Lakers News: Jim Buss Standing By Coach Mike Brown Reviewed by Momizat on . Coach Mike Brown has been under fire (well, he's been under fire by the fans from the start) because of the Lakers' slow start. And it got even hotter after the Coach Mike Brown has been under fire (well, he's been under fire by the fans from the start) because of the Lakers' slow start. And it got even hotter after the Rating:
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Lakers News: Jim Buss Standing By Coach Mike Brown

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Coach Mike Brown has been under fire (well, he’s been under fire by the fans from the start) because of the Lakers’ slow start. And it got even hotter after the Lakers turned in another lackluster performance last night when they lost to the Utah Jazz. The Lakers are now 1-4 and there have been rumors about Brown getting the axe soon. Executive Vice-President Jim Buss has already showed support yesterday.

And Buss will continue to stand by his guy, according to a column by Ramona Shelburne from ESPN L.A.

“I have no problems with Mike Brown at all,” Buss said. “He just works too hard and he’s too knowledgeable for this to be happening.

“So either the system is flawed or something’s going on. Or, like the Triangle, it’s very hard to pick up and understand. I’m not a basketball mind like he is or the players are, and the players are fine with it, so I just have to be patient.”

I do find that “works too hard” comment a little interesting. Mike Brown does some over-coaching when the solution doesn’t seem to be anything complicated. He still has trouble with some rotations when the Lakers have a legitimate back-up for each position. For instance, he has shuffled Antawn Jamison, Metta World Peace, and Devin Ebanks around, and isn’t putting them into a position where they can succeed.

In any case, if they continue to lose games, Buss may have to make some changes. It seems like even Kobe Bryant is losing his patience a little bit.

The Lakers have a six-game homestand coming up. That starts tomorrow night against the Golden State Warriors.

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  • unknown

    Jim should think about it, If he make mistake of choosing Brown don’t make another mistake of keeping him. How long he will realize that. Team is suffering, Fans were frustrated. Make a move!!!!

  • Big Dave

    Let Nash coach the team! Brown and his weak Princeton offense will not work on an older team. Let Nash do his thing like Magic did in the past or you will soon have a team demanding a new coach. History can repeat itself. Lakers should have signed BARBOSA!!!!!!!!

  • purplerain53

    Jimmy,Jimmy!Too many mistakes of your own. Haven’t you learn anything from your dad?
    The hiring of M.Brown was a big mistake in a first place.Now, you are going to make another, even bigger one, by standing by “your man”.It is so obvious that M.Brown can not work with superstars. It’s obvious too that that “Princeton Offense” will not work here.You brought in players like St.Nash, Dw.Howard and A.Jamison, but they all are struggling in coach Brown’s system.And these are All-Star players.L.Barbosa was available and willing to play for the Lakers, but you let him go to the our enemies.Every basketball fan can see that our bench is still very weak, without any reliable back-up at PG and SG. Barbosa could have easily cover this needs.Now, it looks like you are going to repeat the same mistake. Jerry Sloan is available and every Lakers fan wants him as a coach.For once, listen to the people and fire M.Brown now.Do not let this season slip by like this.It is going to be very, very frustrating.

  • Sir Robert Loxely

    YOU LAKER FANS ARE PATHETIC. Yall are a bunch of fake coaches and your inputs dont matter and no one gives a shit. All i hear is Sloan, Sloan, Sloan, Fire Mike, Fire Mike, Fire Mike, Trade Steve for a better PG and you know what? Nobody gives a fuck. Go and get a job and work your ass off to become the vice president then you can talk all you want. I’m tired of these fake ass fans like anyone gives a FUCK if your going to root for the clippers or some other team, GO RIGHT AHEAD BECAUSE NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH THE LAKERS. Take your bitching to Miami or Oklahoma. As for me YES I AM AMAZINGLY FRUSTRATED, im not used to watching my team get there ass handed to them by the Jazz for crying out loud. But im with the lakers forever man, its easy to root for a team that’s winning loads of games and going to the playoffs. Yours Truly, Sir Robert Loxely

    • laker fan

      you’re a moron do you know that

      • Sir Robert Loxely

        And your a bitch

      • Sir Robert Loxely

        and an Idiot

  • laker fan

    men…what is Brown doing, a very talented lineup and all are being wasted by his stupid system.

  • laker fan

    they have nash, howard, kobe, artest, and gasol…the triangle offense is perfect with this guys

  • Zurii

    Hire Sloan …

  • mr_kev

    KOBE Want’s Brown to get fired. If you remember KOBE was against the hiring from the get go. Thats why KOBE is turning the ball over like 6 times a game. Also KOBE only takes over when the game is too far gone.

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