Lakers News: Jeremy Lin Hopes For ‘More Important’ Role In L.A. Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="304"] The Los Angeles Lakers will have a plenty of new faces on the squad next season with point guard Jeremy Lin being one of them. It is [new_royalslider id="304"] The Los Angeles Lakers will have a plenty of new faces on the squad next season with point guard Jeremy Lin being one of them. It is Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Jeremy Lin Hopes For ‘More Important’ Role In L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers will have a plenty of new faces on the squad next season with point guard Jeremy Lin being one of them. It is uncertain if Lin will be the starter heading into next season, but there’s a good chance he will start the year playing alongside Kobe Bryant in the backcourt.

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After taking a backseat to Patrick Beverly with the Houston Rockets last season, Lin hopes he’ll get a fresh start with the Lakers by playing a substantial role with the team.

Lin talked about wanting to play a bigger role in Los Angeles via Want China Times:

“I wish my role could become bigger and more important, and I also wish I could get more playing time next year,” said the 25-year-old point guard.

With the Lakers recently waiving Kendall Marshall, the team currently has three point guards on the roster. Lin will join Steve Nash and rookie Jordan Clarkson as floor generals in Los Angeles. Although Nash is the seasoned veteran and might be healthy to start next season, Lin will likely be named the starter with the two-time NBA MVP backing him up.

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As for Clarkson, the rookie made an impression during the NBA Summer League last week potentially increasing his chances of getting playing time during the 2014-15 season. Clarkson averaged a team-best 15.8 points and 5.0 rebounds per game while shooting 42 percent from the floor and beyond the arc.

Fortunately, the Lakers will finally have some solid young options at the point guard position moving forward. Lin and Clarkson could potentially be a dynamic duo at the position with both players possessing the ability to be a force offensively.
NBA Summer League: Mark Madsen Impressed With Julius Randle And Jordan Clarkson

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  • musaamos

    you gotta EARN it!

    • LakerJ

      …just like Nash did!

      • courtney harris

        lmao “just like nash did”. you guys have no hearts

        • LegendInMyMind

          Nash is a big boy with enough fans to soften that blow. He’s an all time great, no one is disputing that. He’s just been an unmitigated disaster for LA, no ifs ands or buts. He and his lack of production, or even participation for that matter, are as much to blame for LA’s last two seasons as Howard and D’Antoni. Kobe is, of course, untouchable :) And Pau is a Spanish Saint, so…

          • courtney harris

            Haha the way you ended that comment was gold. Yeah it’s all true, I just hope the guy finishes his career strong .. Ring chasing doesn’t always pan out like people hope.

          • wendymwenzel

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          • James

            Shut The F up!!

  • LakerJ

    Jeremy you’re already playing a bigger role in LA. We have a first round pick thanks to you. Well done! You will get your chance that’s for sure…

  • Jim213

    • alohastate

      Nice pics of Lin.
      Carmelo = funny!
      But honestly I don’t think Carmelo will have a problem playing with Lin at this time. He knows better.
      This is the most exciting season yet. The Spurs are defending champs. The Cavs are pushing the run. The Lakers can have Lakeshow coming back. The Knicks are all eyes on the Zen master Phil. The Rockets are blowing up!! The Mavs are on the Rise. The Clippers are closing in!!. The Thunders are chasing tales. The Bulls will continue with the bullying. The Pacers are slowly pacing themselves. The Wizards are making magic. The Suns are streaking hot! The Nets are looking for clues. The Heat will still be hot!

      • Yoyo

        so it looks like only Rockets will suck then?

        • James

          Yeah, he has a crystal ball that goes with his crappy posts.

      • James

        What happened?! You only have 20 more teams to go through and play armchair GM with. Wow, what a booooring posting!!!

  • courtney harris

    with the lack of nash development news, i really think that clarkson could be a back up to lin. lin pretty much comes in as the starter. i believe this could be his audition for being a long term idea for the lakers. rondo and ect may not be willing to come here (as we’ve seen lately). i wonder with the clarkson’s size and weight, can he play sg as well. his per 40 minutes stat line didnt look too impressive.

