Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Was “Hurt To See Lamar Go” Reviewed by Momizat on . On Sunday, excerpts of Jeannie Buss' re-released memoir, 'Laker Girl,' made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D'Antoni instead o On Sunday, excerpts of Jeannie Buss' re-released memoir, 'Laker Girl,' made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D'Antoni instead o Rating:
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Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Was “Hurt To See Lamar Go”

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On Sunday, excerpts of Jeannie Buss’ re-released memoir, ‘Laker Girl,’ made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. It brought back ill feelings from last season, but both Jim and Jeanie have stated that they have resolved the situation and are committed to making the Lakers championship contenders.

On Thursday, more excerpts were released as Buss discussed labor negotiations and the fall-out after the Chris Paul trade. While Pau Gasol handled the situation well, it was extremely difficult for Lamar Odom, who the Lakers eventually traded to the Dallas Mavericks for a first-round pick.

Unfortunately, Jeanie wasn’t aware that Odom was being traded until Jim texted her:

“I found out when my brother sent me the following text: ‘Traded Odom to Dallas for first-round pick. I think it might make it easier to make a big trade. Will keep you posted. Have a good night.’”

While the Lakers were eventually able to use the trade exception for Steve Nash, it was painful for Jeanie to see Odom, who was the soul of a winning team, traded:

“He can be such an asset to a team in ways the fans never see. The captain of a team is the person who is out there meeting with the refs and showing leadership on the floor. But there are also guys like Lamar who can be an emotional force in the locker room on a one-on-one basis. He will reach out to a player who is down and boost his spirit and build up his confidence.”

Buss also mentions in her re-released memoir that she met with Odom to inform him that he is always family and it wasn’t her decision to trade him. As executive vice president, she understands that it’s a business, but it was extremely painful to see Odom go.

Since the former Sixth Man of the Year was traded, both sides have struggled. The Lakers have failed to make it past the second round of the playoffs after making three straight Finals appearances. While Odom seemed to have his life back together when he was traded to the Clippers, it has unfortunately spiraled out of control this summer. There were rumors of a possible reunion earlier in the off-season, but Odom is currently finding his way back to the person and teammate everyone raves about.


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  • Jim213

    Useless material especially when training camp is less a week away. Just promote the freaking book (ad) rather than dwelve on past decisions. SMH

  • Jim213

    Other sites:

    Kobe basketball clinic in Abu Dhabi. Probably return over the weekend.

  • hasan

    Logically….lamar shouldn’t be signed by the lakers….especially after having 2 extremely poor seasons with no production and then eventually he lost himself…. well i am no one yo judge anyone but i do think that lamar needs to be left alone for now…..so that he can feel the ground underneath his feet before returning back to the gym….hope he is on his way to a quick recovery….

  • Alvon Woods

    Actually I think Lamar will be happier being a Laker than with any other team. He wants to be A Laker more than anything…… So let it be. He could get his game back being HAPPY.

  • william greene

    she needs to kick her brother to the curb & get the team back to champs again

  • The Rock

    In case anyone cares Hedo Turkoglu is geting bought out by Magic.Now that Lamar Odom is no longer a option maybe the Lakers should consider signing Hedo Turkoglu he would do exactly what we need he still put up good stats his healthy season in 2011-2012 yeah we need a player that fits the D’Antoni system and Hedo would be perfect he is old at 35 but the Lakers just signed a 35 year old Dan Gadzuric.Hedo averaged 10.9 PPG in his healthy season of 2011-2012 also he a exceptional passer also a decent rebounder and good 3 point shooter he can spread the floor out he is a point forward essentially.Would be a good veteran addition to a ball club in contention.

    He would be a upgrade over Lamar Odom at this point in their respective careers as LO is done due to his personal demons.

    LO is missed by Jeannie Buss well that is no surprise as many Lakers fans miss him.But we all must move on he is not coming back at all.It is a forgone conclusion he a druggie and is not returning,God bless him and i wish him the best of wishes and blessings to you.

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