all got paydays in the NBA.

          • PlayerHaters

            Yeah ok. LOL still cant believe you would list Meeks’ “PT over Morris, Duhon” as an achievement.

          • Daryl Peek

            Morris I can see your point but Duhon has been a serviceable PG in the NBA and had history playing for MDA. Keep in mind Meeks came to the Lakers as strictly a distance shooter. Morris was know as a good defender and showed as such playing for brown the previous season. The discrediting of them is not a good look mayne. They had their place on the team regardless.

          • PlayerHaters

            Duhon had his great moments but he just couldnt keep it consistent throughout his career. im not discrediting Duhon cuz im willing to acknowledge his ups. Maybe i did discredit him in a way by implying that Meeks was a better player (and i apologize about that) but when we talk about his overall career then nope its not discrediting. I know Meeks came in as a spot up shooter but he would go on to improve (as we’ve all seen) and the PT he got was a huge factor in his progression. It might not be a good look to you but i know what im saying

          • Daryl Peek

            I know what you mean man but too many people do that and it’s actually not a solid arguing point. It’s unnecessarily dismissive to the point of the circumstances being chopped up.

          • PlayerHaters

            Haha my bad it was my fault for not explaining myself. I didnt say “Duhon sucks” though. I just dont see him as a good player overall. If you get what i mean

            When i dismissed Meeks’ increasing PT about last season that was because they were ALL 2nd rounders. They had their ups (like any other player would) but they werent realistically being held to high expectations so when Meeks starting getting more minutes it just didnt seem like it was something that stood out to me.

        • Spitfire

          Agree. I want Meeks as well but small paycheck? Nah..I wont be surprised if he wont return next season.

          • PlayerHaters

            For the type of person Jodie Meeks is im pretty sure hes willing to take a hometown discount. Thats not to say he should though

  • PlayerHaters

    Bringing Meeks back is a toss up. He is getting better but is he going to be consistent next season? Can he guarantee us that? Way too many inconsistent players on this roster

  • RUDY T.

    I get the feeling Mitch Kupchak is getting fed up with all the BS that Jim Buss is putting him through and his contract is up this summer and the ultimate loss for the Lakers will be when Mitch leaves to take a much better job offer and Jim Buss is left running the show all by himself scary thought to hear with the sixth pick in the NBA Draft the Lakers select Horse Jockey Gary Stevens.Yeah that’s Jimbo Buss for you.Jodie Meeks oh he is a decent role player making the best of his huge minutes.

    Meeks was supposed to be the odd man out and Kobe and Nick Young were supposed to be healthy and playing well Meeks surpassed all expectations this is a guy who was originally behind Devin Ebanks in the rotation last season in training camp.Re-sign him for cheap or else let his ass go to a contender this is not meant to be in LA for Meeks.$$$$$$$$$$ talks and Bullshit walks.

    • Spitfire

      You are an idiot like this page, who keeps bashing Jim Buss for no reasons. You are a Phil fan if i am not mistaken. Go with him in NY and be a Knicks fan. This is the Lakers and Lakers are bigger than just 1 man.

  • RUDY T.

    Lakers will not need Meeks if Kobe is healthy and if we draft Andrew Wiggins.

    • Jim213

      Correction: Lakers will not need Young if Kobe is healthy.

  • k.

    I love Meeks. He has a professional and dedicated work ethic. He’s proven to be a true Laker. He deserves to be here in LA!

