Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Tired Of ‘Same Story’ Every Game

Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Tired Of ‘Same Story’ Every Game


jodie meeks

The Lakers fell to the Houston Rockets tonight, making it nine out of their last ten games that they have come up short. The Lakers looked good for the first half, but a terrible third quarter put the Lakers in a hole that they were unable to climb out of.

Turnovers and bad transition defense were once again the main issues for the Lakers tonight. It is beginning to become a theme for the Lakers this season, and Jodie Meeks has noticed that trend as he said on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet:

After being up five at halftime, the Lakers were outscored 33-15 in the third quarter. They also turned the ball over 18 times after turning it over 19 times last night in the loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

The morale of the team seems to be slowly going downhill as Nick Young even compared it to a funeral last night. Something clearly needs to change, but with injuries leaving the Lakers with only nine healthy players, they will be hard pressed to turn things around right now.

Meeks has played well the last couple of games, scoring 21 points tonight after dropping 24 last night. Hopefully the whole team can get things going so they can change this story when they take on the Clippers Friday night.
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  • Jim213

    Don’t know what to make of this?.. it’s not as he’s been consistent throughout but the hustle is there…

    Aside of this the Suns vs Wolves game was entertaining. SMH

    • Daryl Peek

      You can’t be saying Meeks has not been consistent? If so your completely wrong. Meeks has been one of our most consistent players. He’s never gonna be a 25 point a night player like Kobe, tho he’s averaged just under 22 this month so far.

      His numbers across the board are better than his career average this season. He’s getting 8.5 more minutes a game than normal. Through the month of December to today (19 games) he’s only had 4 games under 13 points a game. Meeks also holds the longest streak of consecutive games played in the NBA this season with at least one steal, running… I think it’s 19 games? That’s consistency.

      • Jim213

        Notice post, ‘it’s not as he’s been CONSISTENT THROUGHOUT.’ It’s overall as it doesn’t translate on both sides of court as he’s more on an off. If he was more consistent he’d be relied on more so than Young in late games or whenever the opportunity calls.

        Meeks FGM- A = 167-378 = 44FG% NBA level while playing the most minutes overall

        3PM-A = 76-195 =39% needs to improve as aside of playing the
        2 he’s taking the most attempts

        FTM-A = 82-98 = close to 84% top FT shooter on team

        TO=52 tied for third for most TO’s committed as other lost balls aren’t tabulated while seeming more of a liability as a ball handler

        • Daryl Peek

          What part of the longest streak in the NBA for consecutive steals in a game is not consistency on the defensive side of the ball? We’ve played 36 games and he’s had at least one steal in 29 of them.

          His turnovers are not that big of a deal given he’s being asked to play a position he’s not suited for. 1.4 turnovers a game is his season average. In comparison, Jamal Crawford is at 1.6, a SG being asked to handle PG duties also. James Harden is at 3.8. Kobe was at 5.7 in his short stint back, 34 turnovers in 6 games? Meeks turnovers is a blip in the stat line man. Blake has more total turnovers than Meeks and he has missed the last 15 games. Farmar has 48 turnovers having played 14 less games than Meeks. Apples to oranges given PG’s VS. SG but you brought up the third most on the team stat.

          And when did shooting 39% from three become a bad percentage?!? can he do better shooting threes? Yes but again compare him to Kobe or other players who we completely trust as consistent, his numbers this season are great.

          Again, Meeks is playing the most minutes of his career as starter and he’s stepping up big time! I said he’ll never be a 25 point a night Kobe like player but he’s the most consistent player on this roster so far…

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            I agree with that – meeks has really impressed me this year with how dynamic his game has become.

          • Paytc

            Hey I commented before the season that two well paid players returning from last year that I thought were disappointments were Steve Blake and J.Meeks.

            Both of those two have ‘Stepped up ” and played much better this season. In defense of every Laker player it is hard to be consistent with so many key injuries and rotating personnel.

            This is the NBA.The toughest league in the world. It is not easy to play consistently well without getting in sink, and in rhythm, with the same players night after night.

            Performance can not consistently be controlled. But effort is something that can and should be consistently controlled by each indivdual player.