    • vdogg

      you gotta understand that it was summer league. most of the guys he was playing with are not NBA players. not a surprise then that his assists were low.

      • courtney harris

        I’m talking about college

      • ColeWorldNoBlanket

        Either way Clarkson will still be 1000 times more productive than Nash Clint Eastwood looking ass.

        • KRGuda

          1000 times more productive? wow, very scientific

    • http://www.onlinedatingranking.net/ Sonya

      If you watched any summer league games, clarkson is really a floor general. he knows the offense and was telling the guys where to go. he is a natural pg.

      also, this guy is LONG. he has long arms and great passing skills. he can also attack the basket. lakers picked up a steal with him in the 2nd round.

      • courtney harris

        I’m talking about college stats. He did well in the summer league, and I’m rooting for anybody in the purple and gold. I don’t bag guys (not lately).

  • Badazztj12

    Great blow by speed(dont believe go check him out thats 50% of his offense). Decent passer. Good ball handlng skills. Has a rain blow jumper but its just incosistent since the arc is so high. Master at the finger roll. Smart defender (would be better but he had nothing offensive coaches as his last two coaches) If he can fix a couple of bugs in his game. He would has a chance to be a All-star but not this year. He is still young (25) and will have his career year with the Lakers this year. Hopefully we can get him to come back (at the right price). Thats 4 steals so far (Lin,Rockets pick, Randle and Clarkson)

    • courtney harris

      agree if lin and clarkson can create a nice duo, i think the lakers can really attack other positions that need an upgrade or depth. one less thing to stress over next free agency.

      • Badazztj12

        Jimmy Butler will be free next year. Bulls not gonna have money to pay him because of the contract they signed with Pau. Asik or Marc can solve C problem. Rondo or Lin can be starting pg next year. We have plenty of options with 30+ million in cap next year

        • courtney harris

          ive wanted asik since houston landed dwight. i think he is someone we can really use. everyone else.. * i will reserve judgment

          • ForTheLin

            Asik is a terrific rim protector and rebounder, but Lin would average twice his assist stat if Asik could convert his passes. Guy has butterfingers.

          • FactChecker

            I’m not a huge fan of Asik. He’s ok, not agile, not athletic enuff, slow to react, and butter fingers. He’s much better than Dwight on the free throw line tho.

        • Rich

          I suppose it’s natural to lust after Marc Gasol, but I think it’s an unlikely get and frankly would prefer a monster rim-protector/rebounder like DeAndre Jordan.

          • courtney harris

            naw not jordan. he basically needs to be taken out of the game in crunch time because he cant shoot free throws

    • VillainKing™

      Lakers must draft a Defensive Small Forward and a Defensive Center in there first round pick and second round pick in NBA draft 2015..

      • Badazztj12

        I would love to draft a defensive C. I want the Lakers to push hard for Jimmy Butler next year though

      • Rich

        We definitely need defense at those spots to cover Randle until he learns and commits himself to that end of the floor.

    • cyborgspider

      Lin can be an all-star if the Lakers are above .500 and Kobe is playing well… it’s a fan-vote so the Chinese/world contingency would be amazing if he got some fanfare. Even if his numbers aren’t all-star worthy, it’s a popularity contest after all is said and done (but to your point, he probably wouldn’t be selected by the coaches as a reserve)

    • LakerShowtime

      I agree, I would love him back as a laker for along time.

  • VillainKing™

    Lin and Clarkson will be great here in the Lakers there are the new PG duo of L.A.!!!

    • Badazztj12

      Hope Nash can groom Lin but Clarkson is more of a SG. If he builds court awareness and strength he will be something for us

      • VillainKing™

        don’t worry Clarkson will learn how to play and become a true PG but surely that kid can score..

