Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Suffers Right Ankle Sprain; Won’t Return

Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Suffers Right Ankle Sprain; Won’t Return



UPDATE: 7:43 p.m. PST

Jodie Meeks will miss the rest of the road trip for the Lakers with a sprained ankle according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:


Immediately after Steve Blake and Steve Nash return, Jodie Meeks goes down with a sprained ankle on a three-point attempt in the first quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Less than three minutes into the game against the Timberwolves, Meeks was forced to head to the locker room with a right ankle sprain according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

The Lakers simply can’t stay healthy this season even when players return. With Nash and Blake coming back after missing the bulk of the games over the last two months, the Lakers were thought to finally have a solid rotation in the backcourt.

Unfortunately, the injury to Meeks continues the trend of backcourt players going down, but at least Nash and Blake are back with Jordan Farmar also nearing his return.

Although Nash, Blake and Farmar are finally healthy, the Lakers may have Meeks on the shelf with the ankle sprain along with Kobe Bryant who is still dealing with a knee injury.

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  • Jim213

    Be funny if everyone sticks around before the trade deadline. Starting to believe all these injuries are a tactic to minimize trades for some (pun).

  • J24

    I hear Manny Harris is available, lol

  • Daryl Peek

    Hits just keep coming. This is beyond comical, and Jordan Hill looks to have suffered a concussion via an elbow from Kaman

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Too many injuries to be anything,hopeless right about now.Meeks injured SMH!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Damn it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Might need to fix these injuries up by praying.

  • Lakers Fan

    Shit crazy man.

  • NotSoAnonymous

    LMFAO….things keep getting better and better. Lakers get 3 players back….and they lose 3 different ones. Just cursed with injuries this season. Injuries are clearly at fault for this terrible season…D’antoni nor the FO can be the scapegoats.

    At least Harris might have saved his career tonight…good outing+inuries= another contract

    • Kristof Szauter

      your a dick, ive followed lakers since 87 and to say this whole season was a loss becvause of injuries your retarded. starting with D’antoni the worst fitting coach with the lakers, gasol being a bum, having shithouse PGs, starting with nash from last year, the problem stays with D’antoni, hes a bum

      • NotSoAnonymous

        look you piece of sh!t..don’t come at me with insults.
        1) it’s *you’re*
        2) if you can’t understand sarcasm, guess who’s the “retarded” one?
        People like you enjoy pointing the finger when things go bad. True Laker fans support their team no matter what. The Lakers have never had this amount of injuries and if you expect Phil or any coach to do anything with this roster you’re simply delusional.
        D’antoni didn’t have players to run his system last year (bad FO move) yet the Lakers still made it to the playoffs. Thanks to Kobe, but they still made it. This year, he gets players that are capable to run his system and everyone gets injured…you simply cannot blame 1 guy for this record.
        Why are they “shithouse” PG’s???? cuz they got injured? give me a break. Blake put on the superman cape when Kobe went down. Farmar was leading the bench mob and playing great pick & roll offense with Hill. Yea, Nash is old…but he played extremely well in this Minnesota game, gotta give credit where credit is due. Then Marshall came along…he’s definately not a “shithouse” PG, what more do you want from a D-league guy?

        And the only “bum” i see if the dude next to the name “Kristof Szauter”

      • Sylvia Ross

        Agreed, d’amtoni. is a bum!