            In all fairness I have not been able to watch the Lakers in person or on tv much this season. But I know Meeks has not been one of the team’s problems

            Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            Meeks well paid? Nah, He was under paid even based off his performance last season. The market shows this. There are and were lesser players making more money than him.

          • Paytc

            I was aiming that more at Blake, but trying to keep it pc :-)

            Trust me, I’m not mad when I see players getting paid. I come from a school where we play hard (and well) for free so I just want to see them give mad effort.

            I hope Meeks and Blake continue to play well and make all the money they can while their able to.

            Go Lakers !

          • Al Haldie

            Your so right—thanks..

          • nlruizjr

            I don’t think Meeks is the problem, Damtoni has Gasol playing heavy minutes instead of using Kaman some good minutes to rest Gasol for the 4th qtr. and also only playing Hill short min. the problem is the coaching, plain and simple.

          • Daryl Peek

            D’Antoni will be criticized no matter what he does. Pau is at a career low in minutes played per game this season. Early on MDA was managing his minutes and Pau along with many Lakers fans were complaining about it. If you were to ask Pau now about his minutes I’m sure he’d tell you he’s very happy with the increase lately. And this is shown in that his rhythm is much better lately coupled with a huge up tick in all of his numbers across the board.

            Hill plays a very high energy style of basketball like Kenneth Faried and they both run out of gas if their minutes aren’t monitored.

            Kaman; I agree with you. I’d like to see him get more PT but Sacre did show he was better suited for the PNR defensively and rolled very hard to the basket in offensive sets. Again, I’d rather see Kaman in there over Rob.

            There’s only so many minutes in a game. We can sit back and nit pick all the decisions in rotations all day long but again, MDA will never be able to please all.

  • lakerfan

    Honestly Mike Dumbtoni was never the man for the job. Pau Gasol can still play at a very good level. The team is a disaster due to all these god dam injuries. Once Lakers have all players back except nash of course… I see them making a push and falling short away from Play offs.

  • Nick the Quick

    Mitch stated that its not MDA’s fault for the injuries, which is true. But I bet the locker room is pretty much fed up with MDA as the head coach.
    #1 He is quick to sarcastically praise his players i.e. Pau
    #2 He is quick to have confidence in guys like Kelly, Sacre, and Williams, that he wouldn’t mind limiting minutes and pulling them off rotation with guys like Kaman and Hill.
    #3 He is trying to instill this small ball-stretch 4-no defense-no 2 bigs can play together type system, that he doesn’t really want to change to match his players.
    #4 He needs to get over the fact that Nash is not the same player he once coached, and needs to start thinking he will never come back.

    And what the FO needs to realize is that this experiment with MDA and Nash is done with. If the Lakers fire him soon even with the injuries, Im sure the guys will feel rejuvenated once again and feel like they have new life. They can have Byron Scott or even Kurt Rambis as the head coach, and I’m sure the season could turn around for the better.

  • good boy na ko

    until when Buss family wake up and realize it’s time to kick out MDA? SMH..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Well Jodie Meeks has played his butt of for the Lakers and if he leaves the team via free agency since he will be a free agent then maybe Mitch should trade him to a contender for a pick.But otherwise this team is too injured to win games.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jodie plays his butt off and we need him to just stay focused on developing.

  • Mitch

    Mike D’Antoni is a BS coach.He ruins every locker room he takes over.Fired!

  • Brandon Leong

    I hope laker fans here are not bandwagon fans, these are bad times, stop whining about MDA. we got good guys hurt, we tried our best, but it isnt enough, whatever you put it, mitch may say we’re not tanking, but the results are there, we’re indirectly ‘tanking’ even if we don’t want to..i dont’ feel really bad about the lost actually, its good to know that the only way is UP!

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Our guys are hurt because his system runs people into the ground –

      • Troy

        You mean the same up & down style that us pretty much run in some way shape & firm by the entire league?

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          No – that’s not what i mean.

          • Ben

            Then you are NOT watching the NBA as it is right now .

      • Brandon Leong

        that’s a ridiculous rant, you’re just saying what others are saying, there is no proof that pick and roll, spacing and passing basketball makes you hurt. if that is, every PG in the league would be injured. what kinda bullshit logic is that jeez..