      • courtney harris

        yeah i was looking at his stat lines from college via espn. he doesnt seem to great in any area. he seems to be a do it all type of player who needs development. hopefully the lakers shooting coach (nash) can work with lin and clarkson to strengthen their game.

    • Rich

      It remains to be seen if Clarkson will be able to develop into a legit PG, but he’s certainly going to bring some excitement off the bench! We know he can penetrate at a high level, but if he can consistently hit open shots and use his athleticism to become a good defender we’ll really have something special.

    • Limitbreak Edward

      The Fast (Lin) and the Furious (Clarkson)

      • VillainKing™

        This two can be also called Ninja Blender (Clarkson) and Linsanity (Lin) duo for the L.A. Lakers!!

  • Yaas

    Jeremy Lin you don’t deserve to be playing for Lakers, remember your video last year with Dwight Howard chanting Howard sucks mocking lakers fan, now you want a bigger role? Go back to Houston next year if you want big minutes, you are not welcome here

    • courtney harris

      his 8 million dollar cap hit might say otherwise.

    • Badazztj12

      If he is willing show all the doubters wrong and help this team. I welcome him. Anything can be forgiven, look what happen between Lebron and Cavs.

    • daniel

      You are a Moron. Lin is much better PG than many we have had in the last few years.
      About the video, who cares, he was just trying to make some points with Dwight. That is what he had to do to make some friends in a place where he is highly discriminated.
      - Lin was the best player in California is his senior year in High school. He single handed took his HS to win the state champion, against a much better team. After that, the only offer to go to college he got was Harvard, where he played great in a crappy BB University.
      - After that not only he was not drafted, but the only opportunity he got was from Golden State, just to make money out of him, with the Asian community..
      - Was then transfer to the Knicks, and he never had the chance to play solid minutes, until they had nobody else in the bench, and there he blew up, averaging over 25 points, and many assists and so on.
      - Then, the only offer he got after that, was Houston, again, trying to get money out of him, to make money in merchandising.
      Way underrated player, you will see.

      • Yaas

        You are a moron, you stupid Asian dude for defending guy like Jeremy Lin, you call this guy a good point guard smh, retards like you makes no sense. Lin is going to save lakers huh, what an idiot

        • Linforthewin

          fucking racist tard

        • Daniel

          I am not even close to being Asian, and you should be happy you still can get internet in the low life trailer park where you live, ignorant, racist, dick head, and mama’s boy punk.
          I guess that is what internet give you, the chance to say the most idiotic comments without showing your face.
          Go back to mama, boy, your are gonna be better there.

          • Al Haldie

            The best thing can do is not answer anything to that ass [yaas} he will go away if you don’t reply..

        • ForTheLin

          Wow, brainless and racist. You could be dangerous, especially to yourself, but you’re safe in cyberspace, but you knew that, didn’t you?

        • Orchard

          Hey Yaas, your cool Internet name sounds like the birth control pill, Yaz. Perhaps your mother should have used it before you were conceived. That way there would be one less racist jerk in the cyberworld.

          • 1mtoldman


        • Rich

          What a complete rude, racist, asshole douche!

        • James

          You are racist and YOU don’t deserve to call yourself a Laker fan. Ignorant Jackass with zero knowledge of this game! Idiot!

      • Redemption4LA

        You don’t think the Lakers are aware of the marketing potential they have with Lin? The trade, in my opinion was about mainly 2 things getting the draft pick, and his expiring contract. Mean while as a bonus they get a player (for one season) that they can market and promote to a particular demographic. If he plays well and makes the most of the opportunity then that’s just icing on the cake.

        I’m not a Lin fan (yet) because I see him as just a marketing tool at this point especially since “Linsanity”. However those games were real, and for that stretch he got busy. He just has to go out an be solid, work hard, be productive. If he isn’t, regardless of the marketing opportunities I would like to think if he isn’t getting the job done the Lakers cut ties. I would lose all respect for the FO management if they kept him just because of what he brought outside the lines.

