Lakers News: Jerry West Sees Kobe Bryant ‘Being Great’ In His Return Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="143"] After making his way back from an Achilles rupture, Kobe Bryant was unfortunately only able to play in six games before suffering a k [new_royalslider id="143"] After making his way back from an Achilles rupture, Kobe Bryant was unfortunately only able to play in six games before suffering a k Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jerry West Sees Kobe Bryant ‘Being Great’ In His Return

After making his way back from an Achilles rupture, Kobe Bryant was unfortunately only able to play in six games before suffering a knee fracture. While Bryant is currently dealing with setbacks from this latest injury, all the talk still centers around how he will return either late this season or possibly next season.

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Lakers fans have been predicting Kobe’s eventual comeback will be a successful one, but Laker legend Jerry West has a couple questions, but ultimately believes the five-time champion will be effective  in a recent interview with ESPN Radio:

You never know what Kobe Bryant’s status is going to be next year,” West said. “What kind of player is he going to be? That would be my biggest question because they’ve banked that he’s gonna be the same kind of player. I don’t see that. I do see him being great. He’s so good individually and he’s so competitive that he’s always going to be effective.

Jerry West has been very vocal recently about the current state of the NBA. While everyone is waiting to see how he returns from this latest injury, Kobe has shown throughout his entire career the ability to adjust his game accordingly to the circumstances. Even if Bryant isn’t able to jump as high or run as fast, he has shown numerous times that he remains one of the best players in the league even when dealing with past injuries.

While Bryant has stated numerous times that he intends to return this season regardless of the team’s record, the five-time champion does turn 36 this upcoming summer. After signing a two-year extension earlier this season, Bryant’s focus should be on getting completely healthy to ensure that he retires at the top of his game.
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  • Fakers to Lakers

    Lakers last in the west. In my following the Lakers for 35 years never seen anything like this.
    I chuckle, none of these people are offering any real medical advice, “Kobe Being Great”. Based on what evidence. I am not disputing it, but, what evidence medically are you offering.

    Here we go again, all the Fakers fans, unrealistic ones, will jump up and down.
    Lakers fans are smart, they are realistic.

    • Anthony

      Only thing fake here is you. Laker fans are still here, question is why are you trolling on laker boards? Just come out of the closet bro your Laker fan, just admit it.

      • fakerstolakers

        Lakers fan I am. But, offering true opinion.
        Lakers fans do not have to be obedient suckers.
        Lakers is last in the West, and the payroll is over the CAP.
        Something is wrong.
        Being a Lakers fans does not mean truth should bite and one must offer utter obedience of “Yes Sir”.

        • Gregory Choa

          Forget about “utter obedience”…the mere fact that you feel so easily compelled to throw around the term “fakers” tells me that you’re no true Lakers fan.

          • fakerstolakers

            I am a fan, but, not a fanatic that will dream up somehow Lakers current roster even with Kobe, is going to contend for a title. That is utter foolishness and disrespect to all the other elite teams in the West and East.

            Last place means Last place. There is a reason for that. Now Last placer is real, not Fake. Is that Fake or Real?

          • Gregory Choa

            I have no idea what that last sentence means…last place fake or real??? What does that have to do with the Lakers having a chance to turn things around, sooner than later, to give Kobe a chance to vie for his 6th ring over these next two seasons?

            And, since when do real Lakers fans concern themselves with disrespecting other “elite” teams? What kind of a Lakers fan invokes the term “Fakers” in one breath, and then worries about other teams in the league with the next?

  • Jody

    Kobe can come back and still be very effective to the point of 20pts, 5ast & 5rbds a game in 28-32 minutes of play. However he will only be effective if he is in the right system (i.e. not shooting tons of jumpers and sprinting up and down the court night after night). At this stage of Kobe’s career he needs to utilise the strengths he has over other players. Most notably IQ, fundamentals including footwork and ability to draw fouls. This screams out post-play to me! Why not give Kobe 6-10 post shots a night because how many other 2 guards are going to be able to defend him in there?!