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          I wasnt aware one sentence was a rant – and we hardly ever run a pick and roll with this lineup other than a few plays for Pau – its all drive and kick – The proof is in the pudding – the Lakers were a half court team for a decade and never had 4 guards injured at once , And if you pay attention to my posts – i rarely say anything anybody else says and often piss off trolls such as yourself. So speak english next time you try n front Mr. Miagi

          • Brandon Leong

            we hardly ever run a pick and roll? bet you don’t watch the games. Every offensive possession goes through a pick at the top by pau/sacre. your logic on the system hurting players is totally fictional. Also since you could understand the ‘english’ i wrote above you white trash, learn more about other cultures before you type Miagi, FYI its Miyagi and its a japanese name you ignorant retard

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            How often does SACRE roll to the box and receive the ball to convert? thats why Kaman is getting more run – and Pau takes most of his shots at the top of the key unless he gets set up on the post. aka NOT a true pick and roll. Its a high screen and divide. I watch every game. Your just some dumb gook who plays ball at the park and thinks he knows the sport.

          • Brandon Leong

            who’s talking about “True” pick and roll here? if you’re all that good and shit, why aren’t you coaching some team yourself? gtfo..

        • Guest

          And dont cuss at me – chump

    • Sylvia Ross

      How did the players get hurt? dantoni, over played the older players on the team and didn’t use the bench. dantoni, needs to go !!! Byron Scott is

      • Sylvia Ross

        I didn’t finish my post Byron Scott, is available anyone other than Kurt Rambis or dantoni.

      • Keith Wesley Hu

        someone understands….

  • Terrell

    I’m no MDA fan, but some of yall are trippin and just plain delusional. You can give this same exact team with all the injuries to any coach, be it Phil, Popovich, Doc, Pat Riley, Karl, Sloan, whomever, and the results won’t be any different. You give the best surgeon in the world nothing but duct tape, chicken wire, some pipe cleaners, and some glue, and he ain’t saving anybody.

    • Brandon Leong

      That’s correct. I feel MDA’s not the one entirely to be blamed here, lack of effort in Defense is a big problem, but there’s a big gap of player talent now in LA. After shawn williams was waived *thank god Mitch heard us*, we can see the obvious weaknesses in both offense and defense in Sacre. I still think we need to use more of Kaman in the post and Hill in spurts. Hill has not been very effective of late as he’s already on the scouting report, he will be boxed out every night~

      • Gary

        Isn’t Rambis the de-facto “Defensive Coordinator” of the team? I don’t see him taking some. Even he can’t get these guys to remain locked in on Defense game in and game out. It’s just blind hatred towards D’Antoni now. Look, He’s not without his faults mind you (I still don’t get why he doesn’t play Kaman a lot), but there’s plenty of blame to go around. Defense is all about effort and not necessarily skill. What I see is EVERYONE on the team, from Pau to the last guy on the bench, half assing it out there on their rotations and help defense every game.

        • nlruizjr

          that’s because in the Damntoni system, defense is not a priority,it never has been, that’s why you see one guy (Hill) vs. 3 most games and why we get consistently out rebounded most games, now those other coaches they mentioned above, know defense and put a priority on defense, therefore would play Kaman (B. Scott even said he would play Kaman more minutes), so yes, I think we would have different results and more wins with another coach.

          • Sylvia Ross

            I agree with mlruizjr.

          • Josh

            Oh, so you have it on record that D’Antoni is telling the entire team point blank to Forget about Defense? Are you there in their practices and film sessions? D’Antoni is not perfect, but the blame shouldn’t be all on him. This team with all it’s imperfections, lack of talent, and age and declining talent of their superstars will not be 22-14 with another coach.

    • richard

      well said…

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Pretty irrelevant/simple minded analogy

  • Thank Tank

    The Lakers fans are still supporting the team and MDA is being supported.The tank is in and the tank is fixed by the NBA.Adam Silver was at the game tonight and he is well aware the Lakers are TANKING this season away.The Lakers FO are smarter than you think.Those shrewd men are about to lock a top 3 pick in the most top heavy draft ever.