        Also the all star game is for all stars. If he gets in because the fans vote him in and he’s not even ballin like he belongs to make it. I will have a problem with that and expect him to step aside for a player more deserving of the honor. I know him now being L.A. the NBA would loooove to have him in the game.

        • Redemption4LA

          With that said as long as he is wearing the purple n gold I want him to be as successful as possible. Hopefully any success he could potentially have on the court means that as a team the Lakers are doing well..and that’s all I really want. I love L.A.

        • Al Haldie

          Give the kid a break why start all that crap-the lakers got him because they need a stating PG they got one- not because he is white black or blue – he is a PG so get over yourself…..

          • Redemption4LA

            First of all Mr. Haldie you mentioned color not me. second he is a man not a kid, and as long as he ball game is tight for the team i root or i wouldn’t care if the man was green..but i have to be truthfull with my opinion he was hyped because he was the so called first Asian paricularly at his position to do well. Had an unbelievable hot stretch as a relatively uknown player. as i said that stretch of “Linsanity” was real and he played very well. i just would like to see that JLin ball out for L.A….and yesss he is a PG for the L.A. Lakers so let’s hope he’s a good one for them.

          • Redemption4LA

            Oh, and I’m just a fellow who is voicing my opinion my perception…if you don’t like it cool, I’m just stating the obvious, I mean he is Asian right? Tthat doesn’t mean I like or dis like him. I just want him to ball out, for the Lakers…get off my dick

          • Al Haldie

            If you got one puss”’ That’s the way it sounded to me and ten {10} others – and if you don’t like what I say soooooo what that does not bother me – I call it like I see it – so back off jack and enjoy what others write, also some may not go with how you like – to BAD..

          • Redemption4LA

            Why oh why must we resort to name calling Mr. Haldie, i’m laughing so hard at you cuz!. I don’t write my opinion for the sake of other pleasure, i could give a damn who likes it or not. i write to express MY thoughts and opinions and share for those who want to read…
            If your going to call it like you see it as it pertains to anything i write at least have the respect to leave the name calling out. if you disaggree at least present your opinion in a in a logical, rational manor. that would be a lot more constructive…I’m just a fan at the end of the day i don’t make a $ for being a fan. This is just entertainment for me and you have just made quite entertaining. aaaaah my first LakersNation argument (if i can even call it that)..i just hope the Lakers do well and i’m looking forward to more engaging topics we can discuss this season Mr. Haldie. i might even agree with something you have to say..lets be more constructive bruh..b eZ

          • Al Haldie

            And for calling LIN a kid I have grand children older then him and they are kids, no dis respect by that – its just a fact.

        • Rich

          While I’m sure Lakers management is aware of the added bonus of having an Asian-American player on an L.A. team, I find it hard to believe that it had anything at all to do with their decision. The reason they made the deal was to have a legit PG this year and lots of cap space the next. That’s it. Period. The fact that he’s of Asian descent is just serendipity.

          • Redemption4LA

            As I said he was obtained for the draft pick , and his expiring contract. That’s my opinion anyway. They have to believe he can be a commodity on the floor or why make the move? Well because you get a pick and expiring contract. If he balls it’s only gonna be a plus…and I agree, for what was available for the taking I think he will be a solid contributor. I’m really hoping he plays well and can flourish with this opportunity. Keep in mind the “Linsanity” period was 3 yrs ago now. He got this contract because of the potential he showed for that period. But now it’s make or break especially with no contract for next year.

      • James

        Yes. When given minutes, he has shown he’ll put up the numbers. Just check out his game to game log.

    • Houstonrocketfan

      Do not worry about it. You should understand, Jeremy speaks for Rockets when he is playing in Rockets. He has no choice. Now he is in Lakers, he should work hard for Lakers.

    • Thomas Klein

      .???? Trouble with holding a grudge huh, get over it. No big deal, he’s on our team now.

