Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Credits D’Antoni’s ‘Postive Energy No Matter What’ Reviewed by Momizat on . With two games remaining in the season, the Lakers are ready to put this tough season behind them. The Lakers finished their home schedule with another loss by With two games remaining in the season, the Lakers are ready to put this tough season behind them. The Lakers finished their home schedule with another loss by Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jodie Meeks Credits D’Antoni’s ‘Postive Energy No Matter What’

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With two games remaining in the season, the Lakers are ready to put this tough season behind them. The Lakers finished their home schedule with another loss by falling to the Memphis Grizzlies 112-90. The loss was the 55th of the season and only adds to the franchise worst mark.

Jodie Meeks attributed head coach Mike D’Antoni to helping the Lakers staying positive according to a post-game interview on TWC SportsNet:

I think Coach D’Antoni has a lot to do with that. Having a positive energy no matter what. Whether is practice, shootaround, or the game, he hasn’t given up, and the coaching staff has been great.

Over the course of the season, D’Antoni has received the majority of the blame for the Lakers’ troubles. Despite leading the Lakers to its worst season since moving to Los Angeles, other issues hindered D’Antoni from coaching to his full ability.

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The list of Laker injuries is well documented and hasn’t allowed D’Antoni or the Lakers to establish any form of chemistry throughout the season. The Lakers lost over 300 games due to injuries. As a result, D’Antoni struggled finding a constant lineup or rotation to field.

As the season entered the final month, speculation over D’Antoni’s future with the Lakers arose. D’Antoni still has one year left on his contract.

Despite all of the rumors, the Lakers will not make a decision on D’Antoni until the season is over. The Lakers will be entering a rebuilding period with a high lottery pick and plenty of cap room to make moves in free agency. Whatever the moves the Lakers will make will be done with the direction Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss want to take the team. Whether D’Antoni will be a part of the Lakers’ future remains to be seen.
Nick Young With A Special Message For Lakers Fans Before Their Last Home Game

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  • quickster007

    The sad part there are actually 15 players and only one have a nice thing to say about Dantoni. It seems like guards are the only that likes Dantoni’s coaching.

    • Daryl Peek

      Blake, Farmar, X, Bazemore, Johnson, Williams, Kelly, Sacre, Kaman recently and even Kobe has said good things about MDA. Hill and Gasol are the only ones indifferent on MDA.

      • Jim213

        Can”t forget Kaman too, but best to keep quiet if they want to find another team next season. BUSINESS!

        • Daryl Peek

          Bussiness, true but all of those guys have said the same early on and now. Even Kaman sung praises of MDA before playing a minute for him and then changed his PT tune recently. Again, I believe Kaman looked in the mirror as Gasol did in December when he was whining, and slacking off of his own accord. It was at that point Gasol’s performance improved tremendously the rest of the season.

          Remember the Kobe ‘big boy pants’ dig he directed at Gasol last season? Kobe was absolutely angry at Pau for the constant whining about change, and basically told him it’s up to them as players to adjust to the HC and what he’s trying to do, not the other way around.

      • PlayerHaters

        WE ALL KNOW how Kaman really feels. Hes just staying neutral cuz he wants to keep it professional. Kobe did have some positive things to say BUT that was before, this is now. Kobe has recently turned neutral too. So thats 4 LAKERS who havent actually shown any positive energy of playing for MDA next season

        Just letting you know

        • Daryl Peek

          Kaman felt the same way about Carlisle, Monty Williams and Vinny Del Negro. Can’t take the boy who cried wolf serious. Kobe recently said MDA has not got a fair shake given all of the injuries.

          • PlayerHaters

            My response was in reply to your statement bout Kaman saying “nice” things bout MDA as of late (which wasnt true)
            Yes Kobe did say that, but that DOESNT MEAN hes looking forward to playing for him next season. What ever happened to all those “good things” he was saying? lol
            Im saying that these 4 Lakers HAVE SHOWN NO POSITIVE ENERGY of playing for MDA next season which can be clearly seen by everyone

          • Daryl Peek

            You do realize the Dan Patrick interview was this month, right?

    • PlayerHaters

      BOY WHERE YOU BEEN AT?? More than half the roster have actually spoken up bout MDA (positively). Smh please do your research first

  • Lakers4Life

    We all know these “nice” comments from players about Dumbtoni are mentioned only to appeal their good-guy personalities to the public, though none of them actually mean it.

  • 3339

    I don’t care if dantoni is the nicest guy in the world. He simply can’t do the job. This is the NBA.

  • Woolmer

    Mike Dummytoni is in over his head coaching the Lakers this guy is a miserable failure and he is just awful at coaching.Lakers need to fire him for sure.

  • Woolmer

    Lakers are crazy if they don’t hire John Calipari or someone else other than MDA.

  • Tyson

    I think the Lakers won’t make any major moves that screws them over for 2015, 2016 and beyond. They should resist popping their wad just for the sake of the next 2 years when there’s nothing out there that will get this team anywhere near sniffing the Title, hell, even sniffing the 2nd rd. Fans need to understand that there is no quick fix. What? They’ll go ahead and spend like crazy on the Stephensons, Dengs, re-sign an old and aged Pau? That’s a 1st rd elimination at best. I’d love to see Laker fans reactions if the team is just as worse or barely better next season under Byron Scott or whomever. You need PLAYERS in their prime or just beginning to get into their prime as the core of the team. This team didn’t have it this year, and they won’t again next year unless a miracle happens and Lebron chooses to come to LA.

  • PlayerHaters

    WHY THE FUCK DO WE KEEP HEARING FROM JODIE MEEKS??? OK Jodie, you like playing for MDA we get it already! *sigh*

  • independentbynature

    No need to keep kissing butt,Jodie.Antoni is on his way out.Maybe he knows something we don’t or is just hedging his bets.

  • comrade24

    You know, i’ve been a fan of D’antoni’s coaching for a long time and actually supported his hiring over Phil because i knew Phil wasn’t a long term solution. Earlier in the season when everyone jumped on the fire D’antoni bandwagon i resisted and cited injuries and lack of proven, talented players for him to coach as reason for failure. I argued against those who said he was too rigid in his ways to coach an aging roster, citing the end of the Lakers season where they went 28-12 as proof. I loved what he did in Phoenix, thought he was a victim of Melo-Drama in NY, and certainly could never live up to the shadow that Phil Jackson cast. All that said, my tune changed pretty drastically when he actually thought that Wesley Johnson was capable of guarding either Z-bo or Marc Gasol. Even a gradeschool coach would have started Hill, Sacre, Kaman, anyone with a little size. It was like trying to put a square shape in a round hole. Toddlers can figure it out. Sadly, D’Antoni could not. Good riddance.

    • 3339

      if only more on here could admit what you just did.

    • PlayerHaters

      The funny thing is that people were blaming MDA’s “system” for Lakers’ constant dreadful performances which wasnt the ACTUAL PROBLEM. The real problem was how he was utilizing his players (using what you stated as a perfect example). What people fail to realize is that MDA’s “system” DOES WORK but not with this kind of roster

      i applaud you for not hopping on the bandwagon like everyone else. You must be a strong warrior, young grasshopper

      • comrade24

        lol Mike D’Antoni is credited with revolutionizing the NBA’s offense. Every successful team in the league, including the current champions run elements of his offense.

        • comrade24

          That said, Give me Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, George Karl in that order

        • PlayerHaters

          Exactly! people be acting like Magic Johnson was coaching this team lol

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