    The Hakeem,Bowie,Michael Jordan,Sam Perkins,Charles Barkley,Karl Malone 1984 NBA Draft is on par with this 2014 Draft.The other amazing top heavy NBA Draft was the 2004 draft that had LeBron James, Wade,Chris Bosh,Carmelo Anthony.Yes this draft will change the Lakers forever.Andrew Wiggins will be drafted by the Lakers because he fits with everything the Lakers are trying to do.The Lakers need a top 3 pick to secure Andrew Wiggins.Likely #1 pick.

    Reasons to draft Andrew Wiggins.

    #1 Andrew Wiggins is the best athlete in the draft.
    #2 Wiggins will be the Kobe replacement.
    #3 Wiggins is the best open court player in the NBA.Fits this run and gun offense.
    #4 Wiggins is a lockdown defender that is what the Lakers lack right now.
    #5 Wiggins has the most upside in the draft.

  • Daryl Peek

    Meeks is busting his ass out there. His numbers are off the charts for him this month! Since the turn of the year he’s averaging 22 points, 4 reb, 4 assist and 2.3 steals a game. His turnovers are up from 1.6 to 2.8 but that’s in part due to being forced into the back up PG role, something we all know he’s not.

    It all correlates with an increased level of aggressiveness by Meeks. This is evidenced in his drastic increase in free throw attempts per game. Most of the season he barely got to the line for two free throw attempts. Now he getting 7 a game. Meeks is attacking the rim more often than not. He’s not the same player he was last season, and that’s a good thing.

    • Jim213

      IMO, it’s so so 50/50 given in late games many mistakes have been made. I could go back to last season’s stats and compare Meeks to Nash’s around the same time frame being after 36 games but it wouldn’t be fair aside of playing similar minutes but two different positions as well as comparing a starter to a bench player. Although, team record looks similar just off by one.

      Aside of that, who’d you take Blake or Meeks b/c only one may possibly return? IMO

      • Daryl Peek

        You’re really nit picking Jodie? He’s getting better at ball handling. It’s not something he was as a player, ever. As I showed you above he’s actually doing quite well in that area compared to others playing his position, SG.

        Compare Meeks to Nash? Why? Meeks is a young SG, Nash is a well seasoned elite PG. I’d take any of our injured players back. Everything is out of sorts because of the injuries. Players are being asked to do things they’re not accustomed to and Meeks is one who’s fairing very good. His production is not all-star level but it’s slightly better than average. Again, look at his numbers compared to Jamal Crawford.

        As far as next season? I’d take Meeks over Blake simply due to the youth and health factor but I firmly believe we may keep both. That would be a good thing because Meeks is improving on both sides of the ball and Blake is that gritty vet every contending team needs coming off the bench.

        • Harley Knoxx

          No on Blake and Meeks. They are both doing a fine job. But Meeks and Blake can’t play defense! Meeks is horrible running the fast beak. Head down and run into that brick wall yikes!. He’s at best a spot up shooter with below average dribbling skills. Blake is getting old playing no defense. Kendall Marshall can do all the things that Blake can do and he’s only 22 with more up side. Keep Farmar and X. Please stop defending MDA he is a terrible coach and player motivator the proof is in the 3rd quarters of each game. If you don’t believe me ask Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill what they think about MDA. Rambis is the defense coordinator but MDA runs the team. HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT DEFENSE. Don’t believe me look at our defensive power ranking. Playing Shawne Williams didn’t help either that was MDA’s idea.

          • Daryl Peek

            Meeks and Blake can’t play defense? You’re not watching the games then. Blake is very good at fighting through picks off the high screens. Is he a great one on one defender that has the foot speed to keep up with elite PG’s? No but he’s gritty enough to get the job done. Blake would still be top ten in assist per game in the NBA if not for the missed games due to injury. This is a back up PG performing like this?

            Meeks is more than solid defensively. Meeks has at least one steal in the last 17 games, longest streak in the NBA this season and it’s still ongoing. Meeks is very good in the fast break. He’s being asked to play back up PG on a team where he’s the starting SG right now. He does not have PG skills but is doing an admirable job. His numbers this month are off the chart 22 points 4 reb 4 assist and 2 steals a game. His increase in offensive output is from him breaking out of his shell being more aggressive on the break and attacking the rim in general. This is evidenced in his increase in free throw attempts per game. Something he learned from Kobe. Meeks was averaging 2 FT per game but now is getting 7 a game. Too many have type cast him strictly a jump shooter when he’s much more than that.