    • James

      No. Nash doesn’t deserve to be on this team for a third straight yr. Worthless and old. That’s not a knock. Grow up.

  • rival

    Future shooting guard of the Lakers, Clarkson or Klay Thompson?

    • Thomas Klein

      Too soon to tell, but we will know by January if Clarkson is for real, he has a chip on his shoulder for getting passed up in the first round, that’s good, and Randle has a strong will to win,

  • C Hawk

    Lin, you’re competing for PT against someone who crossed the Red Sea with Moses and a rookie. You’ll have a huge role this year.

    • Badazztj12

      lol “crossed the Red Sea with Moses”

    • Rich

      Best post of the day!

  • Orlando Foolridge

    Lin, this is your role..play D, make good passes don’t turn the ball over and hit shots when you are open. Stop kissing Kobe’s ass “I hope” “I wish” and just be a man and get some swagger and stop talking about what you are going to do. You already have the “biggest role” you’ve ever had in your life, you are on the single greatest team in the history of all sports and you have the honor of playing with one of the top 5 players of all time. Now go muscle up, get some tats and sack up…this isn’t Cowtown anymore, we only respect PLAYERS here…talk is cheap in LA.

    • FactChecker

      That is something that he can learn from Kobe… Mental toughness and say what he should say… Like that Lamont Hill guy. No wonder why Jeremy was destroying 76ers LOL… From youtube, Lamont Hill is a 76ers fan, and now I know. Lin shouldn’t be afraid that he doesn’t fit or being told that what he said is not-Christian like. Sometime people need to be put in place.

      • Orlando Foolridge

        LOL remember that…Hill said that Lin couldn’t shoot or dribble or do anything. I’m not going to say that, Lin probably is a starting PG in the league, but not on a good team…I’ve actually watched him play, his defense is garbage and he makes a ton of mental mistakes. You guys will see, by midseason alot of people are going to be pushing for the Lakers to trade him and for Clarkson to start…mark my words

    • yoeddy

      So when they interview him, he shouldn’t answer the questions?

    • alohastate

      Yes, talk is cheap.
      Lin was never really much of a talker, fyi.
      He’s the best PG the Lakers ever got in the last decade.
      Jeremy > Blake > Fisher. This is not the biggest stage that he’s been on, bro.

      • Orlando Foolridge

        Blake>Fisher? cmon man….the fact that he plays in the NBA is a testament to his work ethic and his mental toughness, but Blakes talent is NBA marginal at best.

  • Ric V. Avelino

    Dynamic Duo Jordan Clarkson and Jeremy Lin. Nice!

  • Carlo Villamin

    Why are people always itching to bench JLin? Beverly started not because he is better than Lin. It’s because the coach and the GM wanted it. Even if Bledsoe come to the scene he will not eclipse what JLin have proven to the Lakers! JLin showed what he can do by dropping his career high 38pts and a considerable amount of assists in the face of Kobe and the lakers at least in a game. He already proven to be able and capable given the chance! Who the hell did recently scored triple-double coming off the bench anyways?

    Can’t you see the picture? The reason they hired Boozer is to complement Lin’s game! Lin can score and pass the ball and he needs big men inside to pass (e.g. Chandler, Asik, Boozer). I’m still anticipating a move on the center position. Nick Young could score spot-up or driving which also complements Lin’s game as an attacker and dish out passer. They disposed Kendal Marshall to move JLin in starting position knowing Nash can’t play a lot of minutes. They are even eyeing on Shawn Marion! LA is building around Lin.

    LA is giving Lin a chance because they see something in him beyond stats. It will be a surprise for me to see him come from the bench this season.

    • fuck nash man

      whoa hold on they building around Lin? Wtf

      • LegendInMyMind

        No, they should be grooming Randle into the next Laker great, though. Or at least trying to do that. Lin is a serviceable PG. With a healthy Kobe, there’s no need for an Eric Bledsoe.