    I’m not asking for Phil Jackson back, but seeing as we are in this age of running and gunning why not go against the grain and go back to beating up on teams?! Having 3 players that can play in the post is a game changer because no team has 3 good interior defenders on the court and if they do then they are seriously harming their own offensive game to house them all. Bring in Lionel Hollins as coach and get into a slower half-court Memphis type offense. He coaches defense, he can develop players, he knows how to play inside-out and work with multiple big guys on the floor along with a point guard running the offense.

    If D’Antoni stays next season then it will be Kobe’s last season because Mike’s ideology of his style is too much for an 18/19th season veteran and also because he cannot reign Kobe in. Phil Jacksons greatest feat was limiting Kobe’s minutes to the 32 minute mark later on in his career which has allowed him to continue playing. An extra 6 minutes a night may not seem a lot but your looking at an extra 1,400 minutes over the period of 3 seasons.

    D’Antoni is both Kobe Bryant’s & the Lakers cancer. Remove the tumour god dammit!

    • fakerstolakers

      Houston, OKC, Clippers, Golden State, Dallas, you have to retool and be better than those teams to even consider an 8th spot.
      Sacramento, has their big three, when they get a good coach, they are automatically ahead of the Lakers.
      Do not forget Portland.
      Yeah, sure, the Lakers are going to retool on few months before September training camp.

    • pacavy1946

      Judy you are so right. I agree with you completely. I can only hope that the Front Office reads your post. The worse mistake that the Lakers made was hiring MDA. He only got the job because of what he calls his napster (Steve Nash). He convinced the FO that with Steve as the general on the floor, the Lakers will be great. Oh well, so much for Steve Nash helping the Lakers. I don’t understand why he didn’t stay out of the 10th game, so he could have been retired on medical reasons. But no, he played that 10th game, promising he will be okay and can still help. Kobe had to take over his job last year as point guard because he couldn’t do it any more. I even think the our beloved Phil Jackson had come back, we would not be in this position today. His system is totally different and he would have never let Kobe play 40+ minutes every night. Phil’s sytem has a proven track record with 11 or 12 rings (not sure of the number). Mike D’Antoni has NONE. I really think Kobe would have not gotten hurt if he wasn’t playing those heavy minutes. And when he worked so hard to get back in the run and gun system, he got hurt again. From what I understand is that MDA is very stubborn and will not change his phiosphy on how he wants his unproven system. Jim Buss is also stubborn and should step down and let Jeanie take the reins. Then we might have a chance for another ring or 2. Even having Kobe be a player/coach would still be better than MDA. I think it has never been done before but this is Kobe Bryant I am talking about. He could pull it off. What a complete turn around snice we lost Dr. Buss. He would know what to do and would make another championship team. I can only hope that we can get it together for next year and help Kobe live his dream by becoming the greatest of all time

  • Lakers4life

    Despite all the negativity, the Lakers are actually in a great position to rebuild quickly. I’ve always like Mike D’Antoni and enjoyed watching teams that he’s coached, but he is ill fitted to turn this ship around. It doesn’t take an NBA level coach to know that Wes Johnson cannot guard Marc Gasol/Zach Rudolph. come on, that’s just dreaming. Lionel Hollins might be a good fit, but there are plenty of coaching options out there. As far as the rebuild, it looks like we’re headed for a top 5 pick. That means Embiid, Parker, Randle, Smart, Exum, and Wiggins might all be available for the taking. It’s hard to predict which players will flourish in the NBA and which won’t, but assuming we don’t draft the equivalent of Greg Oden, we will have a young, talented player who could potentially be a franchise player. People are so quick to criticize the franchise for offering Kobe such a large contract, but think about it. What kind of message does this send to potential free agents? Hmmm, maybe that the Lakers are an organization who values loyalty and will take of their franchise players. Just a thought. Assuming that Kobe comes back healthy and even at a fraction of his previous self he’ll be a great 2nd/3rd option. From there we will still have the cap room to bring in a mid level player and a max player. BRING IN LUOL DENG! we need a defensive minded guy, and just so happens he would be guarding Kevin Durant/Lebron James, now the best players in the game. From there, get Kevin Love either through trade or free agency. None of that is a stretch by any means, and we could be looking at a championship contending team in 2015.

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