            As for D’Antoni as a bad coach? I’m not saying he’s great but he’s doing as best he could given the circumstances of the team…

            This is how bad it is for the Lakers right now. They have 9 healthy players available; 4 centers, 1 PF, 2 SF’s, 1 SG and 1 PG. Someone tell me how are you supposed to rest any player but the center? Ryan Kelly is being asked to play SF. He was a C in college last year. Nick Young and Jodie Meeks are the back up PG’s and Meeks is the starting SG. Marshall is playing 40 minutes a game and he was just signed off the street two weeks ago. He’s a second year player who barely got 15 minutes a game last year as a rookie. Don’t you find it strange how Marshall, fresh off the street is flourishing in D’Antoni’s system already as a PG? Jeremy Lin part two is what most are saying. But MDA deserves no credit for this?

            I don’t care if it was Phil or coach Pop, no one can win or build consistency on either side of the ball with the type of injuries this team has endured.

  • Slam Jam

    Jodie Meeks thank you man for waking up the Lakers FO to the problems on the Lakers team.The way back to the top is at the end of the season the Lakers retain only 4 players from this current bunch playing right now and the bring back Kobe next season other than that just clean house and reload.The Lakers are lucky enough to be in position to get a top 3 draft pick.

    Lets go ahead and fix this.Firing D’Antoni and hiring a new coach will help matters out.Renounce the rights of all the players not listed below.Use the stretch provision on Steve Nash.Use the best trainers and medical staff for Kobe.

    Adding a defensive presence to the team by signing Kyle Lowry and Thabo Sefolosha they along with Wiggins will become the best defensive guards and wing in the NBA collectively and Marcin Gortat and Aaron Gray provide the rim protection missing right now both Space eaters.Jason Smith is the stretch Center and Power Forward this team needs to open up space.Defense improves dramatically.Here is the blue print to the Lakers reload in 2014-2015.

    PG Kyle Lowry,Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe Bryant,Thabo Sefolosha,Jodie Meeks
    SF Andrew Wiggins,Xavier Henry
    PF Carmelo Anthony,Jordan Hill
    C Marcin Gortat,Jason Smith,Aaron Gray

    Carry 14 players add 1 more random point guard,1 more random Power Forward.

  • Darrel Buss

    Lakers 2014-2015 Dynasty Championships
    PG Steve Blake+Steve Nash+Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant+Jodie Meeks+Nick Young
    SF Luol Deng+Wes Johnson
    PF Julius Randle+Ryan Kelly
    C Pau Gasol+Robert Sacre

    Mike D’Antoni will win it all with this team.Best coach in the NBA MDA!

    • 3339

      figures that someone with the last name Buss would say this, especially that shit about dantoni

      • Daryl Peek


    • nlruizjr

      ONLY a Buss would think that !!!!!!!!

  • richard

    Can’t wait to have every one healthy so we can build a little consistency and momentum heading into the all star break.

  • Voice Of Reason

    Does anyone think it is possible that Kobe Bryant will retire due to not being able to perform at the level he wants to?I am getting the feeling that a major retirement announced from Kobe Bryant is about to take place in the next few months perhaps after the NBA Draft.It just seems like something ain’t right with Kobe post injury as if his days as a top NBA player are over.He seemed done IMHO.

    The Kobe camp is way too quiet it’s the calm before the storm.Kobe served his time in the NBA he put in 18 years of hard work blood sweat and tears and now his body has broken down and he is on his last legs literally and it just seems like he will retire instead of continuing to play especially since the team is so bad and he knows for a fact the Lakers are not a championship contender.

    Kobe is very classy and he will retire instead of hurting the team and his own legacy in the process.Money is nice but Kobe has more than enough to walk away now.Nothing is going right he is injured again and not having fun.