      • Carlo Villamin

        Once they got back D’ Antoni then my point will be proven.

        • FactChecker

          If Lakers re-hire the resigned D’antoni… there’ll be Riot… and I’m not talking about Fans lol.

    • LegendInMyMind

      IMO, trading Bledsoe for Randle would be an incredibly stupid basketball decision. It’s neither building around Kobe nor building for the future, honestly. Very shortsighted. I think it’s just a BS rumor, anyway. Someone said it was nothing more than one of Phoenix’s “thousand daily ideas” that somehow got leaked and picked up a little traction. I’m hoping it gets officially squashed sometime soon, though. Has me sweating it that the front office would be THAT shortsighted. That’s the kind of move that has the New York Yankees in the throws of mediocrity.

      • 1mtoldman

        bledsoe has had one half a good season. previous to that he was a marginal bench player for 3 years and post that an injured player. no way is he a max contract. and yes it is and was a bs rumor started by one guy with a vested interest which got legs by just keep being repeated. and picked up again as new news. actually its an even older rumor. broussard was reporting bledsoe to the lakers way back in jan and feb.

    • mrarr0gant

      Lin went to the bench for the Rockets because he can’t play with James Harden. Harden is a black hole, which means he constantly takes the ball out of Lin’s hands and ruins his rhythm. Lin is a player that needs start with the ball in his hands to get going. Simple as that.

      • 1mtoldman

        this is true. if you follow houston lin history you would know that the hype about beverly as super defender was just to give excuse to get someone in the lineup to just hand the ball off to harden and let him shoot. harden is truly a black hole with no d. thats why lin fans refer to him as har_en. (no d). i think with his performance in the playoffs even general media started commenting on his lack of defense and failed excess shooting.

        • FactChecker

          Beverly is a good defender borderline Pesky, but I also know that it won’t last! He was soldiering on as Lin was a good teammate and respect Lin’s game. Beverley sacrificed for the team by fouling out ALOT, knowing that Lin is there as a scorer and more dependable for clutch time. His extra work on defense covering for Harden caused him to burnt out in Playoff time. Rockets are lucky tho that this is his contract year. Poor Beverly.

    • FactChecker

      That Houston situation was a mistake because only the Owner wanted Lin. Houston Organization is Lame period. They don’t support Lin nor appreciated being humiliated by the Owner. The Houston Fans were mad because Rockets forgo both Dragic and Lowry. They somehow blamed it all on Lin as he was the starting PG then, moreover the situation was fueled by the organization to put their shame away by smear campaigning Lin. The same thing they are doing to Parsons, luckily unlike Lin, Parsons spoke his mind, and made Daryl Morey looking more silly and salty. Rockets fans forgot that both Dragic and Lowry wanted out as they were not compatible with McHale to begin with.

      • vdogg

        they also embarrassed lin with that melo likeness with lin’s number.

      • Carlo Villamin

        They made a big mistake when they let Lin go before and committed the same mistake letting him go now. What a stupid move. I don’t call it an efficient management on DM’s part. Ultimately, they will have to regret it no matter what. I don’t think they will make the playoffs this season. I’ll bet my butt.

        • FactChecker

          Not efficient and silly GM, yeah, but you can’t call that decision a mistake when in the beginning DM didn’t want Lin nor valued him as a key player, just like Parsons. He’s cocky beyond belief, but then again, that’s how corporate works… till someone bail them out. Paying Lin 5M each for 2 seasons… That was smart… but Lin was also smart tho, and he also redeemed himself by playing good in the Playoff, that’s piqued the interest from Lakers.

  • Lakers4Life

    Sorry Lin, but no.

  • Gian Marco Pau

    4 years is the league and he’s a veteran???

  • kiko

    pg Lin,Jerryd Bayless
    sg kobe,nick,henry
    sf wesley,Jordan Hamilton,Chris Singleton
    pf carlos boozer,ed davis,Julius Randle,kelly
    c jordan hill,Okafor, Emeka,Oden, Greg or Andray Blatche
    and waive sacre,nash

  • Dana Douglas

    Remember the end of last year, when Nash said he didn’t know if he’d be able to play a single game next season? Lin will get the minutes and the role he is looking for.