  • Daryl Peek

    1. James Harden 25/5/6/.4/1.5 40 MPG, 46% FG, 37% 3PT

    2. DeMar DeRozan 23/4/4/.4/1.2 38 MPG, 43% FG, 30% 3PT

    3. Goran Dragic 20/3/6/.3/1.3 35 MPG, 51% FG, 42% 3PT

    4. Kevin Martin 19/3/2/.1/1 32 MPG, 43% FG, 39% 3PT

    5. Monta Ellis 19/4/6/.3/1.8 37 MPG, 45% FG, 32% 3PT

    6. Arron Afflalo 19/4/4/0/.5 36 MPG, 46% FG, 43% 3PT

    7. Jamal Crawford 19/2/3/.2/.8 30 MPG, 42% FG, 36% 3PT

    8. Klay Thompson 18/3/2/.5/1.0 36 MPG, 44% FG, 41% 3PT

    9. Bradley Beal 17/4/3/.2/.9 35 MPG, 41% FG, 42% 3PT

    10. Wesley Matthews 16/4/2/.2/.9 34 MPG, 44% FG, 40% 3PT

    11. Joe Johnson 16/3/3/.1/.6 33 MPG, 45% FG, 41% 3PT

    12. Dion Waiters 16/3/3/.2/.9 30 MPG, 43% FG, 36% 3PT

    13. Gerald Green 16/3/2/.5/.9 29 MPG, 44% FG, 39% 3PT

    14. Eric Gordon 15/3/3/.2/1.2 32 MPG, 44% FG, 39% 3PT

    15. Jodie Meeks 15/3/2/.1/1.4 33 MPG, 46% FG, 40% 3PT

    16. Gerald Henderson 14/4/3/.4/.7 32 MPG, 44% FG, 33% 3PT

    17. Lance Stephenson 14/7/5/.1/.7 35 MPG, 49% FG, 35% 3PT

    18. Victor Oladipo 14/0/4/.5/1.6 32 MPG, 41% FG, 32% 3PT

    19. J.R. Smith 14/4/3/.3/.8 33 MPG, 41% FG, 38% 3PT

    20. Rodney Stuckey 13/2/2/.1/.7 26 MPG, 44% FG, 29% 3PT

    21. Jimmy Butler 13/5/2/.6/2.0 38 MPG, 40% FG, 29% 3PT

    22. Tony Wroten 13/3/3/.2/1.0 25 MPG, 42% FG, 23% 3PT

    23. Randy Foye 12/3/3/.5/.8 30 MPG, 41% FG, 38% 3PT

    24. Kyle Korver 12/4/3/.3/1.0 34 MPG, 48% FG, 48% 3PT

    25. Manu Ginobili 12/3/4/.3/1.0 23 MPG, 47% FG, 34% 3PT

    26. Vince Carter 12/4/3/.4/.8 25 MPG, 41% FG, 39% 3PT

    27. Marco Belinelli 12/3/2/.1/.6 25 MPG, 50% FG, 44% 3PT

    28. Jordan Crawford 11/2/4/.1/.6 23 MPG, 41% FG, 32% 3PT

    29. James Anderson 10/4/2/.3/.9 29 MPG, 44% FG, 32% 3PT

    30. Louis Williams 10/2/4/.1/.8 24 MPG, 39% FG, 34% 3PT

    These are the top 30 SG’s in the NBA this season based off a minimum projected 70% of his team’s games played, with only 8 left to play in the season for most teams, per ESPN leading scorers in the league. There are two glaring omissions from this list; Dwayne Wade who has missed too many games to qualify, and Kobe is the other. Kobe would be #1 if he were not injured.

    Many say Meeks is not a starting caliber SG in the NBA on a playoff team? As you can see he absolutely is! Jodie is in the middle of the pack as a SG scorer, and all of his other numbers stack up to all but the elite. Not listed are turnovers and FT attempts which Meeks has also improved on this season. This area of improvement is key as it shows Meeks aggression in attacking the paint and the ability to make decent decisions by taking care of the ball. Defensively Jodie does have some work to do but who doesn’t in this league? Meeks is more than serviceable defensively.

    Looking at this list we can clearly see just how spoiled Lakers fans have been in having Kobe all of these years. Kobe’s annual numbers dwarfs most on here. This contributes to the thought process of Meeks not being starter material IMO. Kobe is arguably the second greatest SG in league history so the mental impression he leaves skews the judgement process of most in assessing Meeks and his worth /standing as an NBA starter.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I would love to have Meeks back!

  • Dre Daniel

    I like Jodie Meeks, he’s def stepped his game up a lot over the course of this season and he’s attacked the basket a lot more and improved his shooting. A lot of people say he isn’t a good defender but he’s done well as a disruptor on the defensive end, he scrambles around a lot getting in the way of opposing guards quite a bit and he’s gotten quite a few more steals this year as well. I think he’s earned a decent pay raise and I def think he’s worth bringing back, the system we play in focuses on a lot of running around and floor spacing but i’m sure he’d be able to adjust to another system and his 3 point shooting will always be valued.

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