    Lakers have no chance of winning a championship with him on it this season.Even next season Kobe would need LeBron to have a chance at a championship and we all know LBJ won’t come to LAL.Yeah it’s over like the song says it’s over.I Love Kobe he was great.But life goes on.Life goes on.Be strong Lakers Nation.This could be his final curtain call and we all thank him.

    • richard

      I agree on your statement that Kobe didnt seem right post injury… But you forgot to consider that he came back during the regular season…. if he came back during the offseason where he could ease himself into NBA game shape, and play some pre season games, it would have been a different story, IMO. While this current lakers team may seem out of championship contention, we should also consider that, this is a new group, and needs to come together and mature as a group. and find the chemistry needed to be consistent on a high level and for longer stretches within a game. one season rarely does that to a team. That’s the voice of reason.

  • antzer

    MDA needs to go! Yes, we’ve had lots of injuries but not playing Hill n Kaman is unacceptable. Im so glad we got rid of williams n its time to get rid of mda and hire b.scott, van gundy, sloan, anyone but mda!

  • tony

    Maybe Meeks needs to play a little defense, Harden had his way with him

    • Brandon Leong

      Harden has his way with most defenders i know.

  • comrade24

    All of you “fire D’Antoni” people are dillusional. The Lakers are still paying Mike Brown, if they fired D’Antoni they’d be paying two coaches not to coach, and a 3rd one to coach. The coach is obviously not the problem considering they were playing great to start the year and injuries have bogged them down, physically and emotionally. You’ll have better luck casting spells to heal the injuries than getting rid of D’Antoni anytime soon.

    • Jake

      You are wrong, they are not paying Mike Brown anymore. Once he signed with Cavs 5/20mil, he came off the lakers books because they are paying more than they offered in his contract 2/8mil. I’d rather let Mike D’Antoni get fired and finish season with Kurt, and have stable lineups and play the correct players, then sign BScott next season with Cooper.

    • The Arsonist

      what is dillusional?

      • roseducanna


  • D-League Status

    Lakers Nation i have a request from you guys and gals please have more articles on NCAA prospects that will turn pro for the 2014 draft lottery.It’s crazy to find out that you have zero articles on potential lottery picks.

    The Lakers are 14-22 in case you didn’t know they are in the top 10 in the draft lottery and it seems like they are tanking the season away.Loss after loss makes it painfully obvious to smart fans.Blowing leads after halftime has become the norm for LA Lakers.Give us a idea of what direction this crummy FO is going in?????

    TANKING and you should give the fans hope for next season maybe scout the prospects and let us know what you like about certain NCAA players and also check out free agency and find out which players might peak the Lakers interest.This is just a suggestion to you since this season looks over already.8 games below .500 SMH.

  • Aaron

    It will ALWAYS be the same story with the team we have now. They play hard, but don’t have the talent.

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    I am Brazilian and LOVE Lakers! I do not know what is happening with the Managers, the Lakers can not stay in this situation.
    Attention Gentlemen Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak’s time to do something and fast as possible!
    With all due respect to Mr Mike D’Antoni, but he is not the level is to forward the Lakers!
    Gasol thank you for everything, but its time has come! Nick Young is the best team great job
    I hope this nightmare ends as fast as possible!

    LakerGang of Brazil

  • Daryl Peek

    “Rockets center Dwight Howard said Houston’s central focus in halftime adjustments Wednesday night was to stop Marshall from getting into the paint, and the Lakers scored just 15 points in the third quarter to lose their lead. Eight of Marshall’s 13 shots and three of his six turnovers came in that third quarter.”

    I do recall arguing this the other day with someone. This was my point about Marshall as pertains to concern over his jumper. Teams will adjust to his pass first mentality and force him to shoot. He’s got to knock shots down to keep them honest and do it consistently and willingly. I know it’s very early in the process and we have no other options but this is the glaring reason he’s was dropped by the Suns and Wizards. I hope the kid continues to improve and helps the Lakers. I like his moxey!! He also seems to have real natural leadership traits.

    • I Have No Friends

      Yeah it’s crazy defenses are already building their defense around stopping Kendall Marshall.Well he is going to need to relax and make his shots also he needs to cut down on the turnovers IMO.Other than that he is a great young Point Guard that has room to mature into the NBA.I refrain from getting too high or too low on young players.This guy was cut twice by 2 different teams and he was let go for different reasons.You are right.