    • 1mtoldman

      i read 1 of yer long analysis posts on here on another thread b4 it was excellent. i meant to thumbs up it but someone else already had and i hadn’t posted here yet. so doing it now. i sometimes post on a lin fan site but not regular. lin was not treated well in houston for whatever reasons. houston has a history of point guards not doing well until they get out of there. so think lin if given the chance will do well in l.a.

  • Lin Is In

    Jeremy Lin>Eric No Meniscus Bledsoe

  • Linsanity In Vanity

    Jeremy Lin will be the best trade ever for Mitch.This seemed like a average trade at first but when it is all said and done it will be a legendary trade in the Lakers favor.Jeremy Lin will be a All Star multiple times as a Laker.Face of the franchise once Kobe retires.Randle+Lin faces of the franchise.

  • Gin N Lin

    Show them what it’s all about Lin.Go Lakers Go!

  • Tedi Wheeler

    Lin, Clarkson, and Bledsoe sounds better to me. But don’t trade Randle.

  • fungch1218

    Bledsoe’s camp want Lakers to be their leverage.

    If the Lakers give him a max. contract, they also give up chances to sign Dragic or Rondo next year. They are better than Bledsoe now for sure.


    all doubter, LIN is the first true Asian superstar to ever play in the NBA in a dominated African league with due respect. yao ming was not as skilled as Lin. Lin and clarkson is a big upgrade from farmar and blake. I hope Lin gets lots of playing time! I like the 2 from summer league and hope they land a roster spot being “center Gibson” and shooting guard Kane.
    these 2 guys should replace SUCKRE, AND Bash from the lineup for real!!

    • Redemption4LA

      Not true, Yao was the first real Asian star and actually was from Asia. Yao not being skilled is not true as well, if you can find some highlights check em out. Yao had post skills, a solid jump shot that all net from 12-15 ft. Shaq even gives him props for the way he played. Ask Duncan n Robinson about Yao, he banged on them both at the same time. The year Houston had him, Scola, and Artest they put a scare on the Lakers in e playoffs. Yao was killing them up until he got hurt. That was actually the beginning of his end though because he was never true lay healthy enough after that season. For man that was his size he was skilled and solid at the center position.


    Jeremy Lin is a great basketball player,any coach would love to coach him.Lakers finally got a point guard worth marketing heavily and promoting even heavier.We finally have the real Linsanity in LA.Now it’s going to be fun to watch.In the words of Charlie Sheen “WINNING”


  • Marvin M

    I have been watching NY basketball for over 50 years. The Knicks were terrible for many years when this unknown kid from Harvard comes off the bench and creates real excitement and the Knicks are winning!! When he goes to Houston, I had enough and bought the NBA package to follow his growth. He had some excellent games there however McHale thought that Lin should dribble the ball up court and hand it to Harden and go stand in the corner. I cant wait to see Lin make a real impact in LA and continue his growth and eventually become an elite point guard.

    • 1mtoldman

      which is exactly why they got beverly who was much better at dribbling the ball up the court and handing it to harden.

      • Robert W

        Add to that take out knees of other PGs at a critical moment or at least scare them.

    • alohastate

      Many of us are with you, sir. The real Lakers fans should be on board as well. There’s only good things to say about this hard working kid. And one shouldn’t feel anything else except wanting to root for Jeremy to succeed if one still believes in the American dream and the hard worker going after his dreams no matter what. He is under-rated not over-rated. People still don’t get where he is because who he is. He’s the underdog that held his own. Held his head high. And with nothing to lose but his dignity. He is the champion for the Asian who don’t have a voice. He is the champion for the Black who was oppressed. He is the champion for the white kid that never gets the chance of the lifetime. Right, Jeremy is not only Asian. He is much more.

