Lakers News: Jodie Meeks On Pace To Reach Contract Incentives

Lakers News: Jodie Meeks On Pace To Reach Contract Incentives

Kelley L Cox
Kelley L Cox

The Los Angeles Lakers have dealt with numerous injuries that have forced many role players to take on greater roles this season.

Shooting guard Jodie Meeks came into the season as the top shooting guard until Kobe Bryant returned from injury. Once players starting going down, the 26-year-old was thrust into a starting role and was the Lakers’ leading scorer early in the year.

According to Eric Pincus of the LA Times, Meeks is on pace to hit some contract incentives if his minutes remain the way they are:

If he averages at least 20 minutes through a minimum of 70 games, Meeks will earn an additional $100,000.

Meeks is currently at 31.6 minutes per game and would raise his salary even higher if he keeps that pace up via Pincus:

Should Meeks stay at 25 minutes a game or higher, he’ll be rewarded with an additional $100,000.

The extra $200,000 would bump his salary up from his base of $1.45 million to $1.65 million. Meeks reached a similar incentive last season when he averaged 21.3 minutes per game and earned an extra $100,000. With the injuries, Meeks has spent time at point guard and shooting guard and is the team’s fourth-leading scorer behind Nick Young, Pau Gasol and Bryant. He is averaging 13.6 points and 1.27 steals per game, while starting in 30 of the team’s first 37 games. Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar are all out for at least a few more weeks, meaning that Meeks will continue to get a bulk of the playing time at the guard position.

The three-point specialist is hitting 38.6% of three-pointers this season and is 43.6% from the field. He has improved his ball handling and play around the basket to become one of the top offensive threats for the Lakers. Meeks’ deal will be up after the season and will have to show the Lakers that he deserves to come back.


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  • kobe24

    I guess this is interesting…although I don’t think any of us really care if Meeks makes a extra 100~200k or not haha

    • Al Haldie

      i THINK HE EARNS IT HE GETS IT – AND IF I WAS HIM I WOULD NOT WORRY WHAT YOU THINK OR WHAT OTHERS THINK = but i am happy for any LAKER who in times as bad as this for the team – to play as hard as he does…..

      • kobe24

        Woah whats with the caps? I never said Meeks was bad or anything, its cool thats hes making getting bonuses and he sure deserves it , hes been one of our most consistent player and has really developed his game.

        Just don’t really find it interesting thats all

  • Paytc

    That proves he’s been more productive than he was last season.
    Too bad the Lakers are once again plagued by injuries to key players.

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m happy for Jodie…through these incredibly tough and lean times for the team, Meeks has persevered through it all. He is easily the Lakers most improved player from a season ago and works his ass off every night. He is also the guy who has probably benefitted the most from D’Antoni’s rigorous system, he’s tough as nails and is one of the only guys who hasn’t broken down as a result. I’m glad his contract is incentivized like that – good for him!

  • Jun Inocentes

    jodie meeks is a good shooter but no defense. he let the opposing team to score easy basket. he had no guts to challenge the player he is guarding.

    • richard

      Meeks was a very good defender before the series of injuries to key players…. after the injuries to Farmar(2nd time) and Henry, it was then that I noticed his decline in his hustle on D. The only reason I can think of is that, he has shouldered more responsibility on offense, playing close to 40 minutes on some nights, in the last 2 weeks, that it has become difficult for him to bring all hustle on defense, IMO.

  • B. Brian Blair The Bees

    Jodie Meeks is a sorry ass defender and he is scrub status on any other team.Lakers are desperate to use him a lot.On any contender he would not crack the regular rotation.He is a piss poos defensive player and a god awful ball handler and he misses way too many shots when he is cold.Too streaky.I hope this undersized short shooting guard Jodie Meeks leaves in free agency.

  • Slava Meeks

    If anyone thinks that MDA will lead the Lakers to a championship in the future is smoking on that good stuff.Lakers are in the panic mode.Meeks is the savior.SMH this is a NIGHTMARE.FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI RIGHT NOW.FIRE HIM!