      • nlruizjr

        It’s hard to make passes when nobody is trying to get to open areas where Kendall can hit them with a pass, it takes more than one to make teams pay for leaving their man but then again Damntoni’s mentality is to park on the 3 and wait for the ball, there has to be a reason MDA hasn’t won any titles and it’s his ability not to make adjustments and his ability not to use his personnel to the best of their abilities. What’s that saying “Do the same things and expect the same results”, hope to see Damntoni gone next season.

    • Kendall Marshall Fan Club

      Dude please give it a rest.You’re argument is jaded and you are a liar.You are a hateful Troll that is a Steve Blake fan and you are shitting your pants that You’re boy Steve Blake is about to get unseated by a legit lottery pick from the 2012 NBA Draft.

      You are the worst kind of Troll.Face it you are a liar and you give a bad name to all Lakers fans.It’s people like you that make other fan bases hate the Lakers fans.It’s pure stupidity on you’re part to try to throw a poor 22 year old kid under the bus in his 4th start as a Laker after he gave the Lakers great assists numbers and scored in double figures a few times already.Keep it real or else get lost.The Lakers Nation bloggers for the most part all like Kendall you are the main one hating.

      You are stupid if you believe this crap about Phoenix and Washington dropping him for a solid reason.Suns are known to drop great players do you want a list of Suns mistakes in letting great players go okay here you go moron Steve Nash to Dallas,Jason Kidd to Nets,Joe Johnson To Hawks,Luol Deng To Bulls,Rajon Rondo To Celtics,Goran Dragic To Rockets,Kendall Marshall To Wizards.Washington has John Wall that’s why they elected to save money by waiving Kendall Marshall.So speak facts not fiction from now on you look like a fool when you hate on Lakers players.You are a TROLL TROLL TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t feed the troll everyone beware this dude has been trolling us for a long time.

      • Daryl Peek

        I post direct quotes and commentary based on facts of the matter and you write a book about me being a hateful troll?!? Did I bash Marshall in any way? WOW please get a grip and have the balls to put your real name up. This is why you know I’ve been in here for a long time. I’m not hiding behind different fake screen names.

      • Sylvia Ross

        I agree with nlruizjr.

    • Keep It Real Or Else

      You are wrong sir.Wrong and making up crap.Stop the fibbing.

      • Daryl Peek

        Prove it? What did I make up?

  • Ryan

    Its almost like Dumbtoni aka Mr Pringles gets REALLY upset that their were playing great defense because the third and 4th quarter was a disaster it wasn’t the same team.

  • xplatinum31

    You knw what i dont get..why yall blaming coach for everything..u know lakers are in a rebuilding know we are missing key players..u know that we are changing lineups to see who suits where..we are injury prone and he is trying..i dont see why we need to just waste money by firing him n finding a new coach WHILE WE ARE MISSING A TON OF PLAYERS N IN REBUILDING MODE…u know we arent winning a championship this at least cheer on your team…cheer on Meeks and YOung n the other guys so that they can have a positive attitude..STOP BLAMING D ANTONI FOR EVFERYTHING..cause if u idiots didnt remember they had the chance to get PHIL.and what happen?? MANAGEMENT chose DANTONI!! so what u want Mike to do??? he was chosen for his coaching type n he is doing just that..everytime u want to blame MIke BLAME MANAGEMENT…im fed up of lakernation forever complaining about nonsense..Praise NIck Young. advertise him more he has stepped up his game big time for LA…he can be a leader soon if he keeps it up…but u guys prefer to talk about Mike and how he should be fired..disgust me..smh

  • ajacobs79

    The biggest issues for the Lakers are: no offensive player who consistently commands a double team, and no solid defender in the post. In other words, they have to work too hard to create shots/offense, and they aren’t able to stop the other team inside of 15 feet. Hence the no-name C’s and PF’s having career nights against them. Although these aren’t the only issues, they are the ones that can’t be solved solely through better effort and “want”. The Lakers simply don’t have the talent or depth right now to hang with teams for an entire game. I feel for these guys because every single player is giving 100%, and that’s something the team hasn’t had in years. They support each other and genuinely have their heads in the right place. But the healthy personnel just can’t execute what their will is asking them to.