      • Marvin M

        All that is true but most importantly Jeremy Lin can play!!

  • SirBosco

    Lin will take alot of pressure of mamba by breaking down defense and dish out to shooters. Mamba can facilitate and close out games. Good one two punch. 52-30.. 6seed in the playoff

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      That’s really optimistic. I’d be happy with 45 wins, which might still be enough to get in.

    • alohastate

      I’m with you here but let’s not get carried away. I think we’re all be really happy if we make it to the playoff and then one game at a time. Let’s Go…Lakers!!!

    • FactChecker

      The good thing is… Kobe is much … I say it again MUCH better scorer than Harden. LOL at one time Harden needed 22 free throws just to padded his stat while like making 2 FGs LOL.

    • SirBosco

      The west is stack! We need 50wins to have a chance to get in the playoff

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Thing is he needs to earn it w/ his play. He’s gotta be more than Kendall Marshall. He can dish and sometime penetrate, but he’s gotta hit the open jumper and at least play position D. On this team, he needs to make smart decisions in crunch time and get the ball to the right people when it counts.


    The way I see it Nash is pretty much done and is hanging on for his paycheck, which is very much his right to do. Why not use him as player/assistant coach for player developement? In other words TEACHER. Make it his official job and at least maximize the big bucks he is getting. Lin and Clarkson both need to listen to Kobe and get to work NOW improving their skills and conditioning to be ready for the season. NO Shaq like spending the summer chowing cina-buns and getting fat, get in the gym and do the work. The duo could be dynamic if they seriously come to play. I am not for or against Scott for coach, I wish there was a real game changing coach out there but for now who knows? He might be the only choice. ???? Sill say……2 more pieces and a coach could tip the scales one way or another……. and you can never count out a team with Kobe on it.

  • megadon

    Love to see Lin start, but that is not going to happen.
    Lin if you are listening you have to stop posting that picture of Jesus on Twitter.
    The NBA doesn’t like it, and those people that run the NBA will make sure you will never start on any NBA team. I can bet money, almost my life savings on this

    • independentbynature

      A fool and his money are soon parted.Twitter has no bearing on who will start at PG for the Lakers.Being a Christian didn’t prevent Steve Blake from starting last season and it won’t stop Lin,either.

  • Rolling stone

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  • BULL

    HAHAHA if you want a bigger role, live in the gym and practice your defense! earn your keep .. you can go to the hole and put up buckets but we need a pg that can defend ..

  • Je Ballew

    Past history is sometimes the best predictor of what the future MIGHT bring. Jeremy has excelled as basketball player for many reasons. 1. God has given him an ability and he has worked very hard, and continues to do so to develop it. 2. He is unselfish and not a stat. padder. 3. His most important goal in basketball is to win and not, not be the hero. 4. He is now linked with the most lengedary team in NBA basketball. 5. His game has improved every year he has played. 6. He is now playing in a friendly environment with the Lakers. THE FUTURE HOLDS NO GUARANTEES, but it will be enjoyable to watch him compete with the Lakers this year and hope for their success.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Lin can play but if he wants to really thive whilst playing alongside Kobe, he needs to start hitting the long-ball with much greater accuracy, period.
    If Lin can develop into a 40% guy from deep, he could easily be an all-star in short order.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan

    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

    The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

  • Fourwinds

    LIN hopes for a more important role? Let him show that he deserves it. It isn’t a matter of asking, he’s got to prove something. Defense and perimeter shooting is what he has to show if he does that well and consistently I don’t see why he can’t have a bigger role in the Laker’s team.

    • J Taylor

      What’s to prove?
      he’s the starting PG.

      He’s being given a bigger role.

      - Let’s hope Scott is a “PG whisperer”.

      • Fourwinds

        You always have to prove your worth, like as if he’s played for LA for a long time. He may start coz there’s no other option but that doesn’t mean you’ve been given a bigger role.

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