    • Daryl Peek

      Well said! And May i add the coach cannot do anything to cure this. No coach could.

      • ajacobs79

        Thank you! And I agree regarding the coach. I admit MDA has his faults, but all coaches do. In my opinion people need to back off a bit on the harsh criticism of him. As you alluded to, coaching can’t produce talent that isn’t there. And Jeff van Gundy actually made the point the team overachieved for much of the season thus far, and MDA deserves some share of the credit. Bottom line, might as well stick with MDA until he has a fair chance with a real roster. Neither Phil Jackson nor Gregg Popovich could make this team into a contender.

        • antzer

          Keeping MDA prevents bigs and future stars to play in Los Angeles. Showtime was anchored by Kareem … MDA system is anchored by PG n 3’s that has not produced any title wins! You dont think other stars would play for Phil and Pop over MDA lol really?

          • ajacobs79

            I don’t disagree with you, and I wasn’t necessarily saying MDA is the absolute best coach available, etc. My point was that too many other things have gone wrong to blame it ALL on the coach. It’s not such a straight line from point A to point B.

  • Darius

    Worthy the other game talked about a lack of leadership in the absence of Kobe, and that is another huge problem. You’d think that would be Pau but all he proved is the he is no leader. I’d go as far as saying that Steve Blake-before he got hurt himself-was more of the Leader that first 20 games or so of the season, when the Lakers resembled and played like a TEAM. Blake was running MDA’s offense very well, and the team looks like they are on the same page. They were playing well and were highly competitive having won 6 of 8 and at one point, 3 straight road games. Then what happened? Pau opened his trap and complained about his touches. What message does that send when your supposed leader, the veteran with the 2 rings, does that. To top it off, Kobe comes back and he and Pau just play their own 2-man game and in great stretches of games, forgets about the other guys and the MDA offense that is actually working for them.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers need to decide who will be resigned before they go free agent. Players like Farmar, Hill, Meeks & Young might be part of the best bench mod in the NBA meaning maybe it’s time to resign some of them for the next few years. As for the coach, truth is he has never been a winner & will never be BUT we are paying him & there is no hurry dumping him “UNTIL” we get closer to free agency since NO REALLY great players will want to play for him, this guy being the coach is the one thing that can hurt the purple& gold form getting great players to WANT to come to play here.

  • roseducanna

    stupid lame duck coach for rotation, used players.Have 2 big guy can’t use.

  • ico

    stop playing a pg jodie and shoot that ball u waste time and effort not to shoot but to play pg at which ur not good at all :/

    • ranfan

      he’s playing what he has to play lol. you notice they don’t have any point guards besides kendall, and their other people who play pg are all injured

  • ranfan

    at least jodie is putting in work though. hustling every game and doing what he can when he’s not making shots. no one can’t seem to keep it together when they have the lead or down by a good bit unfortunately

  • Harley Knoxx

    No on Blake and Meeks. They are both doing a fine job. But Meeks and Blake can’t play defense! Meeks is horrible running the fast beak. Head down and run into that brick wall yikes!. He’s at best a spot up shooter with below average dribbling skills. Blake is getting old playing no defense. Kendall Marshall can do all the things that Blake can do and he’s only 22 with more up side. Keep Farmar and X. Please stop defending MDA he is a terrible coach and player motivator the proof is in the 3rd quarters of each game. If you don’t believe me ask Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill what they think about MDA. Rambis is the defense coordinator but MDA runs the team. HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT DEFENSE. Don’t believe me look at our defensive power ranking. Playing Shawne Williams didn’t help either that was MDA’s idea.

  • Trent

    I really wish they’d let D’Antoni go and put Byron Scott, Phil, or whomever in charge. Why? Because when Byron, Phil, or whomever they get to coach is well below .500 with this same exact team-which they WILL be-then maybe some of these delusional Laker fans who can’t see 2 feet in front of their noses, that this team is beyond saving.

  • Keith Wesley Hu

    Nash and D’antonie’s Suns had same problem before… how did they solved this…??? They fired the coach….

  • Al Haldie

    Your a sick person…